things seem different

but really, they just stay the same
ok, so where am i coming from today?

well, i went to this conference yesterday

as i have some great ideas

things that i see
we need to do
in order to have a future

in order to cut down on
greenhouse emissions
for example

there were movers and shakers there
idea people and money people
the same-old-same-old
as the idea people were inventing
and the money people
wanted a piece of the pie

or so i thought

then towards the end of the conference
i heard repeated
when your company gets
(we come in with lots of money
to make it big)
then you need to be prepared
to step back from
being the CEO

i realized

don't want just a piece of the pie
they want the whole thing

selfish bastards!!


and now for something completely different: Carl J. Schramm



BBC said...

Yup, 'movers and shakers', the money people, I know all about them. It's not about people before money to them at all. It's about them period. I'm glad that you saw through that hon.

I suppose that you spotted the news story where fish and seafood will be gone soon? But they don't care, they just want to make the last buck that is to be made off of it.


Anonymous said...

Making money from other peoples ideas. They say thay want to help you, but all they want to do is help themselves.

Sound familiar, maybe like our gubment.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, is there ANY business dealing anywhere in this country that has one ounce of honesty or integrity?

dada said...

Hi hillcountrygal....I confess...I'm a total cynic. But, that said, I regained an ounce or two of faith (yeh, I know, I hardly believe it myself) this past summer when the floods took out the local Wild Oats store here in El Paso.

Closed for six weeks or more, each and every employee continued to draw a paycheck whether they worked or not until the refurbished store was able to reopen. But, ahm, but, okay, that's the one-in-a-million exception.

Your right. There's little or no honesty or integrity when it comes to "bidness" as we say here in Texas. I 99.9% agree.

M. Shahin said...

Those people sound all too familiar, and why is there so many of them around anyway?

Our environment is calling out for help - for us all to pay attention to how we are hurting the earth, but instead all attention is on money.

enigma4ever said...

I think it was Nadar's running mate that said " I don't want just a piece of the pie- I want a Different pie".

( Winona LaDuke ? does that sound right?)

You went with good intentions- sounds like many folk there were not just well intentioned- Movers and Shakers....are actually WHY we now need some Deep Thinkers to pursue what needs to be done about What we are losing..

Peacechick Mary said...

Mmmm pie. That sounds good right now. If someone came in and wanted to grab the whole thing, we have our ways of dealing with them. The boot!c

Anonymous said...

Movers and shakers belong on a dancefloor.

People that make change for the future good of mankind should be heard over the disco music and noise offered by the yapping clan.

Make changes for the good or get the hell out of the way. Your money is useless if you want mere control and profit.

GraemeAnfinson said...

like those amway people. Hey sell our worthless shit so we can get rich!