US crime rates

back in the
saddle again

there's lots
of talk about
the women and men
dying in Iraq

now that got me to

how many
people are killed
on our american

so i went to
and looked it up

here's the US crime rates
from 1960 to 2005

notice please
as our population grows
so does crime

no surprise
when you read
From Warfare to Welfare

and isn't that interesting
how those two words
both end in 'fare'

when they are nothing but fair!


and now for something completely different : Laura Bush



Fernando said...

So coherent after your birthday?

Hmmmm..... Maybe you pre-wrote this.

Thanks for coming by last night.

BBC said...

"back in the saddle again"


Yup, a lot of drivers get killed. It's just a lot of monkeys screwing though.

I didn't see your birthday post until this morning.

Happy Birthday. Hugs.

Old Broad said...

I'm gonna have to register to read that article on crime stats. But I did read the one on Laura Bush. Oh please.
So glad you had a happy B-day. But you're right, after a while, we gotta climb back up in that saddle.

Peacechick Mary said...

Here's hoping your saddle is soft and comfy. Boy, 1980 was a big year for murder - double today's figures. As for Laura, she just goes from one deadly incident to another and finally marries one.

John said...

Happy Birthday, AZ! =) I _think_ I barely missed you last night; I'm still fuzzy. . .+)

John Good said...

Damned beta. That was me. . .

thepoetryman said...

I have your keys, John. John? Drat...

Nice post.

("and isn't that interesting
how those two words
both end in 'fare'
when they are nothing but fair!")

Did you mean when they have nothing to with fair?

Sorry... A wee bit confused... But what's new? :>)

thepoetryman said...

-to do with fair- that is....

Chuck said...



People will never be able to get along in peace, I'm afraid.

Spadoman said...

Glad you entered this info. So many causes going on in the world. Hard to focus on one, the other takes you by surprise. Thanks.