day before

yep - for most people
it's the day before tuesday
commonly known as monday
the start of our work week
for some that work
but if you're retired
it's just another day

awww, i meant the day before election day~~~

i already mail in my ballot...
didn't want
to play the dia-bold game
since i don't hafta

but i know many of you
around the country
have to play
dia-bold computers
to cast your vote

and i say
go anyways!

remember that saying
fool me once
shame on you ~
fool me twice
shame on me!

well, keep your eyes open
take a camera
and be vigilant

and be prepared to
take action!

thanks for the kind responses
about my internet
researching ~ it's
one of my fav past times
i did go out dancing this weekend
always to live music
and the singer
who walked off the floor
sang about


and now for something completely different: American in deep-shit



BBC said...

I did some insulating yesterday instead of hiking to the hot springs because it was a decent day between rains.

The next week is going to be pretty interesting isn't it?

Raining again today, but its not cold, I will just putter around here I guess.

Have a good day hon.

Anonymous said...

The financial black hole we are in is staggering. China holds the paper and one day, they will call in the loan.

Anonymous said...

I also posted a link to that news article on my site last week. I'm amazed that this isn't the top issue. If the U.S. only knew how much the future economy has been damaged. It is time to start fixing this, before it reaches a tipping point and economic collaspe is inevitable.

China will soon be able to buy the U.S., their influence grows and grows each time our deficient with them grows.

Peacechick Mary said...

The Bushites keep yelling about how the Dems will raise taxes. Of course we will. We believe in paying our debts unlike some Preznut we know who never paid for anything his whole life.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY Mary. I think we need another Ross Perot to stir things up a bit. Nothing like a viable third party candidate to rattle the cages.

Such a shame that Clinton's surpluses have been spent and we're deeper in the hole than ever before.

BBC said...

Amen.... But I think it's the youth that need to wake up and see what is happening to them. And then start doing something about it.

Gary said...

I am getting ready to go and cast my vote to send SANTORUM to Virginia for good! Ahhh how I will relish this vote.

I am not pushing the "straight dem" button specifically because I want to push CASEY and not him!

I hope the machines work! We will know they didn't if Tricky Rick somehow comes out ahead.

Then the revolution will start on Wed!

Chuck said...

Do any of you guys remember the $8.18 TRILLION cap that was imposed on His Majesty in April 2005?

Well, we're sitting at nearly $8.6 TRILLION right now and (to my knowledge) no one in congress has even mentioned this. We can't even service the interest on this madman's debt, let alone start climbing out of the vortex.

HillCountryGal is right- China (and Saudi Arabia) is going to come on us simultaneously. Then what are we going to do? It's unbelievable is what it is.

And Pam- another Ross Perot type is not a bad idea at all! Someone in a position to do so better start calling it what it is.


John Good said...

Vote DEM tomorrow. No matter what! The alternative is the 2nd American Revolution. . .Chuck and Gary, I'm with ya, brothers!

Lew Scannon said...

And how many"fiscally responsible" Republicans around the country ran on a platform of tax cuts? Cheney has already stated that the recent tax cut should be extended, all the more reon we should vote them thugs out.

BBC said...

Can voting machines be tampered with? According to the How Stuff Works site they sure can.

M. Shahin said...

I've been reading about the collapse of our economy since several years ago, and it seems to be getting more serious and more credible as the years go on.

The sad thing is many Americans don't know this, and when it hits (which I strongly believe now will be soon) no one is going to know how to cope.

When I try to warn some people, they laugh. Bush has taken us to such a level, that I don't think we can underestimate what damage he has done to this country.

I'd advise to start trying to get by on less, as I've started to do.

Great post azgoddess. Blogs are a tool to get the word out about this issue.