fun friday

i want you to know!

that together

we can make a difference

i understand

your heart and soul hurt

but together

we can make a difference

i feel your pain

as it is mine ten-fold

all together

we can make a difference!!


and now for something completely different: Fair


busy thursday

and i wish it were fun friday

so i could smile a lot more

so, some improvement on my house

my son came over and dry walled my two ceilings

(for people who are new, i'm redoing my house

just like we need to redo our current government)

and as it drys and i look up

proudly at his work

i'm thinking of the next steps

completely forgetting to bask in the moment

so bask people

when we have small accomplishments - bask in them


and now for something completely different : Johrei


heat, hot, blistering, sweltering.....

i know

it's supposed to cool down already

i talked to a tech person on the phone the other day
and they said there was already
snow in the mountains in Iowa

but here it's almost a hundred degrees...

and it will cool down to the mid
80's next week

so why the talk about the heat??

i was observing in people's blogs::

how mad they get when baby bush says something stupid

how mad they get when stupid bills are passed

how mad they get when baby bushes 'friends' say stupid things

how mad they get at the media for spreading clinton lies

how mad they get....

and i wanna ask - why get mad?

why not get even?


and now for something completely different: maps


separation of church and

yes, what was that saying??

oh yea, separation of church and state

well, i've been thinking about another kind of separation

the separation of religions

and i think we are in need of a bit of separation anxiety

yes, you read that right...

now, i know it seems like what's been going on IS anxiety

what i'm talking about is not the anxiety of watching over your shoulder

at what the other religions are doing
or could do

i'm talking about the anxiety of missing the other religion

like twins get when they are separated...

because, believe it or not

all religions are so similar, they could be twins

not necessarily identical twins but twins none-the-less

i just think if we could relieve the major religions' separation anxieties

then we would be that much closer to relieving

this world's anxiety problems...


and now for something completely different: Eco Tip


why we fight

this was the name of a documentary that i watched this weekend...

it was a hard one for me, as i dislike violence

but i made it thru

and in the end, i was so sad

as it's obvious that just changing characters in this next congress/election

will not change the military industrial complex

or another word for it would be Permanent war economy

until we can change how our people make their money

we will not be able to change our need for war

are we really that much like Rome? and will we fall just as hard?


and now for something completly different: SoapBox


fun friday

i do believe that we need to concentrate our energies

into the positive

in order to get out of this fear-based mindset

that baby bush and compadres want us to be in

but how exactly does one create 'positive energies'?

well, i googled

and there were people who will sell you the key


i've got to believe it's more simple that that

how about -- i think, therefore i am??

so, one can think positively and then create positive energies

but how can one do that??

when fear surrounds them?

well, i found a positive energy theorem

and the way i see it

if we utilize this theorem

we can dump baby bush and company

into a black hole


i could positively think of that!!


and now for something completely different: better world club


too good not to share

take it back~!



i've been reading my sidebar blogs

and consider these people my friends..

and i've been feeling a trend among my friends

the feeling is that this election in Nov will be stolen, once again



i know you-all look back and see/remember the disappointment when Kerry

well, since he honestly didn't lose

i'd say he gave up and mostly likely was paid to do so


my friends - a millionaire is not honest with non-millionaires

they have a good-old-boys millionaire club in washington

and i've always felt Kerry was a get us to focus and hope

and have our hopes dashed

so let's take off our rose colored glasses

focus locally and get people elected, one person at a time

honest people - hard-working people like us


and now for something completely different : Beyond Delay


the problem with being smart

ok, went to the doc yesterday

and boy, was this drug-pushing peddler surprised

as i don't take any medications

just herbs and vitamins

he actually told me that i was unusual

which got me thinking

that the majority of the american population have bought into

the drug companies, making them richer

and people sicker/dead and for sure poorer

what the hell ever happened to the : Hippocratic Oath????

it reads 'do no harm' - not push whatever pills the drug companies want to sell this week

and as i was driving home...i thought

maybe, my problem is that i'm not stupid

cuz if i was dumber, i'd go home

turn on the tv

watch all those commercials - which is what tv is really all about

not the stupid filler shows

and do what they tell me to do - like a fucking robot or something

they say, if you have these symptoms - talk to your doc about prescribing this drug


i thought it was the docs who decided what symptoms you have and what disease they are tied to???

that's why they spend millions of dollars and lots of years to get educated

to be the smart ones when it comes to our health


i'm too smart for our government

as i think independently for myself and don't watch/listen to tv commercials

and that's why i'm sad/upset/angry

as i CAN see what' s happening around me...just like you


and now for something completely different : freepress


sick day

i was gonna take a sick day

ear infection - going to the doc soon...

but putting peroxide in my ear this morning makes it tolerable


i wanted to say something

there is a major event happening this friday

well, for some people it is major

something similar happened

two days before 9/11

and now it is happening again..

only this time i'm told::

"will deeply affect the public’s perception of 9 – 11 and all subsequent decisions and events since then pertaining to that day. This eclipse is on the South node which means that the past decisions that have been made will have difficult karmic consequences. Labor and employment will suffer as a result around the world and peace treaties and international law will be more difficult as well. The trigger event of this eclipse will happen on September 30th"

so this means

that between this friday and next saturday - something big will happen

so, let's see


and now for something completely different: NASA


tai chi

i was thinking today - while on my 15 minute walk to my tai chi class...

it's what i do instead of eating lunch...

anyways, i was thinking about what to write and had something in my head

then went to class

and while i was walking back, i realized i'd forgotten

as i'd been concentrating on something else

see, someone in class was asking about breathing

how one should breath while doing the 'exercises'

and the instructor said - just breath

and then she went on to say

'it in not in the doing (breathing)
but the intention of the doing (breathing)'

and i got to thinking

it is not in the doing (getting rid of baby bush and company)
but the intention of the doing.....

and i would think we all want him gone

but our intentions might/would be different

so here's my intention:::

i want a safe, happy breathable world for my grandkids to grow up in

and their grandkids, and their grandkids

for generations to come, i want this mother earth we all live on

to be inhabitable

and baby bush and compadres are not doing that

in fact they are doing just the opposite

they are creating a world full of hate and mis-trust

fear and scarcity, polluted almost beyond repair


what's your intention??


and now for something completely different: GreenStone


wow - busy blog

also, busy woman here

i got the popcorn off of my ceilings..what a mess

and now the rooms echo even more..

(for those of you that don't know, i'm working on gutting two extra rooms in my house that got vacated when my daughter and grandson left for their own abode)

nothing on the walls, ceilings or floors...and in a few days i'm taking out the closet doors...

i got a lot more anger our of my system this weekend...hard work is really good for your soul..

and my masseuse, as i've been seeing her more than i usually would; to work the aches and pains out of my body

which brings me to this

i'm not sure how many of your have ever had a massage - but if you haven't

go and get one

and if you have

you know how when they work on you

your body feels good


it also feel more sore..

but not a bad sore

a sore that says, you moved me in a way that i haven't moved before in awhile


i'm hoping our anger makes us sore enough to want to massage

the pain in the white house



and now for something completely different: snopes


fun friday

geeze, i'm in a good mood today...must be something in the stars...

but it is friday..and payday for some!

so let's have some fun this friday

i was called a bitch recently

at first, i took offense - it's been awhile since i've been called that

then i remembered an email flying around awhile ago that took the letters

and made them into something else

so here's mine:


so today - you bitch (grin) - let's dance the dance of life!!


and now for something completely different: Auto Prize


safe financial investments

try googling the title above

and what do you see?? only two goggle pages of sites


you'd think everyone and their brother would be wanting to give us their most profound investment advice

as our society is one of buy, buy, buy

but wait, i wanted to tell you why i was googling this particular subject today

the neighborhood i live in is filled with retirees and over half of them are only here during the wonderful winter months..they fly away when the temps start climbing in the hundreds

so we call them winter visitors and my across-the-street neighbor is one of these

and she asked me to pick up her mail and look after her house while she was at the cape

so i said - sure - she's just across the street

well, she decided to stay longer at the cape - seems they bought a boat and are having too much fun...which i think is a good thing - very few people have fun now-a-days

but before she left, she bought a new car - hybrid - prius

and the battery has to be charged every two months...and she would not be back in time

so you guessed it, she asked me to drive her car and charge the battery

which i did last night

and picked the longest stretch of highway around this rural town i love in

now this car is certainly a horse of a different yesterday i spent time googling how to drive it...geeze, when i first tried i couldn't even find the ignition (people with hybrids will enjoy that one)

so back to driving - i'm going along and i know this road like the back of my hand

and towards the end i pass an investment office which has a huge electric sign which tells everyone what the market closed at

and it was +45 yesterday

so i'm thinking - humm, the last year or so, it's been in the red -- why now it has suddenly perked up?

light bulb moment - the primaries....

you can see where i'm going here - when the 'good old boys' club in washington decide they want to make us happy - they make the market go up up up

when we've been bad, they make the market go down down down

so i decided to stop playing the stock market...and start investing in something else..

so today's google on financial investments

but nothing came up...sigh

then i remember one thing my wise old great uncle used to tell me - he was a master gardener

he said invest in land - it will never disappoint you

so there you go -- now to google 'how to buy land' - grin


and now for something completely different : greenspan


stuffy nose

today, the mold count is up

and i just came back from a walk

and my nose is stuffy

so i decided to write about my stuffy nose...

as it pertains to

not being able to smell the rotting stink in our government

problem is

i can still see them...


and now for something completely different : cleaning


busy day

thanks to everyone who responded yesterday - BIG HUGS all around!!

yes, let's all clean

our closets, porch, houses, cars, lives and then our government!

i read this today:

"The decisions "what to do" and "which way to go" should not be made; they should be discovered. Life is whole and complete, and even when you may be seeing it in part, there is always a right answer "in the streams of power and wisdom" within. It is that in you that knows beyond your conscious knowing. If you lowly listen, you will hear the right word, and the directions will easily unfold. This doesn't mean doing nothing, saying Pollyanna-style, "Oh, it will work out - I will just wait for a leading." Remember when you plug in to a power source or turn on the light switch, there is no delay in the flow. Be still and know that you are in the flow and then move with it.”
~ Eric Butterworth


and now for something completely different: my daughter



this past weekend - i put my re-modeling work on a bit of a hold

and decided/needed to clean

now, the cleaning i'm talking about is not the usual wash the floors kind-of clean

i went through closets, papers, things, saved stuff...and gave or threw or ebayed

and when i was done (well, done for right now)

i sat back and realized i'd been 'cleaning' like this for a few weeks

as the work i've done in my house has been getting rid of carpet, blinds and all the stuff...

i literally have two shells of rooms waiting

waiting on me to want to fill them with - stuff

and i still don't know what stuff to fill them with -- i have a general idea - like to color of the paint

but nothing really concrete

so, you know i'm gonna take this somewhere

and here's goes

i think we need to use the same process to get rid of our 'bad' federal government

we need to get rid of all that we don't want...not just people but papers...all those papers filled with all those rules and laws and such

we need to get rid of policies and places and offices, maybe even rent out the buildings...

we need to have a empty shell with which to re-design our government

our government which is -- by the people, for the people...

we need to walk into empty rooms and just look - just imagine

what we want it to look like


and now for something completely different: credit


a bit about

well, a bit about me...

see, i'm kind-of a private person

so you ask - why do i blog? doesn't that put yourself 'out there'?

well, i decided today to reveal a bit more about myself

if you have been reading my 'now for something different' (not today's though)

there was one that was a link to an astrology page -- which i visit almost daily...along with a few others...

i have dabbled in astrology for several years - looking at it like a cynic, at first

reading the monthly predications at the end of the month and not the beginning, the dailys at the end of the day -- well, you get my drift

i found some quacks out there on the net...and i, to my surprise and delight, found some people who actually knew something

so, today according to my astrology sources, is an amazing day - - it is a lunar full moon eclipse

i could go on and on and provide the link - - but i wanted to go one more place here

there is this 100th monkey theory that people have been debunking for quite some time now

(come back here after you read about it)

well, i want to get us out of our minds today

and say - that if we 'believe' that the world can change

it can

so astrologically, the stars are showing us that we, living on this small blue planet

are going to have a massive shift in consciousness - a change in our conventional wisdom

and our work is to remove all the unneed, unwanted 'stuff' from our lives, homes and living spaces

and get quiet...allow the universe to tell us what it 'now believes'

not what tv or the gov or even our neighbor or spouse believes

so, get quiet, turn off your mind and let the universe tell you ....

i'm reminded of john lennon's song - 'Imagine'


and now for something completely different : watch


changes, they are a coming

in more than one way...i feel it in the air and can taste it

also, my side bar has more great blogs added...and yes, i have removed glenda's wonderous blog - but she has gone over to peace train...


and now for something completly different: Sha of Iran


dear old molly

and i don't mean 'old' old but as an old friend...

whom you might ask, am i talking about?

well molly ivins...

if you go back to one of my earlier posts, i site her as one of my heroines

and she never disappoints me

this time she is so right-on about why our courts had to change under this administration...


but read it for yourself at the above link - molly says it far better than i do


and now for something completely different: 2nd bill of rights


hard work

as some of you know, i'm working on my house

and it got me thinking about baby bush and his lack of ability to 'fix' anything

he seems to be able to break things very well, but fix them - ah, nope!

so, as i'm busting my ass, i got to thinking maybe we need to blame daddy and mommy bush for part of our problems

as when ever he got into trouble before, failed oil biz and such - - mommy and daddy bush would bail him out

and as a mom and nana, myself, i can tell you that if you don't allow your kids to work their way out of their problems, you're a shitty parent

so we're waiting daddy bush - it's time to come and fix what baby bush has 60 trillion in your wallet daddy???


and now for something completely different - Freecycle


fun friday - late

ok, yesterday i took the day off from blogging

actually, i have been pulling up carpet and my hands hurt...

but today - i have something for you to watch...

enjoy your weekend people! and think outside the box..

(now back to more carpet pulling)