it's monday already!

ok, so i am not good with mondays..they are my least favorite day of the week...

but i listen to radio and feel soothed by the music


i hear a song and it sounds like Sade but different...also, the lyrics were not the typical Sade lyrics...(i have listed her lyrics below)

she is talking about not thinking about the rain...and it has sure been raining here in my desert...ok, i should mention global warming at this point and how we've had a drought for months and now the skys have poured inches onto us...but i'm gonna try and not think about the rain

Skye and her song...what's wrong with me

have a look

Skye What's Wrong With Me Lyrics

I try not to think about the distance of the setting sun
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the saints and sinners, who have more fun?
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the evil empires and stupid fools
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the regulations and the rules
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

I try not to think about the money, the mortgage on my home
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the voice mails, e-mails, angry females on the phone
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the job and all responsibilities
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about my TV, BBC or MTV
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?
Oh oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

I try not to think about the planets when they line up wrong
I try not to think about the rain
I try not to think about the future or the future, so on and so on
I try not to think about the rain

Oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?
Oh oh oh oh
What's wrong with me?

lighten up - it's friday

i have decided to do something new - on friday's i'm gonna talk about lighter subjects...give myself a break from the hard week! so, my lighter subject for today is....

this - LINK - i was sent by a friend

you know how you hate spam?

well these people have this web page called 419eater..and they play with spammers! seriously, they do. and sometimes they end of getting money from the same people who are successfully spamming money off of the general public...they call it spambaiting

and yes folks - i know we would never get caught in a spam - but there are lots of folks out there who do....they estimate that up to 10 people a week are caught up in this kind of spam, actually ruining people's lives - seriously ruining them, as some are dead now!

so -- if you want something to do in your spare time - that bait a spammer....

learning more

i want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments!! and stopping by!!

now on to rankism...i found Robert Fuller's web page

he gives us lots of helpful ideas on what WE can to do

like building model's of diginity in our workplace and personal relationships


i like his idea that rankism has many names, that it is a social disorder which is called; child abuse, slavery, rape, and domestic violence ~ just to name a few

it sure would be nice to rid our lives of these social ills....

well, go to his web page and start your own personal revolution!!

word for today - rankism

i watch INN World Report along with Democracy Now nightly. INN comes on right after Amy Goodman's Democracy Now show. (note: you can watch these shows on the web site links i provided above)


at the end of the INN News they interview people - usually authors.

and last night (7/25/06) they interviewed Robert W. Fuller - who has written two books about rankism.

and i was blown away...what he's talking about is so simple - several bells rung in my head...this guy really has a grasp on what is going on and what to do about it...

and yet, it is so simple

which reminds me of the saying - keep it simple stupid! smile

so what is this all about? well, here's the link to his newest book on amazon
called 'all rise - somebodies, nobodies and the politics of diginity'

i don't even profess to explain it any better than he does, so go to amazon and take a peek, then buy his books

but this is what i think about it

once you see rankism in your daily world and understand how you perpetuate it, you can change the way you behave

and then allow others to change..thus creating a better world for all of us

let me know what you think - and oh, i would love to see him and norm chomsky in the same interview - that would be amazing! gives me an idea to suggest that to Amy Goodman!

is something wrong with this picture?

ok, it's not really a picture but a news article - about Calif power outages effects MYSPACE.

um, first off - why is MYSPACE not being up more important than say, the heat knocking out power to over 175,000 homes and bizs ???

and there is not mention in either newpaper article about the cause of the heat breaking temps? can we say global warming people?

i did gleen this from the article, "The combination of brutal heat and unusually strong thunderstorms befuddled many."

BEFUDDLED??? this is bordering on the absurd

and oh, while googling 'global warming' ...
i came across this on youTube <-- ministry of (mis) information?

what a way to start a week

i just came across this article

and my reaction was - why do i care? why do i care what an over-inflated egotistic man thinks about who our next president should be?

well, maybe because he's the person, or in the group of people, who buy and sell our elected representatives....

which means

that he controls our so-called democracy...

well, this 'one' man is leaning towards Mr. McCain..sigh

see, i live in the great state of arizona - and Mr. McCain lives and works here...and he hasn't done much for any of us common people....

but it got me thinking - that Mr. McCain and Mr. Bush (the village idiot, as i playfully call him) came to terms in the last two elections, with Mr. Bush slash and burning Mr. McCain...folks, it wasn't a pretty sight...


what suprised me at the time, was how easy Mr. McCain gave in - he just tucked his tail between his legs and walked away - 2000 campaign

ok wait - not only did he walk away - he started supporting bush in 2004 and he claimed that Mr. Bush was right all along and was doing a good job - huh??

so, what does this prove

that by Mr. Bush and friends supporting Mr. McCain - we are just changing the puppet in the white house and not the puppet masters...

so how do we change the puppet master??

finally it's friday

did you notice, when ever they talk about problems with the weather now-a-days, they talk about how it effects oil


they never did that before - well, not before Katrina...

um, don't storms effect people and livestock - you know, living stuff?? and aren't they a bit more important than oil lines?? is it just me, or does anyone else find this picture of the world a bit askewed?

reminds me that i need to read '1984' again - there something in it - what was it called??

oh yea, the ministry of's kind-of like our current day newspapers, wouldn't you say? maybe they are trying to personify oil - make it like a person to us, like coporations have become

ah but they also had the ministry of love - kind-of-like the religious right now-a-days - which is about anything but love...but it makes sense is a strange sort of way - as religion has always taught us to love people who don't exist over the flesh and blood people who surround us daily

oh oh oh - the ministery of peace - that's like the war machine in this country - right? so could we say that bush personally runs the ministry of peace? you know, he does say the whole reason now for this war is peace, to bring peace into this region of the world - not WMD

ah, and last but not least the ministry of let's see, this could be the major corporations....they sure have plenty of our money - heck, they even take it without our asking..

yes, a must read again is 1984...

awhile back

ok, awhile back i talked about my thinking on Norm Chomsky - his words of wisdom that, so many times, got stuck before they filtered into my brain cells

so here's it is and i hope it makes some kind of sense.....

* the elite who run this country/world don't really care what we do, as long as we leave them alone to run this place as they see fit

* once we start 'upsetting the apple cart' and get noticed; they either make life hard for us, take away our life altogether or point out our short-comings so that our fellow humans look down on us - basically taking away our power and keeping theirs.

ok, now let that sink in


when i take these as 'facts' - then the confusion and bad feelings i have while reading the news/conflict in our world makes a whole lot of sense

if we - the common person - can't think a straight thought longer than 5 minutes, ok that might be seconds but i am being generous here -- then we don’t have the time to figure out what exactly is going on

-- ever watch tv with the sound off? i don't know about you, but my mind starts wandering away from the tv screen and soon i am not even looking at it. now turn the sound back on and you can stay glued to it for hours. hummmmm what better way to control someone than without their knowledge plus it's entertaining them! tv makes us all good consumers, we spend all of our time working to buy stuff, more and more stuff - 'keeping up with the jones'

--ever wonder why silly, stupid things make national news? what exactly is the purpose of this? maybe to get us fighting amongst ourselves in order to not band together and fight for common rights for all? so tell me exactly why i should hate another person because of their religion, their race?

--how has competitive sports moved from the concept of the Olympics to what it is today? people getting killed in the name of a 'team'? to me, it's just another way to divide us - what's that old saying; conquer and divide?

so where is this all going?

well, it is time to take back our power - band together like our ancestors did against the predators in their environment. and we need to do it soon before we have no more environment to band together for....

an ounce of prevention... worth a pound of cure

i have to say that i was reminded of this in a local and global way today

my friend at work had mouth stuff done - she loves going to her dentist as they do hand massages and even dip them in wax...a very relaxing time according to her but i digress. she had major gum cleaning done as she had what she called pockets of bacteria from the same said dentist's addition of crowns in her mouth - humm, i said to her but she continued.

she explain how her mouth was numb for hours and then hurt like heck for days afterwards. plus, she had to put medicine on her gums that tastes awful and take the dreaded anti-biotics.

now i explain all this for a reason - as i told her months ago when she started having this problem -- to rinse her toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide - not only does it get rid of the bacteria on her toothbrush from sitting in a bathroom, one of the filthiest placesin the house containing all sorts of airborn bacteria - people think of what else you do in there:: it also whitens your teeth naturally

and folks, if you decide to try this at home, don't swallow -- rinse very well with plain water after brushing!


back to my point - for a few pennies of prevention, she would have avoided the 'pound of cure' given to her by her dentist...ok, she got the massages and soft music playing but hey, who among us WANTS to do to the dentist, even with all those perks?

so i reminded her of the peroxide thingy and she went out and bought some...good as she can now prevent it from happening again.

so let's take this little saying globally....

what ounce of prevention can we do to avoid paying that pound of cure on our small blue planet? and i think i came up with it - it has to do with our purchasing power! if each of us decides to make smarter purchases then we can change our world, no matter what the little man behind the screen who is current posing as our president throws at us!!

buy local produce, cars that don't pollute, house furnishings and appliances that dont kill us... buy 'green stocks'

don't support big corporations who don't give a damn about us - get informed and knowledgable about what you buy, where it comes from and who is making it!!

these are just a few of the things i have personally done - please feel free to list more!


i believe that what we can 'see' becomes our reality

so i do see war and poverty and global warming


i 'see' a world living in peace full of plants and trees and other critters, with everyone having enough to eat

what i 'see' is basically what i project in my mind's eye

so i ask you-all reading this blog to spend five minutes every day 'seeing' our world how you want it to be, not how it is! turn off the news, radio and internet stories of war and famine and 'see' it all being fixed; 'see' the possibilities

and here's a web page to help you 'see'


seems like that tiny little boot country is very polluted

but this car could save them

besides molly


jim hightower

i actually got to see him when he was in town a few years ago...he's a great guy and speaker!!

Happy Planet Index

here's an article that ranks all of the happiest places on the earth
no surprise we are not even in the top 100


it is nice to know that there are some places we have not screwed up yet...humm, they must not have any natural resources we can steal....or a huge population we can enslave....sigh

ok - this is so good i had to share

they did it - or should i say we did it!

Army Ends Exclusive Halliburton Deal


i want people to REALLY be nice!

in my work-a-day life, i hear people greet myself and others with, 'hi, how are you?'

now, they don't really give a rat's ass about whom-ever they are talking to, including me. it is just something that is said - by habit or whatever, i am not sure. and how do i know they don't really care about me or my answer? cuz my friends know how i am. i have more than a 2 second conversation with my friends and we talk about important stuff. and if they want to know how i am they ask me how i am feeling or such, not this auto-robot greeting of 'hi how are you?'

so it's got to stop - as we don't really mean it - we don't care -- we need to get back to really caring about other people not just pretending we care

so i will take my small action by not responding back to them with 'Hi, How are you?'

i have decided today - to respond with a simple 'hi' and smile

An article about slaves

that's right, i said slaves -- so you thought that ended? nope, it is an even bigger business than ever:

this saddens me to no end.....

and my comment to the story - if you dont have the demand - then the needs dry how can we make these sick people not demand slave labor???

Do U Think This Will Work with Politicians?

What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage
(printed in the New York Times)

or how about world you think we can ignore their bad behavior and they will start acting right by us?

i think when you add power into the equation, that precious balance goes out the window and we are left with their hand on our heads, pushing us down....

this is amazing - NOT!

it seems the army is now trying to recruit our young people. yes young people - as young as 9 years old.

check out the article here

i'm starting to understand

after watching norm chomsky's documentary: Manufacturing Consent

i think i finally get what he has been saying for years and years (light bulb moment)

well, i can say this much, i am more at peace with what's going on in the world. i will write more about my thoughts on norm later on, as i digest it a bit more and come up with my own stratagies

we also went to the local showing of al gore's 'an inconvenient truth' - which was chilling and amazing all at the same time

but then

i want to put what these two men are saying together --
along with knowledge about the Maya calendar