i want

again, in my lifetime - to be able to drink the water right out of the tap

i remember as a child we drank the water right out of the garden hose in our front yard - we would be playing outside like kids back then did and when we got thirsty, we didn't go back inside - no - that would have taken too much precious play time - so we just turned on the hose and fueled everyone with H2O - then continued playing our games.

but now-a-days there are warning labels on our city park's water - 'don't drink this, as it is unsafe' or something to that affect ~~ and the bottle water is sold at every grocery outlet and convenience stores. even my new fridge already comes with a water filter.

it's like 'they' are saying to us, get used to it ~ your tap water will never be safe again. at least not safe unless you have some kind of filtering device. and if our tap water is not safe, then how safe is the water in the food we consume?

are we slowing poisoning ourselves out of the 70% of water in the human body? how about the 70% of water that this mother earth contains? are we slowly poisoning ourselves out of this world/earth?

side note: i just realized that the percentage of water in our body is the same as the percentage of water on this earth...hummm

one word : subliminal

and here is a web site that speaks for itself: http://www.poleshift.org/sublim/

now my few words. i have been thinking about this stolen election thingy combined with the apathy of the american people and having lived thru the vietnam war protests era, it is puzzling to me the the lack of outrage. it's like the american people are sitting on their butts watching too much tv. but wait, we had tv back then. ok not as many channels but we had tv. so what IS different???? the number of commericals is different and who owns the media now has changed.


if 'they' can steal our election why can't they steal our minds? or at least program them to do 'their' bidding?

i have a new slogan for the american people - turn off and tune in (to life)

another email - i got

this one to stop global warming -- http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/default.asp

i started my own personal campaign - i bought a VW Jetta 2006 TDI (meaning it is a diesel) and run bio-diesel thru it!!

look up on google - biodiesel

World Cup is not soo good for women

i just got an email from Amnesty - the subject line was: Prevent human trafficking during the World Cup -- seems that all those highly competitive men need something to do in their spare time while waiting to play.... or i guess some could consider it a way to celebrate a win or morn a loss.

here's the link: http://www.amnestyusa.org/women/actions.do

now that i've had a chance to google ("world cup" + prostitution) - i find out that the world is outraged at Germany..and the number of women 'servicing' the players goes as high as 40,000. problem is when they are not willing partners in the money/service exchange.

National Day of Action for an "Oil-Free" Congress

it's today...6/28/2006

and it's sad

cuz i looked it up for my town: population of a half a million

and only 30 people signed up to go - i don't even want to figure out the precentages...it is just so sad - what ever happened to the people protesting the vietnam war?(update: we are up to 38 now)


found this in my daily reading

now, this could be really really good for our world OR really really bad.

the two richest men the world have decided to combine their monies:

"The world's second-richest man, Warren Buffett, became one of the world's biggest philanthropists Sunday with the announcement that he would bequeath the bulk of his roughly $44 billion fortune to the foundation established by billionaire Bill Gates and his wife. " By JOSH FUNK, AP Business Writer

in a nutshell mr. buffett (number 2) plans on bequeathing the lion's share of his estate to mr. gates (number 1) - which has got me wondering what the man who stole his operating system (and stole it badly in my opinion) will do with all that money? (watch the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley")

wonderful place

to make your small voice heard - when we all come together - even virtually - we can make a difference


i can't say enough about the work these tireless people do! join the movement and make a difference!

one of the best news sources

and i mean 'real unbiased' news source:


and one of the greatest things about alternet is that you can make your very own special comment(s) about what the writers have written about - way cool!!

lastly, i have to say - a close second to Helen is Molly Ivins - she also rocks!!

ok, this might seem a bit slanted towards the women but guys, us girls have very few role models now-a-days since Mother Teresa died - and please don't even go there with me about Ms. Hilliary and i don't mean that Duff character

ok one of my fav places to get 'real' news

Harry Walker Agency)


and i have to say one of my heroines is the white house correspondent Helen Thomas - she rocks!!

Hugs Helen!!

armchair activist

here's a great site i just found that allows you to write letters to your congressional reps


so go find them and write them - tell them how you feel about how they are running this country!!

the gifts you find when you click on links

i clicked on my blog's main window - top right hand side - a reference to 'flag help' and got this link towards the end of the page:


which is amazing unto itself

however on this page - is this link that takes you to a wonderful site where every opinion counts...go on and take a look and tell the world what you think:


one of the ways i help fix the world

one mouse click at a time


this org does amazing work - keeping me informed about what those sleezy bastards are doing in capital hill.

they let me who i should vote for and who i should NOT vote for when people come up for re-election

an email i got today

whew..not all calmed down but i remember getting this email today from amnesty international...here's the link


go to it and book your flight and print out your boarding pass.

first things first

first thing - i want to apologize to the world for the state of our blue planet at this point in time. i know the united states can't take blame for everything but i think we have done our lion's share to totally fuck things up.

i also know i should not take this personally, for you see i have been a good person most of my life but somehow i do feel responsible because i did not speak sooner. you see, i was afraid. afraid of what the men in black would do to me. and that has not changed, not really. i am still afraid. it is just now, that i am more outraged at the hurt we are pounding on people than i am afraid.

so listen up world, i'm sorry. sorry and maddened by the continual abuse of people in power, people with money

i am turning red right now, iam so mad - so i will take a few to calm down and be back soon.