a bit about

well, a bit about me...

see, i'm kind-of a private person

so you ask - why do i blog? doesn't that put yourself 'out there'?

well, i decided today to reveal a bit more about myself

if you have been reading my 'now for something different' (not today's though)

there was one that was a link to an astrology page -- which i visit almost daily...along with a few others...

i have dabbled in astrology for several years - looking at it like a cynic, at first

reading the monthly predications at the end of the month and not the beginning, the dailys at the end of the day -- well, you get my drift

i found some quacks out there on the net...and i, to my surprise and delight, found some people who actually knew something

so, today according to my astrology sources, is an amazing day - - it is a lunar full moon eclipse

i could go on and on and provide the link - - but i wanted to go one more place here

there is this 100th monkey theory that people have been debunking for quite some time now

(come back here after you read about it)

well, i want to get us out of our minds today

and say - that if we 'believe' that the world can change

it can

so astrologically, the stars are showing us that we, living on this small blue planet

are going to have a massive shift in consciousness - a change in our conventional wisdom

and our work is to remove all the unneed, unwanted 'stuff' from our lives, homes and living spaces

and get quiet...allow the universe to tell us what it 'now believes'

not what tv or the gov or even our neighbor or spouse believes

so, get quiet, turn off your mind and let the universe tell you ....

i'm reminded of john lennon's song - 'Imagine'


and now for something completely different : watch



niCk(Mem Beth) said...

I consider myself a private person, also. The blog is the only way to get me to open up. Therapy has taught me to express the issues here, that I'm not ready to talk about person to person. I express the issues that have had a significant emotional impact on my life, from time to time, but even then, I don't like bringing up those issues. I'm not always the victim, sometimes it was me that caused the problem, and I'm just learning to open up about those issues. I'm glad I have others I can talk to that seem to understand.

I also enjoy the simple life, less material possessions, less complications, less distractions, less "noise" equals more time to enjoy a real life. The phony entertainment are just time fillers, I prefer quiet time, just me and my thoughts, the world and universe.

The words of "Imagine" have always meant a lot to me. The has been more than one occasion where parts of those lyrics have been left in my comments. They are important. I wish more people knew what they mean

BBC said...

I'm a very open person and put it all out there, go figure, even in real life.

As for astrology, I don’t have much faith in it after being disappointed in what it said so many times. I just take life as it comes at me.

Security cameras? Well, until mankind becomes more spirituality advanced I say that they are needed. They don’t bother me a bit, they are there for my protection as I see it. But it’s fun to give them the finger. :-)

Anonymous said...

the stars may show us much, but to me they mostly seem to say: look how much is out there, how much you need to learn, how immense this whole thing is, how minor my small part in it.

re: astrology ... i liked your method of looking at the predictions after the facts! i don't know very many people who actually fit their signs, except in some vague universal way. have you ever looked into what bush's chart says about him? might give us some clues. D.K.

Robert Rouse said...

My biggest problem with astrology dates back to my time in High School and the Smith Twins (names changed to protect the innocent). These two girls were only born nine minutes apart and yet they are as different as night and day. If astrology really worked, shouldn't they have similar days?

Just a thought.

I've never been much of a "private" person. In fact, it never crossed my mind to use an alias on my blog.

Oh well, I've wasted enough of everyone's time with my rambling thoughts, but before I go, one final note:


BBC said...

Right Robert. ... It's pretty clear on my blog who I am and where I live. It's easy to find my address and phone number.

And guess what? No one is beating a path to my door, but if they do, I hope they bring beer. :-)