i want

again, in my lifetime - to be able to drink the water right out of the tap

i remember as a child we drank the water right out of the garden hose in our front yard - we would be playing outside like kids back then did and when we got thirsty, we didn't go back inside - no - that would have taken too much precious play time - so we just turned on the hose and fueled everyone with H2O - then continued playing our games.

but now-a-days there are warning labels on our city park's water - 'don't drink this, as it is unsafe' or something to that affect ~~ and the bottle water is sold at every grocery outlet and convenience stores. even my new fridge already comes with a water filter.

it's like 'they' are saying to us, get used to it ~ your tap water will never be safe again. at least not safe unless you have some kind of filtering device. and if our tap water is not safe, then how safe is the water in the food we consume?

are we slowing poisoning ourselves out of the 70% of water in the human body? how about the 70% of water that this mother earth contains? are we slowly poisoning ourselves out of this world/earth?

side note: i just realized that the percentage of water in our body is the same as the percentage of water on this earth...hummm

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