i had a restful weekend

which means that i didn't touch the computer

well, just a little

it's so hard for me

it's like an addiction

one that i wouldn't have dreamed of 10 years ago

i have read a lot of sci fi over the years

and i remember reading somewhere about

our personal computer being placed in our brains

great idea

until someone hacks your computer and reads your mind

now - is that scary or what?


and now for somethign completely different : STRESS



Peacechick Mary said...

Hey, thanks for the link. We all need as much education on stress as possible, especially during these trying times. Take care.

pissed off patricia said...

I'm too stressed out today to read the stress article. LOL, that's not too far from the truth. About a zillion things going on in my life and they all chose the same month to happen.

When my old computer passed away I was without one for a couple of weeks. At first it was like breaking a habit and then as time went by, I found I had a lot of time on my hands to do other things I had been putting off and at times neglecting. Good things to be said for having one and not having one, I guess

Oh yeah, thank you for the hugs and here's one ((hug)) right back attcha.:)

Anonymous said...

I think I have a computer addiction as well. I will get on to just check in with a few blogs, and then two hours!

Anonymous said...

Hope you got plenty of rest.

Yeah, computer is my other addiction, also. I can spend hours online, and the time past so quick.

Excuse me, I have to check my e-mail.....and a few links from another blog....and some more random surfing....

[2 hours later...] ok I'm back. LOL :-)

Thanks for the stress link, I need it. Here's one for you:

Anonymous said...

When we get computers placed in our brains, will upgrades be painful? :-D

I've also heard of cell phones being implanted into teeth. Again my first thought is upgrades. As fast as technology is evolving, I wouldn't want to have a medical procedure every time I want there is some new technology for my computer or cell phone. Both those items will likely be one in the same in the near future, don't you think?

BBC said...

I think they are great, will help bring peace to the world someday. I get my news off mine, it's much faster to filter it all instead of watching all the monkey crap on TV and having it over and over every hour. I can flop over to a Russian news site and get views from their perspective. Isn't it great?

But I don't do instant messaging anymore, to distracting. We missed you. Hugs.

BBC said...

You want good news filtering and comment, go to the Tux instead of the TV. He strips all the monkey crap out of it and presents it in an interesting way.

BBC said...

Don't take me wrong AZ, there are a lot of good folks in this town. It's the others I fuss about, and they are the ones trying to run us. And I have easy access to the National Park here. There is both good and bad, just like any place. Hugs.

John Good said...

About 12 years ago I started a local BBS and created a local network for the other local BBSers. I ran these for six years. At my peak, I was averaging over 300 posts daily. AND visiting other BBS's. .it's like ALL I did. lol

This hasn't gotten QUITE that bad yet. . .

SheaNC said...

I like those "something differents". A unique feature among all the blogs I've visited!

I'm a computer addict too. But if it wasn't that, it would probably be something else...

M. Shahin said...

I guess I should be checking myself into the computer rehab clinic ;-)

I'm also addicted to the computer, well actually blogging. I wasn't very much into computers until I found blogs.

What a way to connect to people and the world, and what a way to take away time from my college studies :-)