and yes i'm shouting
cuz it's gonna be a fun day
but tomorrow

i gotta work - early
so dancing but
not all nite
dancing! grin

i think i saw one of these guys
last nite:


and now for something completely different: Donate Life


yesterday and today

yesterday was kind-of
fun and light-hearted
~tag you're it~

i remember playing that as a child

and playing kick-the-can

and at night we would
catch fireflys in jars

and then my mom would let
them go when
i fell fast asleep

as a child we would
play outside
all day long
when we were not in
and in the summer
some of the night also

and being
playing and touching

has created a person in
who is environmental conscious
and loves to be outside
smell the air after a rain
so it
should be
no surprise
(sad but no surprise)
when future generations
let our world overheat and
fall into disarray

seems all they
care about
are flat screen tv's
and the newest game cube
that has hit the market..

on a positive note:
my son and daughter played
outside when they were
and when i get
my grandkids
they play outside too

so take a child out to play
even if it's your own
inner child


and now for something completely different: Joan Baez


tag ~ you're it!

I got tagged by Hill Country Gal.

So here goes

According to the rules…
Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. i start out every day by reading my horoscopes - not just one but a couple of sites

i never wear panties, even though i have a few in my drawer.

3. in bathrooms, i always roll out the paper towels before i wash my hands...someone actually asked me if i was a nurse as she was one and said they all do it all the time...hummm

4. i'm so totally a computer/gadget geek...i've been on the net since before there were GUI interfaces and have a robot that cleans my floors

5. in my spare time i crochet afghans and give them away..i tried selling them but got insulted when people want to give me like .10 an hour for my's much better this way as the look on people's faces when i give them one is priceless ~

6. ok, this most of you already know about me - - but what you don't know is that i go to the club (has to be live music) and get a drink then go out to the dance floor and dance for hours - literally hours - without stopping. i just love closing my eyes and moving to the music...i feel like i'm in some sort of earth-plane heaven.

i've decided not to tag anyone back...
but if you want to play the game
leave a note in my comments
so i can go
and see
what's so
weird about you


and now for something completely different : Heligan Gardens



i saw a headline
coming back from
Tai Chi class

"More Minority Kids
Getting Adult Diabetes"

"...It’s estimated that at least 40,000
American children now have type 2
diabetes, the type associated with
adult obesity.
Born genetically programmed to
store fat during times of famine, overweight
Hispanics, Indians and blacks
develop symptoms of diabetes from a
regular diet of low-cost, high-calorie
fast food and sodas, coupled with little
daily physical activity."

so i'm thinking
ok, parents
stop shoving sugar
and fast food
down your kids throats
and cook a real meal

but then

my mind spun off

to a future world

where we are run
by drug companies

yep - drug companies
are our government

(ok, so they are one of
the biggest lobbyist groups
but run with me
a bit here)

our drug government
keeps a strangle-hold
on the worker bee populous
by supplying the drugs
that keep those worker bees
and their kids

so if those worker bees
decide to protest
or speak out
against bad working conditions
or fraudulent elections

they get their drugs
taken away

leaving only
the compliant worker bees


and now for something completely different: The Secret


back now

i wanted to write
but a thought was fizzling
around my head

and would not leave
damn, i just hate
when that happens

i'll fizzle this out
to you-all
and see where it

i want to talk about

Note: guys please
come back from that
as i really do have
something to say here

and no
it's not the topless equality

it's the fact that
our future generations
are dependent
on the breasts of this


my concern is

breasts implants

did you know
they are
the third most commonly
performed cosmetic surgical
procedure in the United States?

every year upwards of 400,000
women get them

and women that get them
have a 73% higher
chance of

uh - yep!


it greatly
reduces your
chance of
being able to use
them ~ the way nature
intended for them
to be used

breast-feeding our

so i'll leave you
with this

if nature's perfect
food is not longer available
or so polluted with implant
then how much longer
can this human population


and now for something completely different : Diane Arbus


fun wednesday

i decided that
since i've missed
the last few fridays

and today is kind-of like
a friday
for the working people

that i would make


so let's have some fun!
some laughs
some giggles

and take this quiz

mine is LUST
by the way

Haa - what else!

and then take this quiz

haa, i'm so bad
i got sent to the 8th level


and lastly
my friends

have a
happy day for giving
and thanks!
enjoy the people
you love!


and now for something completely different: PeaceAction


sick daze

i've been sick for the past few daze

but i did get out
dancing on friday nite
which makes it somewhat

and i had so much to say
in my fevered delirium

but it all
into my brain cells
when i could
finally tolerate

so i'll leave you with this thought
how come
some of the best movies of the year
come out now?

the American public
is so dumbed down
that the producers
think we can only remember
movies we've seen
in the last month


and now for something completely different: GreenDimes




i personalized my google page today

and got this Buddhist thought
for the day::

This is the way of peace: "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." - Peace Pilgrim

and i get somewhat confused when
i read things like this
as they are so broad

and don't give us a roadmap
the how-to
of getting things done

so i go back to google
and put in 'overcome evil with good'

and get this GOPUSA

um, not having read any web sites like
this ~ before
i was struck by the simplicity
of the words
like it written for someone without
a high school education



and now for something completely different : Urban Legends


where have they gone?

i'm in a melancholy
mood today

as i see the stats
of the people
who have died
or were wounded
in this stupid war

and remember
what seems like
just a few years ago

when we were given stats
ones today

we must stop this
vicious cycle!


and now for something completely different: Mini-Earth


got gas?

i think
getting gas
IS better than

'got milk?'

the crap they put in milk
isn't allowed
anywhere else in the world
except for the good US of A


one of the first things
i think we need to do
it to
start looking at
what big biz combined
with the drug industry
(legal that is)

is doing
to non-enrich
our lives

the office of
stops here!


and now for something completely different : GasBuddy


YEA - Fun Friday!!!! YEA

finally here
what we work all week for

and it's time to
go dancing

pick your music
and let's go!!


and now for something completely different : Make the Connection


just a feeling

ok, yesterday i had a thought
(i know, scary huh) grin

and today i got this feeling
this sneaking feeling
that something is up

and it's not a good up

now, i could be wrong
in fact, i would love to be wrong

but it's there in my gut...
telling me something is amiss

things have gone TOO perfect
this election

what the heck are they planning now
that they want us placated?

for some reason
they want us happy?
after all this time of pushing
us into the dirt and rubbing
our noses in it

now, i know
it's like
i can't be content with
this success, this win

but that burning feeling in my gut comes back
every time i try
and be happy

and says 'beware'
they're trying to manipulate you

don't want
to give up what they
already have


and now for something completely different : Witches' Almanac



i had a thought

well actually i had a few

but you-all are only getting this one today

that since the senate race is soo
very close

that we all start doing things
in our everyday life
that we normally do with our right

with our left hands..

i'm been trying it out today...
and it's been pretty interesting

as it's kept me
focused on the goal
of a blue senate

and for you already lefties out there
try with your right
to do something
different to keep
your focus...


and now for something completely different : William Blake


think thoughts of PEACE

and go out and vote for PEACE

our fav guy has something to say

hugs everyone!!
think good thoughts

we will get thru this

one way


and now for something completly different : Rolling Stone


day before

yep - for most people
it's the day before tuesday
commonly known as monday
the start of our work week
for some that work
but if you're retired
it's just another day

awww, i meant the day before election day~~~

i already mail in my ballot...
didn't want
to play the dia-bold game
since i don't hafta

but i know many of you
around the country
have to play
dia-bold computers
to cast your vote

and i say
go anyways!

remember that saying
fool me once
shame on you ~
fool me twice
shame on me!

well, keep your eyes open
take a camera
and be vigilant

and be prepared to
take action!

thanks for the kind responses
about my internet
researching ~ it's
one of my fav past times
i did go out dancing this weekend
always to live music
and the singer
who walked off the floor
sang about


and now for something completely different: American in deep-shit


fun saturday

hey and howdy-do

here's some fun for today!!

as the music goes on
for awhile


and now for something completely different : global orgasm


things seem different

but really, they just stay the same
ok, so where am i coming from today?

well, i went to this conference yesterday

as i have some great ideas

things that i see
we need to do
in order to have a future

in order to cut down on
greenhouse emissions
for example

there were movers and shakers there
idea people and money people
the same-old-same-old
as the idea people were inventing
and the money people
wanted a piece of the pie

or so i thought

then towards the end of the conference
i heard repeated
when your company gets
(we come in with lots of money
to make it big)
then you need to be prepared
to step back from
being the CEO

i realized

don't want just a piece of the pie
they want the whole thing

selfish bastards!!


and now for something completely different: Carl J. Schramm


jury duty and thoughts

ok, since things have calmed down
a bit

i'll tell you about jury duty

it was boring...cops trying to prove
that a guy was drunk when he rolled back
his stick-shift vehicle into an off duty cop

the guy left the scene of the - um accident
(off duty cop's car not hurt)

cop follows him to his more cops

guy goes inside his home - drink a fifth of 90 proof
bourbon - he doesn't like the 80 proof kind (his words)

then on-duty cops show up
arrest him for being drunk (um, in his own home)

and blood tests him at .409 (no shit, like they had to carry
this guy out of his house to arrest him)

so anyways...

i was daydreaming as cop after cop took
the stand and told how expert they were
in determining if someone was drunk
by looking at them - sigh

and i was
giving thanks that i could be a jury member
on this boring trial - as this defendant
still had his rights...Alcoholic that he was (his words)

and it got me thinking

that i want only one more law washington dc

"any state law takes precedence over any federal law"

so if you want to live in a liberal state
you can

and if you want to live in a conservative state
you can

however, no matter who was in the white house
you could rest assured
you would still have the same level of intrusion
into your personal life that
the state you lived in
afforded you

our country's
demographics would become very interesting then!


and now for something completely different : August Wilson