Fun Friday!

so how
was your week?

as much a
PIA as mine?

well, it time
to lighten up

or we'll never
be able to enjoy
the weekend!


and now for something completely different : The Revolution will be...



BBC said...

I didn't read the whole article, to long. Been into that stuff for a long time anyway.

It's true that the materials they use are getting scarce, the computer industry uses a lot of them up, that is one reason why solar panel prices haven't gone down.

A panel today still costs as much as the one I bought twenty years ago.

But they will find other materials to use, I hope. Solar does rock.

Have a great weekend hon, I'm just going to chill out as much as I can. I'll have a good time in a couple more weeks. Hugs.

pissed off patricia said...

Yep, happy feet friday and ass dragging monday. I agree!

Have a great weekend and now back to those dancin' happy feet :)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

AZ, You going to be dancing like that penguin tonight?

My daughter, living temporarily in Hawaii, has solar powered hot water, and they never run out, and it usually too hot. we definitly need to make more use of solar power.

Have a great weekend

Peacechick Mary said...

Whatever that penguin is having, I want some. As for solar power, we are working diligently here to get off the grid. They don't make it easy or cheap, I can tell you. Have fun this weekend and rock away.

Case Wagenvoord said...

Our weekend is going to be spent waiting for our daughter to go into labor with our third grandchild. The cell phones are all on and the cars are gassed up. All we can do now is wait, wait, wait...

She's at four centimeters and counting.

BBC said...

What does PIA mean?

John Good said...

BBC - Probably what *I* call PITA, Pain in the ass! ;)

Speaking of, shouldn't that polar bear's ass be dragging, rather than his chin?

Anonymous said...

Goddess, you have a great weekend! I intend to veg this weekend. No, that's a lie. I'll be posting, of course. And doing a little dancing.

spadoman said...

When I first saw that link on the bottom of your post, I thought it was gonna be the famous "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" done by Gil Scott Heron.

I'll post it on my blog at some point.

Have a great weekend.

Kvatch said...

That is as clear a demonstration of why we need strong drug laws in the animal kingdom as I have ever seen.

Got meth?

Fernando said...

my weekend sucked mostly.

The best part is catching up on some blogs.