i want people to REALLY be nice!

in my work-a-day life, i hear people greet myself and others with, 'hi, how are you?'

now, they don't really give a rat's ass about whom-ever they are talking to, including me. it is just something that is said - by habit or whatever, i am not sure. and how do i know they don't really care about me or my answer? cuz my friends know how i am. i have more than a 2 second conversation with my friends and we talk about important stuff. and if they want to know how i am they ask me how i am feeling or such, not this auto-robot greeting of 'hi how are you?'

so it's got to stop - as we don't really mean it - we don't care -- we need to get back to really caring about other people not just pretending we care

so i will take my small action by not responding back to them with 'Hi, How are you?'

i have decided today - to respond with a simple 'hi' and smile

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glorydee said...

you couldn't be more right. meaning what one says has long been a lost art. are we caught in false politeness? read from you soon :)