fun friday

i want you to know!

that together

we can make a difference

i understand

your heart and soul hurt

but together

we can make a difference

i feel your pain

as it is mine ten-fold

all together

we can make a difference!!


and now for something completely different: Fair



GraemeAnfinson said...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I ran across you in Kvatch's comments. I've made various posts on how "we" can do so much together, but after reading the lists of "we's" that voted with the Nazi's to abolish our constitution AND the Geneva Convention in one fell swoop....I really don't know. I think "we" means me and my .357.:) Your post was inspiring. I thank you.

Kvatch said...

...we can make a difference!!

True! But we all risk much more in doing so today than two days ago.

meldonna said...

arizona are so succinct. I sometimes think I'm guilty of diarheaa of the mouth, knowing that less is more.

tfwy: I feel ya on the attempted murder of the Constitution...and I say "Praise the First Amendment, and pass the Second".

kvatch...we risk nothing more today than we ever have in six years...they are just getting closer to hunting us down. I'm finding the title of that old movie Red Dawn oddly prophetic...did anybody every tell the Repubs some of us remember the RED totalitarian was opposite of democracy? Man, I do feel Blue. In so many ways.

Lew Scannon said...

Fair trade, not "free" trade.

niCk(Mem Beth) said...

az, Thanks for all the great links you send us to.

Here's one for you:

M. Shahin said...

I'm with you azgoddess :-)

If there wasn't hope in the world nothing would ever change.

SheaNC said...

Thanks for that link, it's a keeper. I hope ultimately, that we can change things for the better!

troutsky said...

We are getting our Fair Trade act together here in missoula montana.Also pushing for an ordinance to get all city and university contracts "sweat -free".Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Nice comment my friend. Today...instead of next week, etc...