more to say


if this country was founded on lies and good wishes ,
kind thoughts and perpetuation of the white male status quo

then how DO we change that?

what are our next steps?

i know a lot of you are pinning your hopes on
this mid-term election and democrats

just like you-all did on mr kerry (note: rich white male)

i'm not - as i believe this next election will just be a drop in the bucket
as far as the change that needs to happen

ok - 'they' might not want to give up their power,
their strangle hold on this beautiful land of ours

along with having to give up their slaves here

they are intent on conquering and enslaving
the rest of the world, one country at a time

so - what do we do? or better yet
what can be done?

so how about we look at our neighbors to the south
what was it they had to do to get rid of 'us'
in their countries (note: chavez, castro)?


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BBC said...

Well, I don’t really want to vote all Democrat, but I do want the Repubs out of there, so what is a person to do? How can we change and improve things? What can we do? Well, not much I guess considering the system we are in. But there is one thing I can do, because I like how you think. I can give you a hug. ((((Azgoddess))))

Case Wagenvoord said...

I read a comment this morning that described the United States and a closed political system. In other words, it makes little difference who is in power, its the same shit. Granted, the Bushits have carried power grabbing to the level of absurdity.

All we can do is stay on their butts and wait for them to stumble. I'm afraid it's going to take a major enconmic collapse like the Great Depression, before any meaningful change is made.

John Good said...

The Republican neo-cons MUST go. We need to elect more progressive, activist Democrats like Russ Feingold. Everyone has been trying to work the center; that has not met much success. . ask Bill Clinton.

Give the left a chance. If they muck it up like these guys have, then give THEM the boot. I doubt you will need to.

Dollface said...

Well, I think maybe Hillary would be a good start. However I think Condi has been made a slave. The thing I notice (and I'm in the midst of it as I am Chief Deputy to an elected official - meaning if something happens she can't perform, its my job next) is that the Repubs aren't very nice. In fact they are viscious mostly. One of our Repub candidates on State level was threatening a Dem Candidate with MS and wheelchair bound, with "slapping the hell out of him." And that's representing us in Washington? Somewhere when money started to speak instead of integrity, that's when things got broken. It should not take tons of money to get elected. It should take good character and integrity. Well, wish us luck during elections - we are in a panic, so much to do and so little time left!

Dollface said...
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Professor Zero said...

Repubs are full of venom and I, too, am afraid it will take a major economic collapse before we get serious progressives in.

This having been said, I really think the Dems need to run someone non-bland, anyway.

I want to go left of Hillary but maybe getting just anyone non-insane in there is a good enough first step.

Chuck said...

Good observation, good questions az. Options for the people are seriously limited.

For right now, its what John Good said.

M. Shahin said...

"I'm afraid it's going to take a major enconmic collapse like the Great Depression, before any meaningful change is made."

This is something I agree with Case. I think the only way to topple this dictatorship regime with Herr Bush at helm is economically. There is no other way I can see at the moment. It's got to hit them where it hurts.