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as you can see, my blogging continues with renewed below you will find two ~ in a new series of 'lady liberty' blogs that i've previously posted on peace tree.

the name lady liberty comes from long and hard thought about who else i have blogging with me - the italics remarks...

so, in the future, lady liberty and i will astound and amaze you - well almost..grin

peace my friend, peace ~~~


Driving to work, I've noticed quite a large number of 'Available' -oh baby, I am so available - signs posted on the streets - I don't work on the street honey - and they seem to be everywhere.

So, not only are people being thrown out of their homes - you can come to my house ANY time baby - but also their businesses. Some who have owned them since, well forever.

What happened to their grand scheme of an economic stimulus - NOW you're talking baby, let's go get stimulated! - that would help out these small mom and pop businesses? Oh yea, those checks were for WalMart and the other large American corporations.

Here’s the list, with 2007 gross revenues in millions:

1. Wal-Mart Stores: $378,799

2. Exxon Mobil: $372,824

3. Chevron: $210,783

4. General Motors: $182,347

5. ConocoPhillips: $178,558

6. General Electric: $176,656

7. Ford Motor: $172,468

8. Citigroup: $159,229

9. Bank of America: $119,190

10. AT&T: $118,928

Got me to thinking, dangerous I know - think on me baby ~ ooooh - about where else our so-called American corporations are out there on our pretty blue planet creating havoc. Multi-national, which means they are screwing the whole world and not just us - wow, now you're getting me HOT.

Problem is, when they screw the world, they are pissing off a lot of people who don't understand what we, as Americans, understand about greed and consumerism and emptying our pockets, minds and souls for the almighty dollar - oh no baby, just think about me.

They don't have televisions to amuse them all night and day - hey, i got some great porn, wanna watch ? - and from what we've been allowed to read from our corporation media - no baby, read ME - they don't even have enough food or drinkable water to be the good corporate slaves - I'll be your love slave baby.

SO what possible purpose could they have for their world domination - dominate me baby? Yea, I know people from the beginning of time have been trying to take over the world and dominate all of people-kind - no baby, just you and me - and they had their reasons. But I'm wondering what are the now-a-day reasons at this stage in the game of our world development? - oh baby, I'm losing you... Is it the last grasp with an antiquated idea for the men behind the screen to get the ultimate ego stroke?

peace my friend, peace ~~~

Economic Stimulus

Did you get your economic stimulus yet?

Oh, Ahh ~ I can’t wait – ohhhh – to be stimulated. I looked on the IRS web site and my check won’t – oooOOOOoooo – be able to cause me sti-mu-lation until the end of the month, as I refuse to use direct deposit when I file my taxes.

But let’s talk more about the feds grand plan of stimulating us – oh baby yea, right there – and whom it will not stimulate. It's simple, it will not stimulate anyone who doesn’t file a tax return.

So, these people will be required, if they want to be as stimulate as we are – oh YEA baby – to file a pretend return in order to get their very own check or direct deposit. Anyone else have that fishy smell coming from their computer screen when they read this???

If this sounds like conspiracy theory, well then maybe it is, but I’m a wondering why we all are getting a pittance of the taxes returned to us in the form of a stimulus – yes, baby More – and hundreds of people in search of their very own stimuli – oh oh OHHHH – are now filing tax returns. Could there be another reason behind this economic payoff??

Cuz, seriously how much will our recessive economy be affected by this stimulus – More More More, oooOOOOoooo baby. Does anyone else have any ideas on this, something that actually makes sense?

And I am just curious, how many people are saving their stimuli – come on baby, I want it NOW – or being the good consumers our 'corporation run government' want us to be?

I just can’t help but feel this stimulus – um, ya know, you’re just not my type – is just a band-aid. It’s like the little boy who stuck his finger in the wall of the dyke. Eventually someone will take their finger out of this wall and the economic flood will start. And I’m wondering just how prepared we all are to take on this surge?

peace my friend, peace ~~~

last post but not last blog

As most of you already know, I've been asked to post on Thursday's (see post directly below this one for the link) on a cool Peace blog!

But something you don't know is that my work has gotten crazy ~ for sure crazy. I got people here running around like they own the place making all kind-of changes and letting people go left and right (ok, they do own the place but geeze).

Most of the people who's contracts were not renewed are close to retirement, like me. I got three years left to full retirement from the state, having been here over twenty years.

Along with that, the projects I'm working on have been replaced by new projects, with new skill sets. So as you can see, I've got some learning to do, and quick!

On another note ~ I'm no longer sorry for the leaders of my country. For sure they are a sorry greedy lot with no real change in sight, but it's not my job to be sorry for them. With some of the research I've been doing on peace, I'm reminded of leaders and countries all over the world who, in the past and now-a-days are responsible for atrocities against people/nature that are just as bad if not worse than the leaders of my government.

And last but not least, I've decided to not only learn the new skill sets needed for my new job responsibilities but go back to my first love and re-train in mediation. I've got free classes scheduled at the end of May08 and will be spending not only lots of time at work but lots of time volunteering in order to get certified. SO when my three short years comes around, I'll be able to migrate right into my first love ~ helping people resolve their conflicts non-violently.

Having said all of this ~ this will be the last post to this blog.

I have created a brand spanking new blog to fill my need to post interesting links that I find and you can find me there almost daily NEW BLOG.

I'll try to get out and visit my friends' blogs as often as I can but please give me some slack for a few, as my world has basically been turned up-side-down! And I'm finding it is a good thing!

Hugs and Peace!

PeaceTree blog post

I've been asked to post every Thursday on PeaceTree blogspot

Please come on over and take a look!

Peace peace peace!!

howdy folks!

well, it sure had been awhile

and lots has happened
in my world

how about yours?

now on to the good stuff::

Want to go renewable energy but finances holding you back? Well, here's a list, state by state of what's out there and available as far as rebates and incentives: DSIRE.

We can solve the climate crisis. Here's some ideas/solutions on how we-all can do our part. Hey, they say one person at a time and we can get there!!

SO, how many of you are getting a rebate from the Feds? Here's a web site to take a look at regarding how we are going to spend this, cough, big monies from Simple Living Network. Hey, I got an idea: how about we just abolish the income tax system all together? Sounds like a good start to me to bring financial stability back to the little people!!

Well, I've got lots more but don't want to overwhelm you-all. That's why I'm thinking of bloggin just one link a day. What do you-all think about that? Let me know.

*** peace peace peace

links, links, links

and more great links!!

lots a happening this past week
and no
i'm not talking about
the candidates

i'm talking about
lots of stuff going
on behind our backs

Homeland security getting bigger and bigger.

Water Sustainability
this is not! Look at who the big bottle water players are and how they want to control the world's 'free' water. Oh, it's also NOT GREEN! Not EVEN! Here's their mandate, just the name gives you a clue: CEO water mandate.

A good Honest news site - InfoWars. And Wiki-pedia got even better: WikiLeaks. And here's a must see new film you won't see advertised anywhere - EndGame. It has a bit to do with S 1959.

The Washington Post's story about a national dragnet becoming a reality. How's this for a catchy title: The Internet Must Die!

And as I make my exit - here's some good news -- hugs and peace everyone!

Live Earth, 23and Me, Eat Well Guide, Brain Games (try Memory for Life), and for some giggles: Girls are Pretty Forever.

~~~~ peace

oh yea

so this week has
been a week
of good links

hope you enjoy them!!

The early election results will get you in a good mood, while this Senate Bill could make you cry. This link will make you wonder, huh? And I bet ya didn't know this has other uses (this guy has quite a few YouTube videos, check them out).

The environment is important to all of us. So are earth policies towards the environment. Do you wonder how the candidates feel about the environment?

The best I saved for last - every thing you wanted to know about the current financial condition. Follow the arrows on the bottom left hand side of the page.

** peace my friends, much peace

new look

i got tired of
all the blue

it was starting to make
my eyes go

so we got a new look this week!

now, here's some great links:

the machine gun of capitalism

and a link that maybe just help us through this capitalism - the Democracy School

DGC online magazine - does that make it an e-zine? I found the DGC link on this blog.

GreenPeace Eco city - wow, this is totally amazing stuff! Click on the learn more button at the top and have your sound turned on.

Have a bit of fun today and YELP!

Dilbert on politics! dang, I didn't know this dog had depth - smile.

***peace peace peace

So many links, not enough blogger space

ok, that's a fib

i get lot's of space on blogger

it's just
i got
so many great links this week

my head is bursting

however, so your heads
don't burst - grin

i humbly suggest
that you
come back and
view the links a few at a time

911 for the earth is a great place environmental resource. The Grist an environmental blog, has information about green-company buyouts. Drill down on this web site to find out more about who owns who in the Organic Industries. The results may surprise you.

We CAN live green - one person at a time, Green Living 101.

Way cool cities being built as we read, with zero carbon and zero waste; Masdar and Shanghai.

And last but not least - some great sites where you-all can check out where the potential candidates get their money from. MAPLight is just - well amazing. Check out the who started it! Click on Opensecrets and drill down through Presidential Funding08 to the MoneyWeb to find out who is financing whom...very interesting.

Got a complaint?

Enjoy and much peace my friends


more random links

here are some of the random links i've found this week; when you're out grocery shopping, here's a place to text from your phone to tell you if the fish you plan on purchasing is ocean friendly; some news that seems to have slipped by the American mainstream - China bans free plastic bags - now if we could be this proactive we could reduce this garbage heap in the middle of the ocean; the new (maybe only) intellect of our century; the two party swindle; and last but not least - from the white house - drum roll - all of the presidential orders issues by the soon to be gone, george w bush.

now for the lighter side: have some brainy fun; the top ten positive stories of 2007; and do you think we can complain about any really worth complaining about???

enjoy your week my blogger friends
peace to your-all

new rules

my favorite part of his
show (Bill Maher)

is the new rules part

so here's one of my own

you are not
allowed to bitch
about the war
unless you have done
everything possible
to reduce your dependency on oil

now i am
the most peace loving person there is

come on folks

i want solutions

not just plain
old complaining

the war sucks
people dying sucks
inflation sucks
our federal gov sucks

lot's of things suck

now let's start thinking along the lines
of how to fix what sucks in our world

me: by the end of the year
i plan on reducing my dependency on plastic

peace my fellow bloggers

irony #1

That we actually pay for advertisers to come into our homes and turn us into consumers.


How much yearly do you pay for dish TV, cable or??? Don't you think it should be free considering that the TV shows are actually filler for the commercials?

Did you ever notice that the more commercialized TV you watch, the more stuff you want/have to own?

now some good news links: Gristmill, Ecorazzi, and TreeHugger.


oh, something fun!

just had to say

speaking my mind
and all

that the politicians
whom we
voted for
a few years ago

have not lived up
to their promises

so please
save yourself
some heartbreak

whom ever wins this presidential
will not live up
to their promises either

as their most

are to big biz

so let's start our
own big biz
make gazillions
of dollars

and pay/bribe our
we get big
we can even
have the
US of A
in our
back pocket

'nuff said

But if you want to get rid of annoying people, for real - here's somethings that actually work. Clean out your mailboxes from unwanted paper. Get your name off of those pesky mailing lists. Opt out of those millions of pre-approved credit cards. An Ecological Mail Coalition. And last but never least, five easy steps for stopping junk mail.


CREATE! Make recycled paper at home by cutting junk mail into small shreds, soaking in warm water (one hour, stirring occasionally), and spreading out on a flat, fine-holed, wire-mesh screen. Add flowers, grass, and leaves for fun, color, and texture.

peace peace peace

Happiness New Year!

i know

i've been neglecting my blog
and my blogger friends

but i do have a good excuse

i took off some
time during
this holiday season
to work
on my house

and in the process got
tennis elbow

and i don't play tennis

so it hurts
to type

until i got
this cool
tennis elbow brace

it still hurts
to type
as much as before

so i'mmmmmmmmm

well kind-of

and i've
a link
for you-all


peace peace peace