last post but not last blog

As most of you already know, I've been asked to post on Thursday's (see post directly below this one for the link) on a cool Peace blog!

But something you don't know is that my work has gotten crazy ~ for sure crazy. I got people here running around like they own the place making all kind-of changes and letting people go left and right (ok, they do own the place but geeze).

Most of the people who's contracts were not renewed are close to retirement, like me. I got three years left to full retirement from the state, having been here over twenty years.

Along with that, the projects I'm working on have been replaced by new projects, with new skill sets. So as you can see, I've got some learning to do, and quick!

On another note ~ I'm no longer sorry for the leaders of my country. For sure they are a sorry greedy lot with no real change in sight, but it's not my job to be sorry for them. With some of the research I've been doing on peace, I'm reminded of leaders and countries all over the world who, in the past and now-a-days are responsible for atrocities against people/nature that are just as bad if not worse than the leaders of my government.

And last but not least, I've decided to not only learn the new skill sets needed for my new job responsibilities but go back to my first love and re-train in mediation. I've got free classes scheduled at the end of May08 and will be spending not only lots of time at work but lots of time volunteering in order to get certified. SO when my three short years comes around, I'll be able to migrate right into my first love ~ helping people resolve their conflicts non-violently.

Having said all of this ~ this will be the last post to this blog.

I have created a brand spanking new blog to fill my need to post interesting links that I find and you can find me there almost daily NEW BLOG.

I'll try to get out and visit my friends' blogs as often as I can but please give me some slack for a few, as my world has basically been turned up-side-down! And I'm finding it is a good thing!

Hugs and Peace!