lighten up - it's friday

i have decided to do something new - on friday's i'm gonna talk about lighter subjects...give myself a break from the hard week! so, my lighter subject for today is....

this - LINK - i was sent by a friend

you know how you hate spam?

well these people have this web page called 419eater..and they play with spammers! seriously, they do. and sometimes they end of getting money from the same people who are successfully spamming money off of the general public...they call it spambaiting

and yes folks - i know we would never get caught in a spam - but there are lots of folks out there who do....they estimate that up to 10 people a week are caught up in this kind of spam, actually ruining people's lives - seriously ruining them, as some are dead now!

so -- if you want something to do in your spare time - that bait a spammer....


Nona said...

My partner once frustrated a scammer until they hung up on him. He received a call from someone claiming he'd won some cash but would have to send them money before he could get his prize. He acted as though he really believed he'd won the prize and asked them to take the "delivery fee" out of his cash prize. When they said they couldn't do that, he pretended to not understand their reasons.

He wasn't hostile, he just kept asking them questions until they gave up and hung up on him.

I got one of those calls once when I was in a playful mood. The person was telling me I might win a Cadillac if I bought the product she was selling, so I told her that if I won a Cadillac I couldn't use it because I couldn't afford the gas for it and then derailed her by going on and on about the car - I had no place to park it, wasn't sure I could drive a big car like that, etc.

I kept her off her sales pitch until she gave up.

Another time I got a call from the Dove Foundation and when they asked me if I thought Hollywood was corrupting our children I replied, "No". I quickly figured out that it was some right-wing religious organization, so I toyed with him until he hung up.

This is really fun to do if you're in the right mood.

Nona said...

P.S. Thank you for a link to the spam baiting site. I love it!

azgoddess said...


you are a riot!! thanks for the morning laugh!!

and thanks for giving me the idea - instead of getting mad - get even!! lol

Andrew said...

Spammers - I rank them right down there with the folks who write computer viruses. Bait away!

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