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My kids taught me that word "random". And I plan on using it liberally in this post, smile.

A new look at Google Earth. Now, a one stop place to eliminate unwanted catalogs from your snail mailbox and save a few trees.

One of the most amazing organizations of our time spotlighting an incredible inventor.

Here's a place to share your inner most secrets at PostSecret blog. The concept is to send in a decorated postcard with a secret that has never been uttered to another human being. Some hot babes to get you going - just kidding - they are a pyrotechnic theater troupe.

Here's a place where you can go to get smarter and donate free rice - for FREE! A place to go for great music is righteous babes records.

And it's finally appeared on the internet, a place to go to get free therapy - hey, I'm totally serious here. Did you know that John Mayer has his own blog and takes pictures of the food he eats every day?

Maybe we need to send this to baby bush for his review - but we gotta tell him he can't make any changes to it. People who use business to make positive changes in our world.

Well, my friends - that's all I've got to share with you. Oh wait - here's how to do what you love.

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giving away secrets


Hey now, hey now. <-- open this link in another tab

While you listen to my musical interlude (the idea came by way of my friend at the Enigma Cafe) I want to share one of my wow~what~a~cool~site secrets with you-all.

The Ideal Bite has been sending me environmental sites and actions for some time now. You can sign up to get you own delivered to your preferred email address. Here are a few of the sites that have come through to my email from them in the last week: The Greenloop, Coats for Cubs, BioBags, EcoSafe, and Greenline Paper.

As you can see, saving the environment is very important for me and I think it has become much more since I've become a Nana. Oh yea ~ news alert ~ my third grandchild was born 11/14 and I was blessed enough to greet him into this world. Now you know why I've been a bit late with this weeks blog post ~ smile.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

I believe that in order to save this species called human we will need to start loving and taking care of our Mother Earth. For if we don't, She will have to take measures to save Herself. The cleansing and purging that She has already started ~ cyclones and fires and hurricanes ~ to some may be called natural disasters but to me they are our Mother's attempts at healing Herself by doing what we would do if we had a parasite on our skin. We would wash, burn, scrub; basically do anything we could to get off the irritant. So, for the sake of my grand babies and their grand babies, I take actions, drive a biodiesel car and lessen my footprint as best I can on our Mother Earth. We need to start living for our future generations or we will not, as a species, have a future on this planet.

So here's some more links/sites that I regularly respond to emails and take actions from: Environmental Action, Institute for the Study of Planet Earth, Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Business, Co-op America, NRDC, and Environmental Defense, Credo Action.

If you-all have any favorite sites or places you go to help out our survival, please let me/us know! Hugs and yes siree, I'm dancing on Friday!!! smile

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~ new design ~

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Now that we are coming into the holiday season ~ ever want to know which charities to gift to? Well, here are some sites that can help you in deciding whom to give that generous donation to Give.org and GuideStar. Also, check out this site to make sure your chosen charity doesn't test on animals CaringConsumer. Another thought while we are on the topic of giving and holidays ~ most charities you donate to will be able to accommodate your gift in the name of another sentient being ~ so donate to your fav charity as a gift to your loved ones this holiday season.

Watching a DVD last evening about the 14th Dali Lama (10 Questions for the Dalai Lama), I was informed that the 'big' search engines bent under pressure from the Chinese government and the only information that the Chinese populous get about Tibet and the Dali Lama are government propaganda. If you are in China and type into their version of Google (for an example) 'Dali Lama' you will only be directed to web sites that slander this great man. So I, for one, plan on emailing them to tell them exactly what I think of their selective release of information(I will let you-all know if I get a response) and now I'm wondering what our government has decided to keep from us. Here are some other search engines sites that are also available; GoodSearch Blackle CatchTomorrow GreenMaven .

And last but not least, a fun web page titled All My Favs!

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friday ~ dancing!

i've been asked

i need to respond

be dancing

and here's
i'd like
to be dancing to


and now for something completely different : TheWork

and one more: PositiveNews


PS. i'm
in the mindful
of redesigning
my blog
making a
of the most
web sites
i find that week...

any thoughts??

peace my friends

da flu has struck!

i've been
and out for
a few days

due to
a gift
my grand
daughter gave
me - da flu!!

but i have some
great sites to share
with you-all

hugs and peace
my friends!!

and now for something completely different: Neighborrow

and yes another one: Carsharing