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as you can see, my blogging continues with renewed below you will find two ~ in a new series of 'lady liberty' blogs that i've previously posted on peace tree.

the name lady liberty comes from long and hard thought about who else i have blogging with me - the italics remarks...

so, in the future, lady liberty and i will astound and amaze you - well almost..grin

peace my friend, peace ~~~


Driving to work, I've noticed quite a large number of 'Available' -oh baby, I am so available - signs posted on the streets - I don't work on the street honey - and they seem to be everywhere.

So, not only are people being thrown out of their homes - you can come to my house ANY time baby - but also their businesses. Some who have owned them since, well forever.

What happened to their grand scheme of an economic stimulus - NOW you're talking baby, let's go get stimulated! - that would help out these small mom and pop businesses? Oh yea, those checks were for WalMart and the other large American corporations.

Here’s the list, with 2007 gross revenues in millions:

1. Wal-Mart Stores: $378,799

2. Exxon Mobil: $372,824

3. Chevron: $210,783

4. General Motors: $182,347

5. ConocoPhillips: $178,558

6. General Electric: $176,656

7. Ford Motor: $172,468

8. Citigroup: $159,229

9. Bank of America: $119,190

10. AT&T: $118,928

Got me to thinking, dangerous I know - think on me baby ~ ooooh - about where else our so-called American corporations are out there on our pretty blue planet creating havoc. Multi-national, which means they are screwing the whole world and not just us - wow, now you're getting me HOT.

Problem is, when they screw the world, they are pissing off a lot of people who don't understand what we, as Americans, understand about greed and consumerism and emptying our pockets, minds and souls for the almighty dollar - oh no baby, just think about me.

They don't have televisions to amuse them all night and day - hey, i got some great porn, wanna watch ? - and from what we've been allowed to read from our corporation media - no baby, read ME - they don't even have enough food or drinkable water to be the good corporate slaves - I'll be your love slave baby.

SO what possible purpose could they have for their world domination - dominate me baby? Yea, I know people from the beginning of time have been trying to take over the world and dominate all of people-kind - no baby, just you and me - and they had their reasons. But I'm wondering what are the now-a-day reasons at this stage in the game of our world development? - oh baby, I'm losing you... Is it the last grasp with an antiquated idea for the men behind the screen to get the ultimate ego stroke?

peace my friend, peace ~~~

Economic Stimulus

Did you get your economic stimulus yet?

Oh, Ahh ~ I can’t wait – ohhhh – to be stimulated. I looked on the IRS web site and my check won’t – oooOOOOoooo – be able to cause me sti-mu-lation until the end of the month, as I refuse to use direct deposit when I file my taxes.

But let’s talk more about the feds grand plan of stimulating us – oh baby yea, right there – and whom it will not stimulate. It's simple, it will not stimulate anyone who doesn’t file a tax return.

So, these people will be required, if they want to be as stimulate as we are – oh YEA baby – to file a pretend return in order to get their very own check or direct deposit. Anyone else have that fishy smell coming from their computer screen when they read this???

If this sounds like conspiracy theory, well then maybe it is, but I’m a wondering why we all are getting a pittance of the taxes returned to us in the form of a stimulus – yes, baby More – and hundreds of people in search of their very own stimuli – oh oh OHHHH – are now filing tax returns. Could there be another reason behind this economic payoff??

Cuz, seriously how much will our recessive economy be affected by this stimulus – More More More, oooOOOOoooo baby. Does anyone else have any ideas on this, something that actually makes sense?

And I am just curious, how many people are saving their stimuli – come on baby, I want it NOW – or being the good consumers our 'corporation run government' want us to be?

I just can’t help but feel this stimulus – um, ya know, you’re just not my type – is just a band-aid. It’s like the little boy who stuck his finger in the wall of the dyke. Eventually someone will take their finger out of this wall and the economic flood will start. And I’m wondering just how prepared we all are to take on this surge?

peace my friend, peace ~~~