something different

something you might not know about - the learned astronomers of the world have decided that Pluto is not a planet in our solar system

when i heard this i was, huh???

damn, he's the Disney dog for cripers...

but in all seriousness, Pluto is the planet of the underworld: of death...what exactly are they trying to say - that 'death' doesn't exist??

why avoid the inevitable??

and i'm not saying go out and kill yourself - but people we all will die - relax and enjoy!!

to learn more about what i'm saying - google this event

and this link should be good for today at least...Cosmic Path


and now for something completely different : a place for world change



BBC said...

I’ve been through a fair share of New Mexico a few times, making furniture and carpet drops in small towns as I worked my way from the East Coast to LA. There are some beautiful areas and great people there. But I live in Mrs. Gods country here. So….. Nanner, nanner, nanner. :-)

azgoddess said...

bbc - what is mrs god's country? never heard that term before...

meldonna said...

I like your thoughts re: death. You hit on the exact reason I think health "insurance" is the biggest scam ever foisted upon the public.

Insurance is a bet. I bet the company something bad is going to happen, and they suck money off of me until it does. And then fight me tooth and nail not to hold up their end of the contract.

I used to have to buy liability insurance to drive my 250cc motorcycle legally. Nice. I have to pay a company money so that the idiot that kills me gets his dent fixed.

Health insurance? I'm supposed to buy that so I'll have health care IN CASE I GET SICK. The nice twist is there is a cap on all health insurance, so no matter how faithfully you, or your employer and you, pay your premiums, it will run out. I don't know what COBRA stands for, but I know what it is...a very sick joke played on someone too ill to work, but that hasn't conviniently croaked quite yet.

In essence, it is a lose-lose situation.

As you can tell, this is a pet peeve with me. If America has the best health care available on earth, why isn't it available to all Americans? No-one's right to life should be tied to their wallet, or their bank account.

Meanwhile, I'm going to finish my cigarette and grab a beer...

Life is to be LIVED.

BBC said...

I addressed a bit of your question on my blog this morning Hon.

As for death, it isn't a concept to me. It's just body when you're omnipresent.

BBC said...

PS. Insurance is so that they can make big wages off of you and build big fancy buildings.

It's capitalism, not heath care or auto insurance. Done properly it would be done as a cooperative.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I'm not worried about death, but the time I'm alive, I want a good quality of life. I'd rather be dead then to end up stuck in a bed being dependent on someone else, whether it's family or a nursing home. When I'm alive I want to be living.

The Doctor's here are great, but our system is based on the healthcare providers getting richer when you become sick, and insurance companies getting rich when you don't. Shouldn't doctor be paid for keeping you from getting sick. We need to have a "wellness system" and not healthcare insurance.

azgoddess said...

agree about the insurance everyone...amd i like the idea about it being a cooperative

i think that

azgoddess said...

i think that i hit the login button too quick - grin

i think that needing insurance was part of the 'sue everyone so lawyers can make money' movement -- if we would just take personal responsibily for our actions..

none of this would be necessary

Minou said...

The squabbling over what makes a planet is rather absurd, I found this quote ""Most astronomers now say there are eight planets," Professor Taylor said last year. "It's arbitrary ... you get into a real semantic sort of swamp. It's like trying to define life." Yeah, it's a bit like trying to define God, the Source - who the hell do we think we are!

Wayne Dyer had an interesting point of view - we are environorganisms - we're not separate from but part of the whole thing. So Pluto, Schmuto is part of everybody here - define that!

As for insurance, funnily enough I was thinking about that the other day. I totalled my car a few years ago and I was glad I had my insurance to pay out. Everyone contributes to the pot, and when someone does something stupid, they are helped out. We never know when something happens out of the blue. In the UK you pay your local taxes to help pay for education, fire service etc, even though you might not need it yourself, others do.

That's not to say that the insurance companies don't do rather well out of it, I was trying to work out how many contributions my car crash took! Insurance companies can be greedy and the 'small print' often means you're not covered even if you thought you were!

Moi, j'habite dans un pays de Mme Dieu aussi. A la prochaine!