tai chi

i was thinking today - while on my 15 minute walk to my tai chi class...

it's what i do instead of eating lunch...

anyways, i was thinking about what to write and had something in my head

then went to class

and while i was walking back, i realized i'd forgotten

as i'd been concentrating on something else

see, someone in class was asking about breathing

how one should breath while doing the 'exercises'

and the instructor said - just breath

and then she went on to say

'it in not in the doing (breathing)
but the intention of the doing (breathing)'

and i got to thinking

it is not in the doing (getting rid of baby bush and company)
but the intention of the doing.....

and i would think we all want him gone

but our intentions might/would be different

so here's my intention:::

i want a safe, happy breathable world for my grandkids to grow up in

and their grandkids, and their grandkids

for generations to come, i want this mother earth we all live on

to be inhabitable

and baby bush and compadres are not doing that

in fact they are doing just the opposite

they are creating a world full of hate and mis-trust

fear and scarcity, polluted almost beyond repair


what's your intention??


and now for something completely different: GreenStone



enigma4ever said...

Happy Constitution Day...

BBC said...

It's like I'm just a speck of dust with no power. So my intention means nothing it seems. We all fuss about him, and do what we can, but we're not even close to removing him.

I just hope the country as a whole will be wiser in the next elections. But that is a worry also as the Republicians and Christians are giving it all they have out there.

I just worry a lot.

M. Shahin said...

'baby bush'...I like that :-)

Tai chi sounds like a good class. I've never taken one before, but I do breathing exercises once in a while, and it really helps reduce stress and it actually lowers the pulse.

It usually also wakes me up when I'm feeling sleepy.

I also want to live in a world of peace, justice and a clean and nurtured earth.

We have really messed up our environment and these wars using depleted uranium is not healthy. It is said that uranium particles travel around the world, and some scientists expect cancer rates to double in a couple of years.

Many soldiers in Iraq are already falling ill, and the gulf war veterans, which is being kept quiet, are dying and many of them have deformed children and our sick themselves.

I hope we can change things, and I think as long as we are still breathing, our world can change, but it takes effort. I think some of the first steps are being taken.

How very sad, to kill other people, and then to also be killing ourselves.

I also saved the women radio site. Sounds like they have some good programs.

azgoddess said...

enigma - happy day to you also...

bbc - intentions are in why you do, not how...so why do you fuss about him?

m. shahin - thanks for the visit...i found the women's radio station on a recent episode of the hbo show of bill maher...i thought it was very interesting!

BBC said...

"bbc - intentions are in why you do, not how...so why do you fuss about him?"

Um, I'm not sure I understand, can you help me with that? Do you mean why do I fuss about Bush?

Maisha said...

az,nice bloggie sweetie.you always make me laugh.

bbc,i have to agree with you about being a speck of dust with no power.just sunday night as we were disccusing politics over a drink with fellas in my country i was expressing the same.i want things to change.i have intentions.but there is nothing i can do about them.it sux!

azgoddess said...

bbc - yes, i was asking WHY do you fuss about bush - what are your intentions...to remove him because - why???

welcome maisha...i jumped over to your blog and have to say, from this stage of life i'm in, happiness is fleeting and relationships are hard work...all you can ask for is to be content in life..so if being with your man, you can't be content...then let him go...

as they say, men are like buses -- if you miss one, another one will be along any moment...

Minou said...

I can identify with the buses comment, sometimes you wait for a long time then 3 come at once!!

I'm just starting tai chi, used to do yoga about 100 years ago. I am not very coordinated at the moment and keep wrongfooting myself - story of my life pretty much.

As for bushes - the only certain thing in life is change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse - let's hope the world gets something better after bush and his poodle.

Maisha said...

tnx az,
think im going to take up tai chi too.about time...something to keep my mind off my crotch for a change...;) and then maybe i will forget him...