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Peace peace peace!!

howdy folks!

well, it sure had been awhile

and lots has happened
in my world

how about yours?

now on to the good stuff::

Want to go renewable energy but finances holding you back? Well, here's a list, state by state of what's out there and available as far as rebates and incentives: DSIRE.

We can solve the climate crisis. Here's some ideas/solutions on how we-all can do our part. Hey, they say one person at a time and we can get there!!

SO, how many of you are getting a rebate from the Feds? Here's a web site to take a look at regarding how we are going to spend this, cough, big monies from Simple Living Network. Hey, I got an idea: how about we just abolish the income tax system all together? Sounds like a good start to me to bring financial stability back to the little people!!

Well, I've got lots more but don't want to overwhelm you-all. That's why I'm thinking of bloggin just one link a day. What do you-all think about that? Let me know.

*** peace peace peace