oh yea

so this week has
been a week
of good links

hope you enjoy them!!

The early election results will get you in a good mood, while this Senate Bill could make you cry. This link will make you wonder, huh? And I bet ya didn't know this has other uses (this guy has quite a few YouTube videos, check them out).

The environment is important to all of us. So are earth policies towards the environment. Do you wonder how the candidates feel about the environment?

The best I saved for last - every thing you wanted to know about the current financial condition. Follow the arrows on the bottom left hand side of the page.

** peace my friends, much peace

new look

i got tired of
all the blue

it was starting to make
my eyes go

so we got a new look this week!

now, here's some great links:

the machine gun of capitalism

and a link that maybe just help us through this capitalism - the Democracy School

DGC online magazine - does that make it an e-zine? I found the DGC link on this blog.

GreenPeace Eco city - wow, this is totally amazing stuff! Click on the learn more button at the top and have your sound turned on.

Have a bit of fun today and YELP!

Dilbert on politics! dang, I didn't know this dog had depth - smile.

***peace peace peace

So many links, not enough blogger space

ok, that's a fib

i get lot's of space on blogger

it's just
i got
so many great links this week

my head is bursting

however, so your heads
don't burst - grin

i humbly suggest
that you
come back and
view the links a few at a time

911 for the earth is a great place environmental resource. The Grist an environmental blog, has information about green-company buyouts. Drill down on this web site to find out more about who owns who in the Organic Industries. The results may surprise you.

We CAN live green - one person at a time, Green Living 101.

Way cool cities being built as we read, with zero carbon and zero waste; Masdar and Shanghai.

And last but not least - some great sites where you-all can check out where the potential candidates get their money from. MAPLight is just - well amazing. Check out the who started it! Click on Opensecrets and drill down through Presidential Funding08 to the MoneyWeb to find out who is financing whom...very interesting.

Got a complaint?

Enjoy and much peace my friends