more random links

here are some of the random links i've found this week; when you're out grocery shopping, here's a place to text from your phone to tell you if the fish you plan on purchasing is ocean friendly; some news that seems to have slipped by the American mainstream - China bans free plastic bags - now if we could be this proactive we could reduce this garbage heap in the middle of the ocean; the new (maybe only) intellect of our century; the two party swindle; and last but not least - from the white house - drum roll - all of the presidential orders issues by the soon to be gone, george w bush.

now for the lighter side: have some brainy fun; the top ten positive stories of 2007; and do you think we can complain about any really worth complaining about???

enjoy your week my blogger friends
peace to your-all

new rules

my favorite part of his
show (Bill Maher)

is the new rules part

so here's one of my own

you are not
allowed to bitch
about the war
unless you have done
everything possible
to reduce your dependency on oil

now i am
the most peace loving person there is

come on folks

i want solutions

not just plain
old complaining

the war sucks
people dying sucks
inflation sucks
our federal gov sucks

lot's of things suck

now let's start thinking along the lines
of how to fix what sucks in our world

me: by the end of the year
i plan on reducing my dependency on plastic

peace my fellow bloggers

irony #1

That we actually pay for advertisers to come into our homes and turn us into consumers.


How much yearly do you pay for dish TV, cable or??? Don't you think it should be free considering that the TV shows are actually filler for the commercials?

Did you ever notice that the more commercialized TV you watch, the more stuff you want/have to own?

now some good news links: Gristmill, Ecorazzi, and TreeHugger.


oh, something fun!

just had to say

speaking my mind
and all

that the politicians
whom we
voted for
a few years ago

have not lived up
to their promises

so please
save yourself
some heartbreak

whom ever wins this presidential
will not live up
to their promises either

as their most

are to big biz

so let's start our
own big biz
make gazillions
of dollars

and pay/bribe our
we get big
we can even
have the
US of A
in our
back pocket

'nuff said

But if you want to get rid of annoying people, for real - here's somethings that actually work. Clean out your mailboxes from unwanted paper. Get your name off of those pesky mailing lists. Opt out of those millions of pre-approved credit cards. An Ecological Mail Coalition. And last but never least, five easy steps for stopping junk mail.


CREATE! Make recycled paper at home by cutting junk mail into small shreds, soaking in warm water (one hour, stirring occasionally), and spreading out on a flat, fine-holed, wire-mesh screen. Add flowers, grass, and leaves for fun, color, and texture.

peace peace peace

Happiness New Year!

i know

i've been neglecting my blog
and my blogger friends

but i do have a good excuse

i took off some
time during
this holiday season
to work
on my house

and in the process got
tennis elbow

and i don't play tennis

so it hurts
to type

until i got
this cool
tennis elbow brace

it still hurts
to type
as much as before

so i'mmmmmmmmm

well kind-of

and i've
a link
for you-all


peace peace peace