busy day

thanks to everyone who responded yesterday - BIG HUGS all around!!

yes, let's all clean

our closets, porch, houses, cars, lives and then our government!

i read this today:

"The decisions "what to do" and "which way to go" should not be made; they should be discovered. Life is whole and complete, and even when you may be seeing it in part, there is always a right answer "in the streams of power and wisdom" within. It is that in you that knows beyond your conscious knowing. If you lowly listen, you will hear the right word, and the directions will easily unfold. This doesn't mean doing nothing, saying Pollyanna-style, "Oh, it will work out - I will just wait for a leading." Remember when you plug in to a power source or turn on the light switch, there is no delay in the flow. Be still and know that you are in the flow and then move with it.”
~ Eric Butterworth


and now for something completely different: my daughter



BBC said...

I think that when it comes to our leaders that it will take more than a house cleaning. Bomb the Whitehouse into the ocean, and then start over again with a whole new system.

As for closer to home, I set up a better porch deck last evening just to see how it would work. I like it so will keep it. And this morning I set up a ramp, so I won't need stairs.

The Bum just got a tick higher in class. Now for a little roof and some rain gutter. But first, a nap.

SheaNC said...

Hey, Azgoddess, I just though I would pop over from Tina's blog to say that I am a former Arizonan myself. Glad to see some progressive thoughts coming from there!

SheaNC said...

Oops, I accidentally messed up the link to Tina's blog (http://fuzzyandblue.blogspot.com/). I never claimed to be intelligent. 8^)

Minou said...

There's a chinese proverb about if everyone were to clean their own porch, etc, etc. - the world
would be a cleaner place.

Love the link to your daughter's site. Steve Irwin was an inspiration on how to live life, with passion, enthusiasm and without fear. It's a shame that there are some idiots out there who are now mutilating and killing stingrays, Steve Irwin would not have approved. Loved the music, do we know who it is by?

azgoddess said...

shanc - glad to see ya!

minou - don't know the music - but you can go back to her site and ask my daughter..she told me yesterday that she has had over 1400 hits on that one video...she is very talented...take a look at her other work on there...