links, links, links

and more great links!!

lots a happening this past week
and no
i'm not talking about
the candidates

i'm talking about
lots of stuff going
on behind our backs

Homeland security getting bigger and bigger.

Water Sustainability
this is not! Look at who the big bottle water players are and how they want to control the world's 'free' water. Oh, it's also NOT GREEN! Not EVEN! Here's their mandate, just the name gives you a clue: CEO water mandate.

A good Honest news site - InfoWars. And Wiki-pedia got even better: WikiLeaks. And here's a must see new film you won't see advertised anywhere - EndGame. It has a bit to do with S 1959.

The Washington Post's story about a national dragnet becoming a reality. How's this for a catchy title: The Internet Must Die!

And as I make my exit - here's some good news -- hugs and peace everyone!

Live Earth, 23and Me, Eat Well Guide, Brain Games (try Memory for Life), and for some giggles: Girls are Pretty Forever.

~~~~ peace