just a feeling

ok, yesterday i had a thought
(i know, scary huh) grin

and today i got this feeling
this sneaking feeling
that something is up

and it's not a good up

now, i could be wrong
in fact, i would love to be wrong

but it's there in my gut...
telling me something is amiss

things have gone TOO perfect
this election

what the heck are they planning now
that they want us placated?

for some reason
they want us happy?
after all this time of pushing
us into the dirt and rubbing
our noses in it

now, i know
it's like
i can't be content with
this success, this win

but that burning feeling in my gut comes back
every time i try
and be happy

and says 'beware'
they're trying to manipulate you

don't want
to give up what they
already have


and now for something completely different : Witches' Almanac



Anonymous said...

Perhaps...just perhaps there will be another "terrosts attack" (by whatever means - planned, ignored threats, etc.). This will scare people into putting repubs into power for a very, very long time.

Of course, I'm just talking out my butt. I've been accused of being a conspiracy theorist more than once ;-).

Case Wagenvoord said...


Go with your gut. We are dealing with a ruthless and amoral bunch.

Perhaps you've channeled with Baba Yaga who, according to the "Witches Almanac" offers, "comprehension, not comfort."

Anonymous said...

Great! Now you have me worried. But, I'm always worried, so no change here.

Got to get back to my cage.

pissed off patricia said...

Well, now that Macaca-man has thrown in the towel, we rule the world. Ruling is fun.

You're just afraid because we have been afraid of them since they took the white house in 2000. Kind of like a little dog who has been beaten by his owner every day for a long time. Then the little dog gets a new kind owner but all it knows is to be afraid. It takes a while for the little dog to trust its new kind owner. :)

M. Shahin said...

I know what you mean Azgoddess. I still can't believe it myself - it seems to good to be true. I'm just waiting for something to jump out. But nothing has yet, so I remain hopeful.

Dave B, a transformer in a world of gobots said...


John Good said...

POP called it exactly as it is. The elections are over, nothing is in doubt, and Bush is neutered.

Chuck said...

That's right Patricia & John. It's going to be better. Much better. Patricia gave a good analogy there.

"I've been accused of being a conspiracy theorist more than once ;-)."

You're not alone Pam. I still am convinced that there's all kinds of bad plans "behind the scenes", but just remember that the dictator wannabe has lost a lot of his power- perceived or otherwise.

BBC said...

I hate to say this hon. But lets go back to what I keep saying.

Life is like a can of mixed nuts, and the big ones work their way to the top.

Any questions?

Praguetwin said...

I don't think you should be overly worried, but also I doubt that we are going to see the kind of groundbreaking change that we would like.

John pretty much sums it up though: Bush is neutered and that is a good thing.

Still, it is good not to be complacent.