new me

still busy
at work

i wanted to
the new me

hey, you might say
you can't
go around
re-creating yourself

but i watched 'the secret'
this past weekend

and sure enough
i'm now
a new me

so what
new about me?

i'll tell ya
one thing

it's what
i now
focus my thoughts


and now for something completely different: GreenPages



BBC said...

My favorite way of being green is not buying much.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

hi new az ;-)

I've heard about the secret before, sounds intriguing.

Thanks for the Green Pages. The places in Alabama are severely limited. Wisdom, Health, Ecology seem to be despised here.

Don't work too hard.

Anonymous said...

But I like the old you, Goddess.

Pam said...

I have heard of the secret before. I need to watch it.

I like the old you too, though!

Fernando said...

What do you focus your new thoughts on?

BBC said...

Hey hon, thank you for your comment on my blog.

But I don't need to get laid, I can jack off for that. I need to make love, spiritual love.

It isn't going to happen, not in this lifetime. No one loves anyone that way anymore it seems.

M.Shahin said...

I also like the old azgoddess, but the new azgoddess is doing something we can all learn something from in spiritual development.

Thoughts are very powerful, and focusing thoughts on the right things can help you to grow. I need to start doing that myself.

But I hope this new you is not too different from the azgoddess I know :-)

Blogger is giving me a hard time and won't accept my password. I guess it has something to do with Beta version.

Anonymous said...

Goddess, I like you either way. So just keep on blogging. Such fun to visit you here.
BTW, when are you gonna send me your pix for my Blogger's Calendar? It doesn't have to be a professional portrait, just a pix of you in whatever environment or whatever mood suits you. :-)