word for today - rankism

i watch INN World Report along with Democracy Now nightly. INN comes on right after Amy Goodman's Democracy Now show. (note: you can watch these shows on the web site links i provided above)


at the end of the INN News they interview people - usually authors.

and last night (7/25/06) they interviewed Robert W. Fuller - who has written two books about rankism.

and i was blown away...what he's talking about is so simple - several bells rung in my head...this guy really has a grasp on what is going on and what to do about it...

and yet, it is so simple

which reminds me of the saying - keep it simple stupid! smile

so what is this all about? well, here's the link to his newest book on amazon
called 'all rise - somebodies, nobodies and the politics of diginity'

i don't even profess to explain it any better than he does, so go to amazon and take a peek, then buy his books

but this is what i think about it

once you see rankism in your daily world and understand how you perpetuate it, you can change the way you behave

and then allow others to change..thus creating a better world for all of us

let me know what you think - and oh, i would love to see him and norm chomsky in the same interview - that would be amazing! gives me an idea to suggest that to Amy Goodman!

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