found this in my daily reading

now, this could be really really good for our world OR really really bad.

the two richest men the world have decided to combine their monies:

"The world's second-richest man, Warren Buffett, became one of the world's biggest philanthropists Sunday with the announcement that he would bequeath the bulk of his roughly $44 billion fortune to the foundation established by billionaire Bill Gates and his wife. " By JOSH FUNK, AP Business Writer

in a nutshell mr. buffett (number 2) plans on bequeathing the lion's share of his estate to mr. gates (number 1) - which has got me wondering what the man who stole his operating system (and stole it badly in my opinion) will do with all that money? (watch the movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley")


Blu said...

What's the connection between buffet and gates before this action?

azgoddess said...

Warren Buffet

The Omaha investor whom Gates demoted to being merely the second richest American seems an unlikely person to be among his closest pals, and says he probably should have bought more than 100 shares of Microsoft. A jovial, outgoing 66-year-old grandfather, Buffet only recently learned to use a computer after Gates talked him into playing his beloved bridge with his friends via the Internet. As multibillionaires go, both men are unpretentious, and they enjoy taking vacations together. Buffett says he likes Gates' humor. As an example, he cites the time they visited the Forbidden City together and were shown huge ancient scrolls that were silently rolled and unrolled by women trained for the task. "There's a $2 fine," Gates whispered, "if you return a scroll not rewound."