ok, folks

this isn't about
that fun bodily function

this is about
the price of gas
i saw on the way to work

what's your 'gas' down 2?

see, i just noticed this

as my car doesn't take gas

it runs on biodiesel..and sure

my biodiesel has gone down a bit...

but not this much

so how many votes do you think they are trying

to buy

with this tom-foolery??
note: Meaning::Silly behaviour of no great wit.


and now for something completely different : Earl Nightingale


jury duty, for real this time

well, it got postponed the first time

but i gotta go today


i wanted to leave you with something

my son called me on his way from the emergency room
last week...he thought he was having a heart attack

so i met him there and waited for his wife
to get a sitter for there little one
and come

and i sat with him while loads of medical professionals
came in and out of his room

all asking him pretty much the same questions
do you take any medications?

seems, my friends, that all kinds of meds
can cause heart attack like symptoms

so they are feeding us this crap like candy
and in all actuality
killing us!

Note: he's fine, it was just stress overload
he's healthy as a horse!


and now for something completely different : Rapture


more thoughts

ok~ let me say this first

i can't wait until fun friday tomorrow

this week has been one heck of a week
so on to what i wanna say - my more thoughts
do you-all think that a change of the guards

is really gonna make that much of
a difference in the 'state' of affairs?

as has already been pointed out
'they' will not be giving up their power willingly
and they sure have a whole boat load of it right now

not november 7th
nor any day soon afterwards

i believe

there is nothing they will not do
to keep their stranglehold on our lives

the nooses are tightening
around everyone's neck

and it's up to each of us
to turn off
and step up


and now for something completely different: Rachel Carson


more to say


if this country was founded on lies and good wishes ,
kind thoughts and perpetuation of the white male status quo

then how DO we change that?

what are our next steps?

i know a lot of you are pinning your hopes on
this mid-term election and democrats

just like you-all did on mr kerry (note: rich white male)

i'm not - as i believe this next election will just be a drop in the bucket
as far as the change that needs to happen

ok - 'they' might not want to give up their power,
their strangle hold on this beautiful land of ours

along with having to give up their slaves here

they are intent on conquering and enslaving
the rest of the world, one country at a time

so - what do we do? or better yet
what can be done?

so how about we look at our neighbors to the south
what was it they had to do to get rid of 'us'
in their countries (note: chavez, castro)?


and now for something completely different: GreenDisk


postponed because of rain

naa, jury duty was just postponed till monday

not because of rain, that just sounded fancy - smile

which is a good thing for me

cuz i have something to say this morn

i was thinking - of the 'and now for something different'

from yesterday

see i saw a timeline they had done, which explained

in lawyers terms (laws and such)

how exactly corps got the power they have today

and that got me thinking about a blog i read last week

lamenting about the loss of what this country was founded on


founded on???

let's see, from my perspective

this country was founded by rich land owning white men
(they wrote our constitution which didn't include freedoms nor rights
for poor men, men of color or any woman ~ um, those were added on later ~ well kind-of)

who decided to try to annihilate the native people
(because they didn't believe in their god
even though they claim they came here to flee
from religious persecution in their own countries)

i could go on

but you get my drift...

so tell me -- really people -- has anything changed??

maybe what we need is to start over - scrap what we have

and create a~new??


and now for something completely different: Ken Wilber


jury duty


it's my public duty

to go ~ to get (possibly) selected

to serve on a jury

part of (in my state)
registering to vote

and all i can think about is

i need to bring a good book to read while i wait

i hope everyone's weekend went well

and relax, enjoy

as this week ~ is supposed to be

quite combustible...


and now for something completely different: POCLAD



oh, sorry i yelled


i missed out on fun friday last week

because of painting my ceilings...

so this week - let's have some FUN!!

let's all get up and dance!!

and if you are stuck in your chair

then i wanna see some kick-ass chair dancing!!!

are you feeling it???

(if you like them, here's more to dance to)

and yes, i'm going out dancing later on!



and now for something completely different : Mrs Meyer's


vote vote vote

another great web page has come to my attention

great ~ because why?

it allows me at the click of a mouse

to check out the people


um, i elected

to check out how they're voting

when they get so very far away from home

so, for those of you who have

not already sent in your absentee ballots

check this out: Planned Parenthood Action

click on the 2006 Federal Endorsements


and now for something completely different : Lillian Smith


Pledge of Allegiance

as i awoke - groggily from my sleep this morn

i was thinking of what the bushites version of this pledge - would be - smile

so i did some research on the net

to get the exact words

but what i found was um, somewhat disturbing

i want you-all to go to this link

and about half way down there's a picture

of school children reciting the pledge

using the Bellamy Salute

which was a modification of the Roman Salute

(of which i could digress about the Roman state we have been creating

but i won't)

but that's not the worst of it

this little diddy was created to sell flags

and from the lips of it's author:

"Bellamy said that the purpose of the pledge was to teach obedience to the state as a virtue"

so i've decided

not to make a funny and change this pledge to what baby bush thinks

as it pretty much does exactly what baby bush and compadres want it to do...

hell, even Texas has it's own pledge to the flag

i want to change it for 'us'

I pledge my allegiance to the Peaceful citizens of Earth, and to The World for which it stands, one Planet under our Earth Goddess and Father Moon, indivisible, with most importantly ~ liberty and justice for all.

now who wants to design our flag?


and now for something completely different : creative visualization


cool people

before we get to the cool people

i wanted to remind you-all

of requesting your early ballot

in order to avoid the diabold fiasco

and now on to cool people

i was observing yesterday

that it seems we are trained from the beginning

our first day in school

or pre-school

that we are what we wear, how we look

how we act

the friends we can attract

and this moves on thru our school experience

into the workplace

where, it's still there

only magnified

added to the 'coolness'


smarts , working over time with no pay,
kiss-assing, obedience, (any more?)

making us the perfect drones


and now for something completely different : POV


V is 4!!

i watched an incredible movie this past weekend

V for Vendetta

just amazing!!

the message is

if we can all stand together

we can overcome -- borrowed from Martin L. King

so what say you-all??


and now for something completely different : Fear-Less


filling up

as some of you might know

i have gutted two of the rooms in my house

that my daughter and grandson vacated a few months ago

no worries, they got their own little cute place - smile

but i have taken out everything in those rooms,

taken the popcorn off the ceilings, rugs off the floors

even the closet doors are gone

so now it's time

time to fill them up again

but i need to be very careful what i put in them

as i correlate it to

emptying of a part of me

and filling up that part of me

so i started dancing again


tonight i'm gonna go dancing

and tomorrow, i'll start painting the ceilings and walls

and then i'll rest

and contemplate my next steps


and now for something completely different : Ma Bell



i had a few questions this morning

as i drove into work

how come that jewelry store

on the corner for ten's of years

was replaced by a Cingular store?

how come corps advertise on tv

spending millions/billions of dollars

and we still have-ta pay

to watch their crap?


and now for something completely different: Betty Smith



one of the gifts that getting older has given me

is i don't seem to need enough sleep

and so this early early morning

lying in bed

i remembered one of my heroines: Margaret Mead

as a young girl growing up in the 60's

she was a light that illuminated my world

according to her - i was um, sexually normal

and i wondered
what happened to all of the cultural anthropologists??

replaced by an engineer, i imagine

but if one just happened to appear

what would they think of our world now-a-days?

i then imagined that i was one of these cultural anthropologists

and i went to Dafur

and i interviewed women

and learned that they thought::

that sex was just something that you did
to stay alive

it wasn't one's choice
it wasn't enjoyable
it wasn't pleasurable
it was endured

as one endured the following childbirth

praying that the child was a boy

and not a girl
who would endure female genital cutting

and then rape after rape
after baby after baby

until death by starvation


and now for something completely different: Letters to George



i had a restful weekend

which means that i didn't touch the computer

well, just a little

it's so hard for me

it's like an addiction

one that i wouldn't have dreamed of 10 years ago

i have read a lot of sci fi over the years

and i remember reading somewhere about

our personal computer being placed in our brains

great idea

until someone hacks your computer and reads your mind

now - is that scary or what?


and now for somethign completely different : STRESS


fun friday

thanks goodness it's friday

so let's have some fun...

I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death ~~ George Carlin


and now for something completely different : Heligan Gardens


origin belief

ever need proof that all religions

are similar

if not

so alike, that

it's scary enough for their followers

to wear blinders?

well, on to my day

i'm writing early as i have a busy day planned

i'll be going to a protest rally at noon - world can't wait

and another 'world can't wait' at 4pm at the federal building downtown

and yet another one at 5 (local one promoting non-violence) at the federal building

and i got to thinking about what 'we' focus our thoughts on..

i read this today:

I urge you all to refuse to focus on fear and darkness, and turn instead to the positivity that lies within everything. Choose the thing that most upsets you today and look for 5 things about it that are positive. In this way, you can teach yourself to change your mind and therefore change your world.

i will make a pledge

i will focus my thoughts on the 'light'

i will work with like-minded people for non-violent peace

anyone with me?


and now for something completely different : Freedom to Fascism


as i sit

i was thinking this last nite

as i sit here

in my air-conditioned house


with all my 'stuff'

surrounding me

and nothing to speak of physically

except for a small bruise on my arm from yoga

a picture flashes in my head

brief but


of a soldier pointing a gun

at a small child

the child wearing torn garments

kneeling on a dirt floor

is crying and pleading - looking up at this

big, strong beast

and this is us

the child and the beast


and now for something completely different: Responsible shopper



ah yes

an old friend contacted me out of the blue today - college roommate

and i got smacked in the face

with the hopelessness of people

he's on an antidepressant

i remember reading somewhere that the use of these tiny little pills

is on the rise


well, seems that all this fear and gloom and doom

served up on the nightly news

is creating a populous that is


so they take pills, like they are told

which creates a zombie-like people

who watch more news and get more depressed

this circle of life is not one i imagined

this numbing of the populous is not a new phenomenon

alcohol was the drug of choice

and opiates

natural substances, but still as effective

so i ask myself

why don't 'they' want us mad?


and now for something completely different : Confucius



ah yes...this is the word i've been thinking about all weekend


and here's the definition:
  1. Working or spreading harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner: insidious rumors; an insidious disease.
  2. Intended to entrap; treacherous: insidious misinformation.
  3. Beguiling but harmful; alluring: insidious pleasures.
and why you might ask am i thinking about this word?

well, a friend came back from over seas

and said something off the cuff

but very profound

that we are the only nation in the world

that sells

it's war machines as pleasure vehicles...

the Hummer

now - the diesel ones can run on bio-diesel

so here i am

thinking, they're not so bad

but when looked at in this new 'light'

it is insidious what our government/cooporation/media

trys to sell the american public

and we just lap it up

like dogs at the foot of their kings

it's disgusting!


and now for something completely different: The Cost