i saw a headline
coming back from
Tai Chi class

"More Minority Kids
Getting Adult Diabetes"

"...It’s estimated that at least 40,000
American children now have type 2
diabetes, the type associated with
adult obesity.
Born genetically programmed to
store fat during times of famine, overweight
Hispanics, Indians and blacks
develop symptoms of diabetes from a
regular diet of low-cost, high-calorie
fast food and sodas, coupled with little
daily physical activity."

so i'm thinking
ok, parents
stop shoving sugar
and fast food
down your kids throats
and cook a real meal

but then

my mind spun off

to a future world

where we are run
by drug companies

yep - drug companies
are our government

(ok, so they are one of
the biggest lobbyist groups
but run with me
a bit here)

our drug government
keeps a strangle-hold
on the worker bee populous
by supplying the drugs
that keep those worker bees
and their kids

so if those worker bees
decide to protest
or speak out
against bad working conditions
or fraudulent elections

they get their drugs
taken away

leaving only
the compliant worker bees


and now for something completely different: The Secret



thepoetryman said...

The worker bee theory has merit my friend.

pissed off patricia said...

I fear we may be closer to the bee world you created that any of us might want to think. We are already slaves to medical care and medicine. Toss insurance companies in there too.

Case Wagenvoord said...

The problem is that so much of our processed food contains both sugar and sodium, so it's damn hard to get them out of the diet. The only suggestion I've heard is to shop the walls of the supermarket.

That was one strange trailer.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Yes, we all need a daily gramme of Soma to be good, compliant, consumers.

Did you know that Prozac is being detected in U.K. water supplies?

I know families that eat all their meals from restaurants and fast food shops. The kids are always overweight. Shouldn't that be a form of neglect or abuse? I couldn't see abusing myself like that, why would I let my kids eat that junk.

The Secret? Intriguing

D.K. Raed said...

az, the only hope in that worker-bee future is the prospect of the Hive coming Alive ... beehives have an amazing ability to instantly communicate so that they are all on the same wavelength & can accomplish as a group what would be impossible for an individual. That kind of power COULD be used to effectively overthrow the overlords. For humans, I mean. Bees seem to be programmed to accept their fate. ~~ D.K.

Peacechick Mary said...

genocide by ingestion.

HillCountryGal said...

Goddess, stop by my new blog. I have a surprise for you. :-)