ok, folks

this isn't about
that fun bodily function

this is about
the price of gas
i saw on the way to work

what's your 'gas' down 2?

see, i just noticed this

as my car doesn't take gas

it runs on biodiesel..and sure

my biodiesel has gone down a bit...

but not this much

so how many votes do you think they are trying

to buy

with this tom-foolery??
note: Meaning::Silly behaviour of no great wit.


and now for something completely different : Earl Nightingale



BBC said...

They just opened a filling station at the Safeway store two blocks away from me. I like that, the gas is $2.49, about fifty cents cheaper than it was a few months ago.

Sometimes I can make a tank go a whole month.

D.K. Raed said...

Unfortunately, my car needs Super/Premium, so I always pay the highest. So ... I just looked at my receipts. On 9/22 I paid $2.99/gal. Yesterday $2.39/gal. I don't think they've bought many votes, though. It's price manipulation, for sure. When pressed for a reason, I actually heard some tv talking head nitwit say, "well, there's been no katrina this year". yes, really! How stupid do they think we are? If we can get a 60-cent drop for No-Katrina, certainly No-9/11 should be worth $1/gal. You know all it is is GWB calling up Bandar-Bush & asking for a little help with the midget-minded voters here. He sure wishes he could just do away with these pesky elections altogether, huh? ~~ D.K.

Chuck said...


$2.229 / gal regular

$2.739 /gal diesel

We have one vehicle that runs on diesel and since it's a cheaper grade of fuel (less refined - should I say filthy dirty?) and less costly to make IT IS ONLY PRICED EXTREMELY HIGHER BECAUSE MPG IS BETTER! They're not fooling me...

As I'm sure it is everywhere else, price-fixing sets the street price at whatever the market will bear. Cost has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it- and the cost is a LIE anyway.

Did you hit a nerve on me? HA!HA!

Actually, I worked in and around that industry for nearly 20 years, so I know the game pretty well. The public doesn't know the truth, but they can figure it out if they stop to think about it. Hint: ExxonMobil- $10.4 BILLION dead net profits in the third quarter.

Anonymous said...

we complain, but compared to some, our gas prices are cheap! and with record oil profits.

hey az, how was jury duty?

Kvatch said... how many votes do you think they are trying to buy...

And how many days after the election do you think it will last?

Here in Babylon by the Bay regular is down to about $2.69, probably still the highest in the nation, but I don't care because...

I DON'T HAVE A CAR!!!! Hahahahahahahha!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Manipulation or not, how can we fool ourselves into thinking cheap gasis here to stay. Obviously it is not. I trust -- and hope -- people are wising up to the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton cronies / phonies.

M. Shahin said...

"so how many votes do you think they are trying to buy"

You know azgoddess, I've been thinking the same exact thing. How long is this going to last? Not very long I don't think...

Anonymous said...

Ours is down to $2.09 for the cheapest stuff. Was $2.17 a couple of days ago.

I'm going to try to remember to take a picture of the prices at the same station on the day before and the day after the elections.

Case Wagenvoord said...

New Jersey is down to 1.90, but on a bad day, we can smell the refineries.

Word is that they've cut the "crack spread," the difference between the cost of a gallon of oil before it's refined and the cost of the gallon of gas that emerges. The poor guys are opening their veins just so W can continue to have his way.

Professor Zero said...

Last I bought it was almost $3 and I run on the cheapest grade. Down close to $2, this must be price manipulation. And here I am in an official oil state.

Mike said...

Yeha, gas is down considerably here in Seattle.

Maybe this should be looked at in a month. I wonder how "low" the prices will be come the beginning of December...just in time for the holiday travel rush.

Want to take odds on the price of gasoline going back up?

Gee...I hate to think that poor old Exxon-Mobile will take a beating and only post profits of 8 billion for the current quarter.

Mike @
String Cheese Theory

Anonymous said...

They're trying to buy tom-foolery's vote... This person can decide elections...has been for years... :>)

SheaNC said...

Yup, gas prices will skyrocket by Thanksgiving!