thanks - hugs everyone

i'm back
for a short while

my daughter is now

it was touch and go
for a few moments

which made
this holiday
even more
special for me

so i wanted to share this with all of you


War is Over


i'm back

well for
a short

i've become
a full-time

as my daughter
had to have emergency
surgery monday

she's fine
sore but fine

so during the day
i'm with her at the

and then i pick
up my grandson
and take care of
him at nite

so i'll be back
no worries
it was about being
that i'm not here
but not what you-all thought

hugs everyone!!

and i want
you-all to give everyone
you love


and now for something completely different : Free Text Messaging


'splain yourself'


i'm not different
in the
'new person' way

it's not something
you can see

it's more something
you would realize
in talking to me

i'm concentrating
my thoughts

one of my heroines
was mother teresa

and in the movie
the secret

she was quoted
as saying
she would never go to
an anti-war rally
she would go
to a peace rally

see what i mean??


and now for something completely different : Neale Donald Walsch


new me

still busy
at work

i wanted to
the new me

hey, you might say
you can't
go around
re-creating yourself

but i watched 'the secret'
this past weekend

and sure enough
i'm now
a new me

so what
new about me?

i'll tell ya
one thing

it's what
i now
focus my thoughts


and now for something completely different: GreenPages


another busy work day

which is frustrating
as i have
so much to say

but please stay tuned!


and now for something completely different : Og Mandino


work calls

got too much
to do right now


i had to leave
you with


and now for something completely different : ThinkMap


Fun Friday!

so how
was your week?

as much a
PIA as mine?

well, it time
to lighten up

or we'll never
be able to enjoy
the weekend!


and now for something completely different : The Revolution will be...


Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur


well i've been
thinking about hibernation
and this
is the only mammal
(we're mammal's
know that right?


this is the only mammal that

and even though it's
not 'that' cold
down here
in the arizona desert

i feel
every winter
that the world

eats more
sleeps more
and basically
does less

i just hope
that we
warm up
by january!


and now for something completely different : Conservative Nanny


peace in the US of A

i was surfing the net

looking for these huge
posters of peace
i saw on display

and found this:
US Institute of Peace

now i want you to look
towards the end
of the page

there's a graph
enlarge it please

then compare the numbers
Cost of War

as a yearly
contributor to this

i think
no, i know
they are not spending
my money wisely

so let's start telling
our newly elected
that we want to fund


and now for something completely different: Shut up and Sing


something about me

is that

i don't eat fast food
part of a dietary restriction

and part principle

so i know
this may not be
of a surprise to you-all

but it was to me

when i drove past the

that they

take credit cards


so you can go into debt
while killing yourself

how about 13.5 percent
interest on that
greasy burger and fries?
hope you're paying
those outrageous monthly costs
for health insurance
oh wait
you're paying
your health insurance premiums
with your 13.5 percent
credit cards?



and now for something completely different: Low Post


dancing, dancing - DANCING

was a blast
last night

so much fun

and yep, i'm at work to-day

so if you happen to stop by
here's a bit of something
to hopefully brighten
your day

i'm going home for a nap
and dream about this beach


and now for something completely different: BookCrossing



and yes i'm shouting
cuz it's gonna be a fun day
but tomorrow

i gotta work - early
so dancing but
not all nite
dancing! grin

i think i saw one of these guys
last nite:


and now for something completely different: Donate Life


yesterday and today

yesterday was kind-of
fun and light-hearted
~tag you're it~

i remember playing that as a child

and playing kick-the-can

and at night we would
catch fireflys in jars

and then my mom would let
them go when
i fell fast asleep

as a child we would
play outside
all day long
when we were not in
and in the summer
some of the night also

and being
playing and touching

has created a person in
who is environmental conscious
and loves to be outside
smell the air after a rain
so it
should be
no surprise
(sad but no surprise)
when future generations
let our world overheat and
fall into disarray

seems all they
care about
are flat screen tv's
and the newest game cube
that has hit the market..

on a positive note:
my son and daughter played
outside when they were
and when i get
my grandkids
they play outside too

so take a child out to play
even if it's your own
inner child


and now for something completely different: Joan Baez


tag ~ you're it!

I got tagged by Hill Country Gal.

So here goes

According to the rules…
Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. i start out every day by reading my horoscopes - not just one but a couple of sites

i never wear panties, even though i have a few in my drawer.

3. in bathrooms, i always roll out the paper towels before i wash my hands...someone actually asked me if i was a nurse as she was one and said they all do it all the time...hummm

4. i'm so totally a computer/gadget geek...i've been on the net since before there were GUI interfaces and have a robot that cleans my floors

5. in my spare time i crochet afghans and give them away..i tried selling them but got insulted when people want to give me like .10 an hour for my's much better this way as the look on people's faces when i give them one is priceless ~

6. ok, this most of you already know about me - - but what you don't know is that i go to the club (has to be live music) and get a drink then go out to the dance floor and dance for hours - literally hours - without stopping. i just love closing my eyes and moving to the music...i feel like i'm in some sort of earth-plane heaven.

i've decided not to tag anyone back...
but if you want to play the game
leave a note in my comments
so i can go
and see
what's so
weird about you


and now for something completely different : Heligan Gardens



i saw a headline
coming back from
Tai Chi class

"More Minority Kids
Getting Adult Diabetes"

"...It’s estimated that at least 40,000
American children now have type 2
diabetes, the type associated with
adult obesity.
Born genetically programmed to
store fat during times of famine, overweight
Hispanics, Indians and blacks
develop symptoms of diabetes from a
regular diet of low-cost, high-calorie
fast food and sodas, coupled with little
daily physical activity."

so i'm thinking
ok, parents
stop shoving sugar
and fast food
down your kids throats
and cook a real meal

but then

my mind spun off

to a future world

where we are run
by drug companies

yep - drug companies
are our government

(ok, so they are one of
the biggest lobbyist groups
but run with me
a bit here)

our drug government
keeps a strangle-hold
on the worker bee populous
by supplying the drugs
that keep those worker bees
and their kids

so if those worker bees
decide to protest
or speak out
against bad working conditions
or fraudulent elections

they get their drugs
taken away

leaving only
the compliant worker bees


and now for something completely different: The Secret


back now

i wanted to write
but a thought was fizzling
around my head

and would not leave
damn, i just hate
when that happens

i'll fizzle this out
to you-all
and see where it

i want to talk about

Note: guys please
come back from that
as i really do have
something to say here

and no
it's not the topless equality

it's the fact that
our future generations
are dependent
on the breasts of this


my concern is

breasts implants

did you know
they are
the third most commonly
performed cosmetic surgical
procedure in the United States?

every year upwards of 400,000
women get them

and women that get them
have a 73% higher
chance of

uh - yep!


it greatly
reduces your
chance of
being able to use
them ~ the way nature
intended for them
to be used

breast-feeding our

so i'll leave you
with this

if nature's perfect
food is not longer available
or so polluted with implant
then how much longer
can this human population


and now for something completely different : Diane Arbus


fun wednesday

i decided that
since i've missed
the last few fridays

and today is kind-of like
a friday
for the working people

that i would make


so let's have some fun!
some laughs
some giggles

and take this quiz

mine is LUST
by the way

Haa - what else!

and then take this quiz

haa, i'm so bad
i got sent to the 8th level


and lastly
my friends

have a
happy day for giving
and thanks!
enjoy the people
you love!


and now for something completely different: PeaceAction


sick daze

i've been sick for the past few daze

but i did get out
dancing on friday nite
which makes it somewhat

and i had so much to say
in my fevered delirium

but it all
into my brain cells
when i could
finally tolerate

so i'll leave you with this thought
how come
some of the best movies of the year
come out now?

the American public
is so dumbed down
that the producers
think we can only remember
movies we've seen
in the last month


and now for something completely different: GreenDimes




i personalized my google page today

and got this Buddhist thought
for the day::

This is the way of peace: "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." - Peace Pilgrim

and i get somewhat confused when
i read things like this
as they are so broad

and don't give us a roadmap
the how-to
of getting things done

so i go back to google
and put in 'overcome evil with good'

and get this GOPUSA

um, not having read any web sites like
this ~ before
i was struck by the simplicity
of the words
like it written for someone without
a high school education



and now for something completely different : Urban Legends


where have they gone?

i'm in a melancholy
mood today

as i see the stats
of the people
who have died
or were wounded
in this stupid war

and remember
what seems like
just a few years ago

when we were given stats
ones today

we must stop this
vicious cycle!


and now for something completely different: Mini-Earth


got gas?

i think
getting gas
IS better than

'got milk?'

the crap they put in milk
isn't allowed
anywhere else in the world
except for the good US of A


one of the first things
i think we need to do
it to
start looking at
what big biz combined
with the drug industry
(legal that is)

is doing
to non-enrich
our lives

the office of
stops here!


and now for something completely different : GasBuddy


YEA - Fun Friday!!!! YEA

finally here
what we work all week for

and it's time to
go dancing

pick your music
and let's go!!


and now for something completely different : Make the Connection


just a feeling

ok, yesterday i had a thought
(i know, scary huh) grin

and today i got this feeling
this sneaking feeling
that something is up

and it's not a good up

now, i could be wrong
in fact, i would love to be wrong

but it's there in my gut...
telling me something is amiss

things have gone TOO perfect
this election

what the heck are they planning now
that they want us placated?

for some reason
they want us happy?
after all this time of pushing
us into the dirt and rubbing
our noses in it

now, i know
it's like
i can't be content with
this success, this win

but that burning feeling in my gut comes back
every time i try
and be happy

and says 'beware'
they're trying to manipulate you

don't want
to give up what they
already have


and now for something completely different : Witches' Almanac



i had a thought

well actually i had a few

but you-all are only getting this one today

that since the senate race is soo
very close

that we all start doing things
in our everyday life
that we normally do with our right

with our left hands..

i'm been trying it out today...
and it's been pretty interesting

as it's kept me
focused on the goal
of a blue senate

and for you already lefties out there
try with your right
to do something
different to keep
your focus...


and now for something completely different : William Blake


think thoughts of PEACE

and go out and vote for PEACE

our fav guy has something to say

hugs everyone!!
think good thoughts

we will get thru this

one way


and now for something completly different : Rolling Stone


day before

yep - for most people
it's the day before tuesday
commonly known as monday
the start of our work week
for some that work
but if you're retired
it's just another day

awww, i meant the day before election day~~~

i already mail in my ballot...
didn't want
to play the dia-bold game
since i don't hafta

but i know many of you
around the country
have to play
dia-bold computers
to cast your vote

and i say
go anyways!

remember that saying
fool me once
shame on you ~
fool me twice
shame on me!

well, keep your eyes open
take a camera
and be vigilant

and be prepared to
take action!

thanks for the kind responses
about my internet
researching ~ it's
one of my fav past times
i did go out dancing this weekend
always to live music
and the singer
who walked off the floor
sang about


and now for something completely different: American in deep-shit


fun saturday

hey and howdy-do

here's some fun for today!!

as the music goes on
for awhile


and now for something completely different : global orgasm


things seem different

but really, they just stay the same
ok, so where am i coming from today?

well, i went to this conference yesterday

as i have some great ideas

things that i see
we need to do
in order to have a future

in order to cut down on
greenhouse emissions
for example

there were movers and shakers there
idea people and money people
the same-old-same-old
as the idea people were inventing
and the money people
wanted a piece of the pie

or so i thought

then towards the end of the conference
i heard repeated
when your company gets
(we come in with lots of money
to make it big)
then you need to be prepared
to step back from
being the CEO

i realized

don't want just a piece of the pie
they want the whole thing

selfish bastards!!


and now for something completely different: Carl J. Schramm


jury duty and thoughts

ok, since things have calmed down
a bit

i'll tell you about jury duty

it was boring...cops trying to prove
that a guy was drunk when he rolled back
his stick-shift vehicle into an off duty cop

the guy left the scene of the - um accident
(off duty cop's car not hurt)

cop follows him to his more cops

guy goes inside his home - drink a fifth of 90 proof
bourbon - he doesn't like the 80 proof kind (his words)

then on-duty cops show up
arrest him for being drunk (um, in his own home)

and blood tests him at .409 (no shit, like they had to carry
this guy out of his house to arrest him)

so anyways...

i was daydreaming as cop after cop took
the stand and told how expert they were
in determining if someone was drunk
by looking at them - sigh

and i was
giving thanks that i could be a jury member
on this boring trial - as this defendant
still had his rights...Alcoholic that he was (his words)

and it got me thinking

that i want only one more law washington dc

"any state law takes precedence over any federal law"

so if you want to live in a liberal state
you can

and if you want to live in a conservative state
you can

however, no matter who was in the white house
you could rest assured
you would still have the same level of intrusion
into your personal life that
the state you lived in
afforded you

our country's
demographics would become very interesting then!


and now for something completely different : August Wilson



ok, folks

this isn't about
that fun bodily function

this is about
the price of gas
i saw on the way to work

what's your 'gas' down 2?

see, i just noticed this

as my car doesn't take gas

it runs on biodiesel..and sure

my biodiesel has gone down a bit...

but not this much

so how many votes do you think they are trying

to buy

with this tom-foolery??
note: Meaning::Silly behaviour of no great wit.


and now for something completely different : Earl Nightingale


jury duty, for real this time

well, it got postponed the first time

but i gotta go today


i wanted to leave you with something

my son called me on his way from the emergency room
last week...he thought he was having a heart attack

so i met him there and waited for his wife
to get a sitter for there little one
and come

and i sat with him while loads of medical professionals
came in and out of his room

all asking him pretty much the same questions
do you take any medications?

seems, my friends, that all kinds of meds
can cause heart attack like symptoms

so they are feeding us this crap like candy
and in all actuality
killing us!

Note: he's fine, it was just stress overload
he's healthy as a horse!


and now for something completely different : Rapture


more thoughts

ok~ let me say this first

i can't wait until fun friday tomorrow

this week has been one heck of a week
so on to what i wanna say - my more thoughts
do you-all think that a change of the guards

is really gonna make that much of
a difference in the 'state' of affairs?

as has already been pointed out
'they' will not be giving up their power willingly
and they sure have a whole boat load of it right now

not november 7th
nor any day soon afterwards

i believe

there is nothing they will not do
to keep their stranglehold on our lives

the nooses are tightening
around everyone's neck

and it's up to each of us
to turn off
and step up


and now for something completely different: Rachel Carson


more to say


if this country was founded on lies and good wishes ,
kind thoughts and perpetuation of the white male status quo

then how DO we change that?

what are our next steps?

i know a lot of you are pinning your hopes on
this mid-term election and democrats

just like you-all did on mr kerry (note: rich white male)

i'm not - as i believe this next election will just be a drop in the bucket
as far as the change that needs to happen

ok - 'they' might not want to give up their power,
their strangle hold on this beautiful land of ours

along with having to give up their slaves here

they are intent on conquering and enslaving
the rest of the world, one country at a time

so - what do we do? or better yet
what can be done?

so how about we look at our neighbors to the south
what was it they had to do to get rid of 'us'
in their countries (note: chavez, castro)?


and now for something completely different: GreenDisk


postponed because of rain

naa, jury duty was just postponed till monday

not because of rain, that just sounded fancy - smile

which is a good thing for me

cuz i have something to say this morn

i was thinking - of the 'and now for something different'

from yesterday

see i saw a timeline they had done, which explained

in lawyers terms (laws and such)

how exactly corps got the power they have today

and that got me thinking about a blog i read last week

lamenting about the loss of what this country was founded on


founded on???

let's see, from my perspective

this country was founded by rich land owning white men
(they wrote our constitution which didn't include freedoms nor rights
for poor men, men of color or any woman ~ um, those were added on later ~ well kind-of)

who decided to try to annihilate the native people
(because they didn't believe in their god
even though they claim they came here to flee
from religious persecution in their own countries)

i could go on

but you get my drift...

so tell me -- really people -- has anything changed??

maybe what we need is to start over - scrap what we have

and create a~new??


and now for something completely different: Ken Wilber


jury duty


it's my public duty

to go ~ to get (possibly) selected

to serve on a jury

part of (in my state)
registering to vote

and all i can think about is

i need to bring a good book to read while i wait

i hope everyone's weekend went well

and relax, enjoy

as this week ~ is supposed to be

quite combustible...


and now for something completely different: POCLAD



oh, sorry i yelled


i missed out on fun friday last week

because of painting my ceilings...

so this week - let's have some FUN!!

let's all get up and dance!!

and if you are stuck in your chair

then i wanna see some kick-ass chair dancing!!!

are you feeling it???

(if you like them, here's more to dance to)

and yes, i'm going out dancing later on!



and now for something completely different : Mrs Meyer's


vote vote vote

another great web page has come to my attention

great ~ because why?

it allows me at the click of a mouse

to check out the people


um, i elected

to check out how they're voting

when they get so very far away from home

so, for those of you who have

not already sent in your absentee ballots

check this out: Planned Parenthood Action

click on the 2006 Federal Endorsements


and now for something completely different : Lillian Smith


Pledge of Allegiance

as i awoke - groggily from my sleep this morn

i was thinking of what the bushites version of this pledge - would be - smile

so i did some research on the net

to get the exact words

but what i found was um, somewhat disturbing

i want you-all to go to this link

and about half way down there's a picture

of school children reciting the pledge

using the Bellamy Salute

which was a modification of the Roman Salute

(of which i could digress about the Roman state we have been creating

but i won't)

but that's not the worst of it

this little diddy was created to sell flags

and from the lips of it's author:

"Bellamy said that the purpose of the pledge was to teach obedience to the state as a virtue"

so i've decided

not to make a funny and change this pledge to what baby bush thinks

as it pretty much does exactly what baby bush and compadres want it to do...

hell, even Texas has it's own pledge to the flag

i want to change it for 'us'

I pledge my allegiance to the Peaceful citizens of Earth, and to The World for which it stands, one Planet under our Earth Goddess and Father Moon, indivisible, with most importantly ~ liberty and justice for all.

now who wants to design our flag?


and now for something completely different : creative visualization


cool people

before we get to the cool people

i wanted to remind you-all

of requesting your early ballot

in order to avoid the diabold fiasco

and now on to cool people

i was observing yesterday

that it seems we are trained from the beginning

our first day in school

or pre-school

that we are what we wear, how we look

how we act

the friends we can attract

and this moves on thru our school experience

into the workplace

where, it's still there

only magnified

added to the 'coolness'


smarts , working over time with no pay,
kiss-assing, obedience, (any more?)

making us the perfect drones


and now for something completely different : POV


V is 4!!

i watched an incredible movie this past weekend

V for Vendetta

just amazing!!

the message is

if we can all stand together

we can overcome -- borrowed from Martin L. King

so what say you-all??


and now for something completely different : Fear-Less


filling up

as some of you might know

i have gutted two of the rooms in my house

that my daughter and grandson vacated a few months ago

no worries, they got their own little cute place - smile

but i have taken out everything in those rooms,

taken the popcorn off the ceilings, rugs off the floors

even the closet doors are gone

so now it's time

time to fill them up again

but i need to be very careful what i put in them

as i correlate it to

emptying of a part of me

and filling up that part of me

so i started dancing again


tonight i'm gonna go dancing

and tomorrow, i'll start painting the ceilings and walls

and then i'll rest

and contemplate my next steps


and now for something completely different : Ma Bell



i had a few questions this morning

as i drove into work

how come that jewelry store

on the corner for ten's of years

was replaced by a Cingular store?

how come corps advertise on tv

spending millions/billions of dollars

and we still have-ta pay

to watch their crap?


and now for something completely different: Betty Smith



one of the gifts that getting older has given me

is i don't seem to need enough sleep

and so this early early morning

lying in bed

i remembered one of my heroines: Margaret Mead

as a young girl growing up in the 60's

she was a light that illuminated my world

according to her - i was um, sexually normal

and i wondered
what happened to all of the cultural anthropologists??

replaced by an engineer, i imagine

but if one just happened to appear

what would they think of our world now-a-days?

i then imagined that i was one of these cultural anthropologists

and i went to Dafur

and i interviewed women

and learned that they thought::

that sex was just something that you did
to stay alive

it wasn't one's choice
it wasn't enjoyable
it wasn't pleasurable
it was endured

as one endured the following childbirth

praying that the child was a boy

and not a girl
who would endure female genital cutting

and then rape after rape
after baby after baby

until death by starvation


and now for something completely different: Letters to George



i had a restful weekend

which means that i didn't touch the computer

well, just a little

it's so hard for me

it's like an addiction

one that i wouldn't have dreamed of 10 years ago

i have read a lot of sci fi over the years

and i remember reading somewhere about

our personal computer being placed in our brains

great idea

until someone hacks your computer and reads your mind

now - is that scary or what?


and now for somethign completely different : STRESS


fun friday

thanks goodness it's friday

so let's have some fun...

I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death ~~ George Carlin


and now for something completely different : Heligan Gardens


origin belief

ever need proof that all religions

are similar

if not

so alike, that

it's scary enough for their followers

to wear blinders?

well, on to my day

i'm writing early as i have a busy day planned

i'll be going to a protest rally at noon - world can't wait

and another 'world can't wait' at 4pm at the federal building downtown

and yet another one at 5 (local one promoting non-violence) at the federal building

and i got to thinking about what 'we' focus our thoughts on..

i read this today:

I urge you all to refuse to focus on fear and darkness, and turn instead to the positivity that lies within everything. Choose the thing that most upsets you today and look for 5 things about it that are positive. In this way, you can teach yourself to change your mind and therefore change your world.

i will make a pledge

i will focus my thoughts on the 'light'

i will work with like-minded people for non-violent peace

anyone with me?


and now for something completely different : Freedom to Fascism


as i sit

i was thinking this last nite

as i sit here

in my air-conditioned house


with all my 'stuff'

surrounding me

and nothing to speak of physically

except for a small bruise on my arm from yoga

a picture flashes in my head

brief but


of a soldier pointing a gun

at a small child

the child wearing torn garments

kneeling on a dirt floor

is crying and pleading - looking up at this

big, strong beast

and this is us

the child and the beast


and now for something completely different: Responsible shopper



ah yes

an old friend contacted me out of the blue today - college roommate

and i got smacked in the face

with the hopelessness of people

he's on an antidepressant

i remember reading somewhere that the use of these tiny little pills

is on the rise


well, seems that all this fear and gloom and doom

served up on the nightly news

is creating a populous that is


so they take pills, like they are told

which creates a zombie-like people

who watch more news and get more depressed

this circle of life is not one i imagined

this numbing of the populous is not a new phenomenon

alcohol was the drug of choice

and opiates

natural substances, but still as effective

so i ask myself

why don't 'they' want us mad?


and now for something completely different : Confucius



ah yes...this is the word i've been thinking about all weekend


and here's the definition:
  1. Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner: insidious rumors; an insidious disease.
  2. Intended to entrap; treacherous: insidious misinformation.
  3. Beguiling but harmful; alluring: insidious pleasures.
and why you might ask am i thinking about this word?

well, a friend came back from over seas

and said something off the cuff

but very profound

that we are the only nation in the world

that sells

it's war machines as pleasure vehicles...

the Hummer

now - the diesel ones can run on bio-diesel

so here i am

thinking, they're not so bad

but when looked at in this new 'light'

it is insidious what our government/cooporation/media

trys to sell the american public

and we just lap it up

like dogs at the foot of their kings

it's disgusting!


and now for something completely different: The Cost


fun friday

i want you to know!

that together

we can make a difference

i understand

your heart and soul hurt

but together

we can make a difference

i feel your pain

as it is mine ten-fold

all together

we can make a difference!!


and now for something completely different: Fair


busy thursday

and i wish it were fun friday

so i could smile a lot more

so, some improvement on my house

my son came over and dry walled my two ceilings

(for people who are new, i'm redoing my house

just like we need to redo our current government)

and as it drys and i look up

proudly at his work

i'm thinking of the next steps

completely forgetting to bask in the moment

so bask people

when we have small accomplishments - bask in them


and now for something completely different : Johrei


heat, hot, blistering, sweltering.....

i know

it's supposed to cool down already

i talked to a tech person on the phone the other day
and they said there was already
snow in the mountains in Iowa

but here it's almost a hundred degrees...

and it will cool down to the mid
80's next week

so why the talk about the heat??

i was observing in people's blogs::

how mad they get when baby bush says something stupid

how mad they get when stupid bills are passed

how mad they get when baby bushes 'friends' say stupid things

how mad they get at the media for spreading clinton lies

how mad they get....

and i wanna ask - why get mad?

why not get even?


and now for something completely different: maps


separation of church and

yes, what was that saying??

oh yea, separation of church and state

well, i've been thinking about another kind of separation

the separation of religions

and i think we are in need of a bit of separation anxiety

yes, you read that right...

now, i know it seems like what's been going on IS anxiety

what i'm talking about is not the anxiety of watching over your shoulder

at what the other religions are doing
or could do

i'm talking about the anxiety of missing the other religion

like twins get when they are separated...

because, believe it or not

all religions are so similar, they could be twins

not necessarily identical twins but twins none-the-less

i just think if we could relieve the major religions' separation anxieties

then we would be that much closer to relieving

this world's anxiety problems...


and now for something completely different: Eco Tip


why we fight

this was the name of a documentary that i watched this weekend...

it was a hard one for me, as i dislike violence

but i made it thru

and in the end, i was so sad

as it's obvious that just changing characters in this next congress/election

will not change the military industrial complex

or another word for it would be Permanent war economy

until we can change how our people make their money

we will not be able to change our need for war

are we really that much like Rome? and will we fall just as hard?


and now for something completly different: SoapBox


fun friday

i do believe that we need to concentrate our energies

into the positive

in order to get out of this fear-based mindset

that baby bush and compadres want us to be in

but how exactly does one create 'positive energies'?

well, i googled

and there were people who will sell you the key


i've got to believe it's more simple that that

how about -- i think, therefore i am??

so, one can think positively and then create positive energies

but how can one do that??

when fear surrounds them?

well, i found a positive energy theorem

and the way i see it

if we utilize this theorem

we can dump baby bush and company

into a black hole


i could positively think of that!!


and now for something completely different: better world club


too good not to share

take it back~!



i've been reading my sidebar blogs

and consider these people my friends..

and i've been feeling a trend among my friends

the feeling is that this election in Nov will be stolen, once again



i know you-all look back and see/remember the disappointment when Kerry

well, since he honestly didn't lose

i'd say he gave up and mostly likely was paid to do so


my friends - a millionaire is not honest with non-millionaires

they have a good-old-boys millionaire club in washington

and i've always felt Kerry was a get us to focus and hope

and have our hopes dashed

so let's take off our rose colored glasses

focus locally and get people elected, one person at a time

honest people - hard-working people like us


and now for something completely different : Beyond Delay


the problem with being smart

ok, went to the doc yesterday

and boy, was this drug-pushing peddler surprised

as i don't take any medications

just herbs and vitamins

he actually told me that i was unusual

which got me thinking

that the majority of the american population have bought into

the drug companies, making them richer

and people sicker/dead and for sure poorer

what the hell ever happened to the : Hippocratic Oath????

it reads 'do no harm' - not push whatever pills the drug companies want to sell this week

and as i was driving home...i thought

maybe, my problem is that i'm not stupid

cuz if i was dumber, i'd go home

turn on the tv

watch all those commercials - which is what tv is really all about

not the stupid filler shows

and do what they tell me to do - like a fucking robot or something

they say, if you have these symptoms - talk to your doc about prescribing this drug


i thought it was the docs who decided what symptoms you have and what disease they are tied to???

that's why they spend millions of dollars and lots of years to get educated

to be the smart ones when it comes to our health


i'm too smart for our government

as i think independently for myself and don't watch/listen to tv commercials

and that's why i'm sad/upset/angry

as i CAN see what' s happening around me...just like you


and now for something completely different : freepress


sick day

i was gonna take a sick day

ear infection - going to the doc soon...

but putting peroxide in my ear this morning makes it tolerable


i wanted to say something

there is a major event happening this friday

well, for some people it is major

something similar happened

two days before 9/11

and now it is happening again..

only this time i'm told::

"will deeply affect the public’s perception of 9 – 11 and all subsequent decisions and events since then pertaining to that day. This eclipse is on the South node which means that the past decisions that have been made will have difficult karmic consequences. Labor and employment will suffer as a result around the world and peace treaties and international law will be more difficult as well. The trigger event of this eclipse will happen on September 30th"

so this means

that between this friday and next saturday - something big will happen

so, let's see


and now for something completely different: NASA


tai chi

i was thinking today - while on my 15 minute walk to my tai chi class...

it's what i do instead of eating lunch...

anyways, i was thinking about what to write and had something in my head

then went to class

and while i was walking back, i realized i'd forgotten

as i'd been concentrating on something else

see, someone in class was asking about breathing

how one should breath while doing the 'exercises'

and the instructor said - just breath

and then she went on to say

'it in not in the doing (breathing)
but the intention of the doing (breathing)'

and i got to thinking

it is not in the doing (getting rid of baby bush and company)
but the intention of the doing.....

and i would think we all want him gone

but our intentions might/would be different

so here's my intention:::

i want a safe, happy breathable world for my grandkids to grow up in

and their grandkids, and their grandkids

for generations to come, i want this mother earth we all live on

to be inhabitable

and baby bush and compadres are not doing that

in fact they are doing just the opposite

they are creating a world full of hate and mis-trust

fear and scarcity, polluted almost beyond repair


what's your intention??


and now for something completely different: GreenStone


wow - busy blog

also, busy woman here

i got the popcorn off of my ceilings..what a mess

and now the rooms echo even more..

(for those of you that don't know, i'm working on gutting two extra rooms in my house that got vacated when my daughter and grandson left for their own abode)

nothing on the walls, ceilings or floors...and in a few days i'm taking out the closet doors...

i got a lot more anger our of my system this weekend...hard work is really good for your soul..

and my masseuse, as i've been seeing her more than i usually would; to work the aches and pains out of my body

which brings me to this

i'm not sure how many of your have ever had a massage - but if you haven't

go and get one

and if you have

you know how when they work on you

your body feels good


it also feel more sore..

but not a bad sore

a sore that says, you moved me in a way that i haven't moved before in awhile


i'm hoping our anger makes us sore enough to want to massage

the pain in the white house



and now for something completely different: snopes


fun friday

geeze, i'm in a good mood today...must be something in the stars...

but it is friday..and payday for some!

so let's have some fun this friday

i was called a bitch recently

at first, i took offense - it's been awhile since i've been called that

then i remembered an email flying around awhile ago that took the letters

and made them into something else

so here's mine:


so today - you bitch (grin) - let's dance the dance of life!!


and now for something completely different: Auto Prize


safe financial investments

try googling the title above

and what do you see?? only two goggle pages of sites


you'd think everyone and their brother would be wanting to give us their most profound investment advice

as our society is one of buy, buy, buy

but wait, i wanted to tell you why i was googling this particular subject today

the neighborhood i live in is filled with retirees and over half of them are only here during the wonderful winter months..they fly away when the temps start climbing in the hundreds

so we call them winter visitors and my across-the-street neighbor is one of these

and she asked me to pick up her mail and look after her house while she was at the cape

so i said - sure - she's just across the street

well, she decided to stay longer at the cape - seems they bought a boat and are having too much fun...which i think is a good thing - very few people have fun now-a-days

but before she left, she bought a new car - hybrid - prius

and the battery has to be charged every two months...and she would not be back in time

so you guessed it, she asked me to drive her car and charge the battery

which i did last night

and picked the longest stretch of highway around this rural town i love in

now this car is certainly a horse of a different yesterday i spent time googling how to drive it...geeze, when i first tried i couldn't even find the ignition (people with hybrids will enjoy that one)

so back to driving - i'm going along and i know this road like the back of my hand

and towards the end i pass an investment office which has a huge electric sign which tells everyone what the market closed at

and it was +45 yesterday

so i'm thinking - humm, the last year or so, it's been in the red -- why now it has suddenly perked up?

light bulb moment - the primaries....

you can see where i'm going here - when the 'good old boys' club in washington decide they want to make us happy - they make the market go up up up

when we've been bad, they make the market go down down down

so i decided to stop playing the stock market...and start investing in something else..

so today's google on financial investments

but nothing came up...sigh

then i remember one thing my wise old great uncle used to tell me - he was a master gardener

he said invest in land - it will never disappoint you

so there you go -- now to google 'how to buy land' - grin


and now for something completely different : greenspan


stuffy nose

today, the mold count is up

and i just came back from a walk

and my nose is stuffy

so i decided to write about my stuffy nose...

as it pertains to

not being able to smell the rotting stink in our government

problem is

i can still see them...


and now for something completely different : cleaning


busy day

thanks to everyone who responded yesterday - BIG HUGS all around!!

yes, let's all clean

our closets, porch, houses, cars, lives and then our government!

i read this today:

"The decisions "what to do" and "which way to go" should not be made; they should be discovered. Life is whole and complete, and even when you may be seeing it in part, there is always a right answer "in the streams of power and wisdom" within. It is that in you that knows beyond your conscious knowing. If you lowly listen, you will hear the right word, and the directions will easily unfold. This doesn't mean doing nothing, saying Pollyanna-style, "Oh, it will work out - I will just wait for a leading." Remember when you plug in to a power source or turn on the light switch, there is no delay in the flow. Be still and know that you are in the flow and then move with it.”
~ Eric Butterworth


and now for something completely different: my daughter



this past weekend - i put my re-modeling work on a bit of a hold

and decided/needed to clean

now, the cleaning i'm talking about is not the usual wash the floors kind-of clean

i went through closets, papers, things, saved stuff...and gave or threw or ebayed

and when i was done (well, done for right now)

i sat back and realized i'd been 'cleaning' like this for a few weeks

as the work i've done in my house has been getting rid of carpet, blinds and all the stuff...

i literally have two shells of rooms waiting

waiting on me to want to fill them with - stuff

and i still don't know what stuff to fill them with -- i have a general idea - like to color of the paint

but nothing really concrete

so, you know i'm gonna take this somewhere

and here's goes

i think we need to use the same process to get rid of our 'bad' federal government

we need to get rid of all that we don't want...not just people but papers...all those papers filled with all those rules and laws and such

we need to get rid of policies and places and offices, maybe even rent out the buildings...

we need to have a empty shell with which to re-design our government

our government which is -- by the people, for the people...

we need to walk into empty rooms and just look - just imagine

what we want it to look like


and now for something completely different: credit


a bit about

well, a bit about me...

see, i'm kind-of a private person

so you ask - why do i blog? doesn't that put yourself 'out there'?

well, i decided today to reveal a bit more about myself

if you have been reading my 'now for something different' (not today's though)

there was one that was a link to an astrology page -- which i visit almost daily...along with a few others...

i have dabbled in astrology for several years - looking at it like a cynic, at first

reading the monthly predications at the end of the month and not the beginning, the dailys at the end of the day -- well, you get my drift

i found some quacks out there on the net...and i, to my surprise and delight, found some people who actually knew something

so, today according to my astrology sources, is an amazing day - - it is a lunar full moon eclipse

i could go on and on and provide the link - - but i wanted to go one more place here

there is this 100th monkey theory that people have been debunking for quite some time now

(come back here after you read about it)

well, i want to get us out of our minds today

and say - that if we 'believe' that the world can change

it can

so astrologically, the stars are showing us that we, living on this small blue planet

are going to have a massive shift in consciousness - a change in our conventional wisdom

and our work is to remove all the unneed, unwanted 'stuff' from our lives, homes and living spaces

and get quiet...allow the universe to tell us what it 'now believes'

not what tv or the gov or even our neighbor or spouse believes

so, get quiet, turn off your mind and let the universe tell you ....

i'm reminded of john lennon's song - 'Imagine'


and now for something completely different : watch


changes, they are a coming

in more than one way...i feel it in the air and can taste it

also, my side bar has more great blogs added...and yes, i have removed glenda's wonderous blog - but she has gone over to peace train...


and now for something completly different: Sha of Iran


dear old molly

and i don't mean 'old' old but as an old friend...

whom you might ask, am i talking about?

well molly ivins...

if you go back to one of my earlier posts, i site her as one of my heroines

and she never disappoints me

this time she is so right-on about why our courts had to change under this administration...


but read it for yourself at the above link - molly says it far better than i do


and now for something completely different: 2nd bill of rights


hard work

as some of you know, i'm working on my house

and it got me thinking about baby bush and his lack of ability to 'fix' anything

he seems to be able to break things very well, but fix them - ah, nope!

so, as i'm busting my ass, i got to thinking maybe we need to blame daddy and mommy bush for part of our problems

as when ever he got into trouble before, failed oil biz and such - - mommy and daddy bush would bail him out

and as a mom and nana, myself, i can tell you that if you don't allow your kids to work their way out of their problems, you're a shitty parent

so we're waiting daddy bush - it's time to come and fix what baby bush has 60 trillion in your wallet daddy???


and now for something completely different - Freecycle


fun friday - late

ok, yesterday i took the day off from blogging

actually, i have been pulling up carpet and my hands hurt...

but today - i have something for you to watch...

enjoy your weekend people! and think outside the box..

(now back to more carpet pulling)



Katrina's gifts

yes, you read that correctly - i've been thinking a bit about one of the gifts hurricane Katrina has given to us, the American people

and here's where i'll begin

a month or so ago i was watching a documentary - yes, i like to watch a lot of documentaries - smile

and i was watching one on the Tibetan monks and how they lost their mother land in Tibet

and yes, this was a horrible thing done to them, the take over of their land and culture and the slaughter of most of their beloved people

so, they lost their land and then they were transported all over the world, to live and practice Buddhism

now, i remember in the 60's and 70's where the rock stars were going to these far-off places, climbing mountains for days to commune with Buddhist monks - cuz they never left their mountain tops...

so the few, very select few with lots of money and time, got to receive any kind of enlightenment from them (the monks)

but now

i can drive a few hours and walk into a house and talk to one of these learned souls....and get enlightenment

so enlightment is now open to all who wish to receive it!

next documentary ~ spike lee's 'When the Levees Broke"

i just finished watching this most powerful and insightful documentary...and cried when i watch bodies floating, people talking about their loss and i was sad when i watch people still living in tents on their own land waiting for temp trailers and then their houses re-built

but i caught just a small glimpse of something

one mother, was transported to Minnesota, i think it was Minnesota -- well, let's say someplace cold and white - - if you get my drift

so, this mother got there and the town welcomes her with open arms..she eventually found her two kids and brought them back to this town where they built her a home and like i said welcomed her with open arms...this black mom and two kids in an all white town..

so the town gets a bit of NOLA enlightenment and culture and learns that black people are the same as them ~ moving the human race just a bit closer to being racial free

and this is just one example of how this natural and man-made disaster has spread the special essence of NOLA to the great US of A.

now i would be the first to say, i wish Katrina had never happened

just as i wish that the monks didn't had to flee their own homes in their beautiful mountains

but they did and it did happen

a personal example of the spread of the wonderful NOLA spirit was an encounter i had at a local drinking establishment...i heard the man sitting next to me order with a thick, strange accent -- so nosy me, i had to ask where he was from...and i was surprised to find he was from NOLA

he was a male nurse transported to my own home, we spent the next few hours talking about his home, jazz and well, a conversation about so many subjects that i normally would not have had with a stranger.. but i felt - knowing about his plight that he was not a stranger to me -- heck, i knew more about his situation from the news than i did about what my own brother and sister's life

now, i never saw him again but i will always remember his spirit

so, could these two events and thousands more like them have ever happened without Katrina?


and now for something completely different ~ a new kind of office fight


something different

something you might not know about - the learned astronomers of the world have decided that Pluto is not a planet in our solar system

when i heard this i was, huh???

damn, he's the Disney dog for cripers...

but in all seriousness, Pluto is the planet of the underworld: of death...what exactly are they trying to say - that 'death' doesn't exist??

why avoid the inevitable??

and i'm not saying go out and kill yourself - but people we all will die - relax and enjoy!!

to learn more about what i'm saying - google this event

and this link should be good for today at least...Cosmic Path


and now for something completely different : a place for world change


Feeling of peace

i woke up this morning with a feeling of peace

it has been getting stronger and stronger every day - gradually creeping up on me

and i want to say you-all have a big part in this

the idea that i have like-minded people out there in cyber space

gives me comfort

so thanks every one!!


and now for something completely different: a woman that shares our dream ~ Helen Caldicott

(note: there are two different links above even though it may not look like it!!)

something special to watch

i love the internet today

as compared to some days when i really don't like it (those days filled with so many offers for porn that i wonder if people use the net for anything other than getting off)

but the idea that you can stream TV great!

you can watch them at anytime

so here's a few you-all need to see : FrontLine with Scooter and Cheney


and now for something completely different: dissident


blog change

just wanted to let you-all know

((and this is in part due to my laziness (smile) ~ so i can come to my own blog and click on you guys one-by-one ))

that i added all of the blogs i visit on a regular basis

to a new part of the side panel

i called it: Blogs I admire!!

they are in reverse alphabetic order - as i felt it was time those that start with W, X, Y or Z

get a chance at top billing!!

i will be adding more in the future...if you don't see yours and want me to add it

drop me a line!!

holy cow batman!!

i got sick to my stomach when i read about the 23% rate increase my electric company plans to implement starting 2009 and slowly moving to 2012

i googled: "getting off the grid"

and found this amazing article -- please share...

and do your own googling - there are a lot more articles out there


and now for something complete different -- coolcar


is your day like this 2?

it's been a crazy day!! i've been balancing so many things all at once...


there are so many things i want to talk about in this blog today


first things, first

thanks for the thoughtful responses everyone...

i did some research on the word Oligarchy

which brought me to this : Oligopoly

and HELL YES!! this is what our supposed democracy has morphed into.

now to do the research and see if any brilliant person has figured out a way to take us back to democracy... and honestly here, for my children and grandkid's sake

i hope it doesn't involve any violence as i'm so sick are tired of pain and hurting

which brings me to my next thought

last night, i was remembering Vietnam war - see, i was in high school and college during that era

and i vividly remember the guys coming back from the war and the ones that weren't maimed

were mentally wounded

and according to everything i have been reading -- they still are

so we need to add to that list of problems that this Iraq war is creating -- the mentally wounded

and not only the American mentally wounded but the World mentally wounded

all those young men and women who fight wars for whatever country, religion or state

that end up physically ok, as we look at them and would never know, that their minds are damaged by what they do and see - the violence

how can we possibly rid our world of violence until we rid our minds of it??


and for something completely different : Another Reason WalMart sucks!


just amazing

my writing ability is limited though passionate

but this article is wonderful...

read this

and this one also..

i am adding this site to my web page on the right hand side...



i decided to respond to the great questions from yesterday's post

in a brand-new post

take a look at the who's-who of american politics...

i had read somewhere that the majority of the movers and shakers in politics came from a few select 'rich' families starting from the beginning of time - like the early 1700's. And sure enough - the info is even in Wikipedia...damn


and now for something completely different: VIDEO


R U wondering yet?

wanted to remind everyone

now that i am seeing those 'vote 4 me' signs everywhere

let's all make some calls and/or check the internet

and find out where

these people who want us to elect them to public office

stand on important issues

and see if they are millionaires...


and now for something completely different

a friend passed this on to me and i just had to share with you -- enjoy!!


friday fun - well kind-of

this has been running through my head for about a week now and i need to get it out

so here goes

the people in power right now - the majority of them suck

the people in power - have power because they have money

power is money

so if we take away their power - their money then we.....

see, this is where i was stumpted...huh, how to take away their power???

and then i figgered it out

we stop using their form of money

read this article about local currency and tell me what you think...

mother nature is a bitch

back now - the rains that came down were torrential, driving thru new mexico on I-25 and then on I-10 to arizona...

we were in hatch nm (trying to catch the short cut) when the town started flooding -- so we turned around and as we were driving out of town, the streets were flooding across...we looked back and were we once were, was covered with a foot of water...

it was amazing to see the power of mother earth combined with the stupidity of man...

thanks everyone for your kind words

my beliefs are that we pass from one realm to yet another, during death...the people who are sad are the people who miss us...

so i try and be supportive of the sad people who are living in their memories

all the while - myself, remembering the good times

with the knowledge that they are now without pain...the pain of this earth

ok nuff now, i had some thoughts about power exchange - i will get to them later

just in case

a few musings..maybe bush likes us so much that he wants us soooo very safe that

aw, come on now..he just took a look at his ratings and realized they have never been so low..


king baby bush decided to punish us by making airline travel annoying as hell...especially for women...

i wonder if laura has to travel without makeup and cream and shampoos...

oh yea

she doens't travel with king baby bush -- condi does...

fyi...i am going out of town for a few days as a relative has passed over...will be back soon

ok a bit of fun friday

look at the bright colors on this map

look at the color orange

look at what the color orange represents

(are you shitting in your pants yet?)

to impeach or not to impeach

that's the question -- that's been running through my head...

now, i know all the left-wingers are shouting it from the roof tops but i'm not getting warm fuzzies from this (my way of saying my gut feeling is that we should not do this)

so i'll try to explain

see, i hate when history repeats itself (vietnam - iraq)

and now i get the feeling that it will again (nixon - baby bush)

tricky dick (nixon's nickname for those of you that don't know) resigned before we could get to him...impeachement i mean

now we are asking for baby bush to be impeached for pretty much the same reasons..illegal wiretapping

but um, what happens if he resigns before the courts get a chance him too? and are we really better off with his vp - another tricky dick? who will their 'puppet' be if cheney resigns also - does anyone know??? is anyone asking??

see here's what i think

just let the ACLU sue them - but sue everyone, all of the big players who have stolen every dime we hard-working americans have earned - sue daddy and baby bush, cheney, karl rove...etc etc etc

the list just goes on and on -- sue all the people who've had their hand in our money for the past - let's just say um, 50 years. including corporations - cuz, hey, they are people entities now

see, money is power - so take away their power

then put all that money back into our government and get the lobbyists out!

then we can take care of people right

free - child care, lunch programs, health care including bloated prescriptions, senior care, college educations for people who want them not just the rich, low income housing that does not suck and is not crime ridden

subsidized - organic farm land, eco-friendly energy and transportation, local markets, artists and writers, newspapers so we get the real news

- and if i missed anything (which i am sure i did) please feel free to add

i bet we could do all that and more and still have money left over for..well, you can choose that

now that gives me warm fuzzies...

oh here's are some scary pictures - web page titled your government -- what a joke!

mother nature

some believe that mother nature is a real force in our universe

so do you think she has been trying to shake us up a bit?

i know that i'm guilty of thinking only of the weather hitting close to home


my eyes are opened now...millions of people were evacuated in China while they get hit with one storm after another - due to the high heat in Europe (looks like we are not the only ones sweltering)

and last but not least - the complete picture for you - just click on any month to find out what weather problems mother nature is causing for us

or better worded

what problems we have caused to make mother nature want us off her

ok, i couldn't resist this one

come on - the pres just ask for it at times..

he has risen us up to red alert again..well, again since well, i didn't know

so i google the term - and came up with these:

top winner was a video game - hummm
next was web site monitoring
a project protecting the endangered squirrel in the UK
and a short film... called red alert

watch it - it is a riot !!!

oh, my other thought was - how come goggle doesn't even have record of all the times our pres has raised the red alert flag???


ok lieberman lost...but how many people here know what happened in their own back-yard last night??

ok, no lectures here


i've been trying to figure out how to word this all day long


how many people who knew about lieberman losing, know who is running in their own state/city this november?

see, that's my point...

'they', i believe, are trying to distract us from what is most important now

and that is, for each who want to take back this country to get involved - locally -- find out who is running and what they are all it republican or democrat or independent

that's what i am doing right now!!

interesting email

just wanted to share an email i got today - tell your story

since i signed up for practically all of the left-wing action web sites..i get lots of emails every day about something or another..

and like my republican dad used to say to me, take everything with a grain of salt...

now, my dad and i disagree about a lot of things but some of his sage advice is good for right and left winged thinkers

like the one about eating\tasting a piece of meat - before you add any salt...

so, click on the link and tell your story about how the rise in the price of gas has affected your life

and remember

that some of these organizations claiming to be left-wing action groups might very well be a wolf in sheep's clothing (republican)

and even if lots of left-wingers are saying something and they all agree on the topic -- well, you can still make up your own minds about things...and even disagree

despondent and darfur

darfur seems to have gone under the wire, as they say -- how come we stopped hearing about the women being raped and killed in this civil war? what's gonna happen to the 2million displaced people ?


the papers talk now about displaced people - is that easier than talking about how many have been killed ?

i saw a great documentary this past weekend and gleened this saying: the united states of amnesia

don't you just love that saying?

oh and the documentary was called: One Bright Shining Moment

it's about George McGovern's failed bid to take over this country and how IMHO, if he would have won how different our lives would be right now

will the next George McGovern please stand up before '06??

"fun friday"

this is something that my grandson had in his first grade class...if he did all of his homework, all week (well, monday thru thursday) and had his mom fill out a sheet verifying what he did (and it was reading books) and it made it into his schoolroom after playing on the playground in the mornings and he managed to hand it to his teacher...


he would get to have fun on any of the toy play stations, as long as he wanted...

i neglected to ask him what would happen IF he did not hand in that sheet of homework-all-done paper...i know it happened to him one time and it was so awful he made sure it never happened again


i have decided to implement Fun Friday's in my web site but without sitting in the cornor because you did not bring in your signed homework sheet...(just my guess on what he had to do)

just fun stuff every friday because this world can be so depressing - we need a pick-me-up -- well, at least i do

so here's my fun friday link

these people are changing our world by educating people who create and run corporations

by offering people a Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Enterprise

and the nice thing is that they are full up this Fall...i can't wait for a few years until we get more and more of these educated people in the biz world...

that world looks real nice to me!

almost Friday link

Here's an online group who are addressing issues - All American PAC

sign the petition supporting the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act!

as some of you might know, i purchased a brand spanking new VW jetta TDI - just to run Bio-Diesel in it...and even thought i'm not getting any tax breaks (those are only for the hybrids and E85 cars and trucks)

i am doing my part in saving our environment

just a thought - just because a vehicle can use an alternative fuels, like E85 or BioDiesel; doesn't mean that the owner will use that kind of fuel.

so, i believe the tax breaks should be at the pumps and not on the car/truck itself. this keeps people honest

day off

yesterday i took a day off - from life/work and all the above

and that sets me thinking - thinking a lot


noone has responded to my prior message about an ' end all 'isms...(hint: look to the right panel and see the big red circle crossed out)

and becausei feel to strongly about this

i am gonna put it in another way...

if we all started this in our own lives - we could end all the world's 'isms and create a dignitarian society....

just think - an end to war and racism...can you picture that reality? i know, i have been working on getting my hands around it in my head. the task seems almost too large

so, i think i am gonna start with baby thing at a time, one person at a time...until (hopefully) it snowballs and starts rolling down the preverbal hill....

here's one of the things i plan on doing - feel free to add some of your own...(oh, for the complete list - just click on the red circle to the right and it will take you there)

5. Honor your Inner Nobody and your Inner Somebody alike.

it's monday already!

ok, so i am not good with mondays..they are my least favorite day of the week...

but i listen to radio and feel soothed by the music


i hear a song and it sounds like Sade but different...also, the lyrics were not the typical Sade lyrics...(i have listed her lyrics below)

she is talking about not thinking about the rain...and it has sure been raining here in my desert...ok, i should mention global warming at this point and how we've had a drought for months and now the skys have poured inches onto us...but i'm gonna try and not think about the rain

Skye and her song...what's wrong with me

have a look

Skye What's Wrong With Me Lyrics

I try not to think about the distance of the setting sun
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the saints and sinners, who have more fun?
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the evil empires and stupid fools
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the regulations and the rules
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

I try not to think about the money, the mortgage on my home
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the voice mails, e-mails, angry females on the phone
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the job and all responsibilities
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about my TV, BBC or MTV
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?
Oh oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

I try not to think about the planets when they line up wrong
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the future or the future, so on and so on
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?
Oh oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

lighten up - it's friday

i have decided to do something new - on friday's i'm gonna talk about lighter subjects...give myself a break from the hard week! so, my lighter subject for today is....

this - LINK - i was sent by a friend

you know how you hate spam?

well these people have this web page called 419eater..and they play with spammers! seriously, they do. and sometimes they end of getting money from the same people who are successfully spamming money off of the general public...they call it spambaiting

and yes folks - i know we would never get caught in a spam - but there are lots of folks out there who do....they estimate that up to 10 people a week are caught up in this kind of spam, actually ruining people's lives - seriously ruining them, as some are dead now!

so -- if you want something to do in your spare time - that bait a spammer....