Katrina's gifts

yes, you read that correctly - i've been thinking a bit about one of the gifts hurricane Katrina has given to us, the American people

and here's where i'll begin

a month or so ago i was watching a documentary - yes, i like to watch a lot of documentaries - smile

and i was watching one on the Tibetan monks and how they lost their mother land in Tibet

and yes, this was a horrible thing done to them, the take over of their land and culture and the slaughter of most of their beloved people

so, they lost their land and then they were transported all over the world, to live and practice Buddhism

now, i remember in the 60's and 70's where the rock stars were going to these far-off places, climbing mountains for days to commune with Buddhist monks - cuz they never left their mountain tops...

so the few, very select few with lots of money and time, got to receive any kind of enlightenment from them (the monks)

but now

i can drive a few hours and walk into a house and talk to one of these learned souls....and get enlightenment

so enlightment is now open to all who wish to receive it!

next documentary ~ spike lee's 'When the Levees Broke"

i just finished watching this most powerful and insightful documentary...and cried when i watch bodies floating, people talking about their loss and i was sad when i watch people still living in tents on their own land waiting for temp trailers and then their houses re-built

but i caught just a small glimpse of something

one mother, was transported to Minnesota, i think it was Minnesota -- well, let's say someplace cold and white - - if you get my drift

so, this mother got there and the town welcomes her with open arms..she eventually found her two kids and brought them back to this town where they built her a home and like i said welcomed her with open arms...this black mom and two kids in an all white town..

so the town gets a bit of NOLA enlightenment and culture and learns that black people are the same as them ~ moving the human race just a bit closer to being racial free

and this is just one example of how this natural and man-made disaster has spread the special essence of NOLA to the great US of A.

now i would be the first to say, i wish Katrina had never happened

just as i wish that the monks didn't had to flee their own homes in their beautiful mountains

but they did and it did happen

a personal example of the spread of the wonderful NOLA spirit was an encounter i had at a local drinking establishment...i heard the man sitting next to me order with a thick, strange accent -- so nosy me, i had to ask where he was from...and i was surprised to find he was from NOLA

he was a male nurse transported to my own home town..so, we spent the next few hours talking about his home, jazz and well, a conversation about so many subjects that i normally would not have had with a stranger.. but i felt - knowing about his plight that he was not a stranger to me -- heck, i knew more about his situation from the news than i did about what my own brother and sister's life

now, i never saw him again but i will always remember his spirit

so, could these two events and thousands more like them have ever happened without Katrina?


and now for something completely different ~ a new kind of office fight


something different

something you might not know about - the learned astronomers of the world have decided that Pluto is not a planet in our solar system

when i heard this i was like.....um, huh???

damn, he's the Disney dog for cripers...

but in all seriousness, Pluto is the planet of the underworld: of death...what exactly are they trying to say - that 'death' doesn't exist??

why avoid the inevitable??

and i'm not saying go out and kill yourself - but people we all will die - relax and enjoy!!

to learn more about what i'm saying - google this event

and this link should be good for today at least...Cosmic Path


and now for something completely different : a place for world change


Feeling of peace

i woke up this morning with a feeling of peace

it has been getting stronger and stronger every day - gradually creeping up on me

and i want to say you-all have a big part in this

the idea that i have like-minded people out there in cyber space

gives me comfort

so thanks every one!!


and now for something completely different: a woman that shares our dream ~ Helen Caldicott

(note: there are two different links above even though it may not look like it!!)

something special to watch

i love the internet today

as compared to some days when i really don't like it (those days filled with so many offers for porn that i wonder if people use the net for anything other than getting off)

but the idea that you can stream TV shows...is great!

you can watch them at anytime

so here's a few you-all need to see : FrontLine with Scooter and Cheney


and now for something completely different: dissident


blog change

just wanted to let you-all know

((and this is in part due to my laziness (smile) ~ so i can come to my own blog and click on you guys one-by-one ))

that i added all of the blogs i visit on a regular basis

to a new part of the side panel

i called it: Blogs I admire!!

they are in reverse alphabetic order - as i felt it was time those that start with W, X, Y or Z

get a chance at top billing!!

i will be adding more in the future...if you don't see yours and want me to add it

drop me a line!!

holy cow batman!!

i got sick to my stomach when i read about the 23% rate increase my electric company plans to implement starting 2009 and slowly moving to 2012

i googled: "getting off the grid"

and found this amazing article -- please share...

and do your own googling - there are a lot more articles out there


and now for something complete different -- coolcar


is your day like this 2?

it's been a crazy day!! i've been balancing so many things all at once...


there are so many things i want to talk about in this blog today


first things, first

thanks for the thoughtful responses everyone...

i did some research on the word Oligarchy

which brought me to this : Oligopoly

and HELL YES!! this is what our supposed democracy has morphed into.

now to do the research and see if any brilliant person has figured out a way to take us back to democracy... and honestly here, for my children and grandkid's sake

i hope it doesn't involve any violence as i'm so sick are tired of pain and hurting

which brings me to my next thought

last night, i was remembering Vietnam war - see, i was in high school and college during that era

and i vividly remember the guys coming back from the war and the ones that weren't maimed

were mentally wounded

and according to everything i have been reading -- they still are

so we need to add to that list of problems that this Iraq war is creating -- the mentally wounded

and not only the American mentally wounded but the World mentally wounded

all those young men and women who fight wars for whatever country, religion or state

that end up physically ok, as we look at them and would never know, that their minds are damaged by what they do and see - the violence

how can we possibly rid our world of violence until we rid our minds of it??


and for something completely different : Another Reason WalMart sucks!


just amazing

my writing ability is limited though passionate

but this article is wonderful...

read this

and this one also..

i am adding this site to my web page on the right hand side...



i decided to respond to the great questions from yesterday's post

in a brand-new post

take a look at the who's-who of american politics...

i had read somewhere that the majority of the movers and shakers in politics came from a few select 'rich' families starting from the beginning of time - like the early 1700's. And sure enough - the info is even in Wikipedia...damn


and now for something completely different: VIDEO


R U wondering yet?

wanted to remind everyone

now that i am seeing those 'vote 4 me' signs everywhere

let's all make some calls and/or check the internet

and find out where

these people who want us to elect them to public office

stand on important issues

and see if they are millionaires...


and now for something completely different

a friend passed this on to me and i just had to share with you -- enjoy!!


friday fun - well kind-of

this has been running through my head for about a week now and i need to get it out

so here goes

the people in power right now - the majority of them suck

the people in power - have power because they have money

power is money

so if we take away their power - their money then we.....

see, this is where i was stumpted...huh, how to take away their power???

and then i figgered it out

we stop using their form of money

read this article about local currency and tell me what you think...

mother nature is a bitch

back now - the rains that came down were torrential, driving thru new mexico on I-25 and then on I-10 to arizona...

we were in hatch nm (trying to catch the short cut) when the town started flooding -- so we turned around and as we were driving out of town, the streets were flooding across...we looked back and were we once were, was covered with a foot of water...

it was amazing to see the power of mother earth combined with the stupidity of man...

thanks everyone for your kind words

my beliefs are that we pass from one realm to yet another, during death...the people who are sad are the people who miss us...

so i try and be supportive of the sad people who are living in their memories

all the while - myself, remembering the good times

with the knowledge that they are now without pain...the pain of this earth

ok nuff now, i had some thoughts about power exchange - i will get to them later

just in case

a few musings..maybe bush likes us so much that he wants us soooo very safe that

aw, come on now..he just took a look at his ratings and realized they have never been so low..


king baby bush decided to punish us by making airline travel annoying as hell...especially for women...

i wonder if laura has to travel without makeup and cream and shampoos...

oh yea

she doens't travel with king baby bush -- condi does...

fyi...i am going out of town for a few days as a relative has passed over...will be back soon

ok a bit of fun friday

look at the bright colors on this map

look at the color orange

look at what the color orange represents

(are you shitting in your pants yet?)

to impeach or not to impeach

that's the question -- that's been running through my head...

now, i know all the left-wingers are shouting it from the roof tops but i'm not getting warm fuzzies from this (my way of saying my gut feeling is that we should not do this)

so i'll try to explain

see, i hate when history repeats itself (vietnam - iraq)

and now i get the feeling that it will again (nixon - baby bush)

tricky dick (nixon's nickname for those of you that don't know) resigned before we could get to him...impeachement i mean

now we are asking for baby bush to be impeached for pretty much the same reasons..illegal wiretapping

but um, what happens if he resigns before the courts get a chance him too? and are we really better off with his vp - another tricky dick? who will their 'puppet' be if cheney resigns also - does anyone know??? is anyone asking??

see here's what i think

just let the ACLU sue them - but sue everyone, all of the big players who have stolen every dime we hard-working americans have earned - sue daddy and baby bush, cheney, karl rove...etc etc etc

the list just goes on and on -- sue all the people who've had their hand in our money for the past - let's just say um, 50 years. including corporations - cuz, hey, they are people entities now

see, money is power - so take away their power

then put all that money back into our government and get the lobbyists out!

then we can take care of people right

free - child care, lunch programs, health care including bloated prescriptions, senior care, college educations for people who want them not just the rich, low income housing that does not suck and is not crime ridden

subsidized - organic farm land, eco-friendly energy and transportation, local markets, artists and writers, newspapers so we get the real news

- and if i missed anything (which i am sure i did) please feel free to add

i bet we could do all that and more and still have money left over for..well, you can choose that

now that gives me warm fuzzies...

oh here's are some scary pictures - web page titled your government -- what a joke!

mother nature

some believe that mother nature is a real force in our universe

so do you think she has been trying to shake us up a bit?

i know that i'm guilty of thinking only of the weather hitting close to home


my eyes are opened now...millions of people were evacuated in China while they get hit with one storm after another - due to the high heat in Europe (looks like we are not the only ones sweltering)

and last but not least - the complete picture for you - just click on any month to find out what weather problems mother nature is causing for us

or better worded

what problems we have caused to make mother nature want us off her

ok, i couldn't resist this one

come on - the pres just ask for it at times..

he has risen us up to red alert again..well, again since well, i didn't know

so i google the term - and came up with these:

top winner was a video game - hummm
next was web site monitoring
a project protecting the endangered squirrel in the UK
and a short film... called red alert

watch it - it is a riot !!!

oh, my other thought was - how come goggle doesn't even have record of all the times our pres has raised the red alert flag???


ok lieberman lost...but how many people here know what happened in their own back-yard last night??

ok, no lectures here


i've been trying to figure out how to word this all day long


how many people who knew about lieberman losing, know who is running in their own state/city this november?

see, that's my point...

'they', i believe, are trying to distract us from what is most important now

and that is, for each who want to take back this country to get involved - locally -- find out who is running and what they are all about..be it republican or democrat or independent

that's what i am doing right now!!

interesting email

just wanted to share an email i got today - tell your story

since i signed up for practically all of the left-wing action web sites..i get lots of emails every day about something or another..

and like my republican dad used to say to me, take everything with a grain of salt...

now, my dad and i disagree about a lot of things but some of his sage advice is good for right and left winged thinkers

like the one about eating\tasting a piece of meat - before you add any salt...

so, click on the link and tell your story about how the rise in the price of gas has affected your life

and remember

that some of these organizations claiming to be left-wing action groups might very well be a wolf in sheep's clothing (republican)

and even if lots of left-wingers are saying something and they all agree on the topic -- well, you can still make up your own minds about things...and even disagree

despondent and darfur

darfur seems to have gone under the wire, as they say -- how come we stopped hearing about the women being raped and killed in this civil war? what's gonna happen to the 2million displaced people ?


the papers talk now about displaced people - is that easier than talking about how many have been killed ?

i saw a great documentary this past weekend and gleened this saying: the united states of amnesia

don't you just love that saying?

oh and the documentary was called: One Bright Shining Moment

it's about George McGovern's failed bid to take over this country and how IMHO, if he would have won how different our lives would be right now

will the next George McGovern please stand up before '06??

"fun friday"

this is something that my grandson had in his first grade class...if he did all of his homework, all week (well, monday thru thursday) and had his mom fill out a sheet verifying what he did (and it was reading books) and it made it into his schoolroom after playing on the playground in the mornings and he managed to hand it to his teacher...


he would get to have fun on fridays...at any of the toy play stations, as long as he wanted...

i neglected to ask him what would happen IF he did not hand in that sheet of homework-all-done paper...i know it happened to him one time and it was so awful he made sure it never happened again


i have decided to implement Fun Friday's in my web site but without sitting in the cornor because you did not bring in your signed homework sheet...(just my guess on what he had to do)

just fun stuff every friday because this world can be so depressing - we need a pick-me-up -- well, at least i do

so here's my fun friday link

these people are changing our world by educating people who create and run corporations

by offering people a Masters of Business Administration in Sustainable Enterprise

and the nice thing is that they are full up this Fall...i can't wait for a few years until we get more and more of these educated people in the biz world...

that world looks real nice to me!

almost Friday link

Here's an online group who are addressing issues - All American PAC

sign the petition supporting the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act!

as some of you might know, i purchased a brand spanking new VW jetta TDI - just to run Bio-Diesel in it...and even thought i'm not getting any tax breaks (those are only for the hybrids and E85 cars and trucks)

i am doing my part in saving our environment

just a thought - just because a vehicle can use an alternative fuels, like E85 or BioDiesel; doesn't mean that the owner will use that kind of fuel.

so, i believe the tax breaks should be at the pumps and not on the car/truck itself. this keeps people honest

day off

yesterday i took a day off - from life/work and all the above

and that sets me thinking - thinking a lot


noone has responded to my prior message about an 'ism...to end all 'isms...(hint: look to the right panel and see the big red circle crossed out)

and becausei feel to strongly about this

i am gonna put it in another way...

if we all started this in our own lives - we could end all the world's 'isms and create a dignitarian society....

just think - an end to war and racism...can you picture that reality? i know, i have been working on getting my hands around it in my head. the task seems almost too large

so, i think i am gonna start with baby steps...one thing at a time, one person at a time...until (hopefully) it snowballs and starts rolling down the preverbal hill....

here's one of the things i plan on doing - feel free to add some of your own...(oh, for the complete list - just click on the red circle to the right and it will take you there)

5. Honor your Inner Nobody and your Inner Somebody alike.