something special to watch

i love the internet today

as compared to some days when i really don't like it (those days filled with so many offers for porn that i wonder if people use the net for anything other than getting off)

but the idea that you can stream TV great!

you can watch them at anytime

so here's a few you-all need to see : FrontLine with Scooter and Cheney


and now for something completely different: dissident



niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I Like your profile comment.

"in fact if they worked for me, i would fire them...wait, they do work for me!!"

Yea! They do work for us, and most of us disapprove the job they are doing. Why can't we fire them?

azgoddess said...

thanks nick...

i think we can fire a few in nivember and most of the rest in two years...

anyone with me??

GraemeAnfinson said...

Frontline is awesome

Minou said...

I liked both Frontline and DV. Makes you wonder what elections are for doesn't it? In the case of Bush, it was the mother of all shams! In any government, in any country, elections don't mean a thing, it's all jobs for the boys - there is no true democracy without the people, you and me, having access to real information.

In my country of birth, the UK, the British Government does what it can to suck up to the Shrubbery - all the anti-terrorist laws are doing is just exerting more control on their citizens, giving the government more excuse to interfere with our normal lives. The so-called Shampoo bombers I believe were a hoax, or if they were real they would have blown themselves up before anyone else!

Why can't we just tell these 'leaders' that we're not interested in spending more money on bombs and war, and all we want to do is live in peace, have good healthcare and raise our families as well as we can - only fear keeps these people in power.

Go for it girl!!!

pissed off patricia said...

I plan to do my part in the firing of the criminals in Nov. and especially in 08

As for the little group who believe the administration is doing a good job, those people need mental help.