da news

i never
read the news

coming from chicago
where the news
was all about
and rapes
and robbery

i learned
that news
was depressing

but today

for some reason
i read google news

and found this


and the only thing
i could think of while
reading this


how can we
we aren't going
to blow
our own
selves up
by 2036?

peace, namaste
my friends!


and now for something completely different: Mechanical Turk



BBC said...

I couldn't get the page to load. But I think it is the least of our worries. By then we could have the technology to deflect it.

It's more than likely that mankind will destroy the planet. They sure are working hard at it.

Peace to you also. Hugs.

Old Broad said...

goddess, I'm much more worried about what Dubya & Co are doing to destroy the world.
The drums of war with Iran beat louder by the minute.
The insanity of it is almost overwhelming.

Case Wagenvoord said...

We all entertain the conceit that when we leave the house in the morning, we will all return in the evening, when the truth is that some of us won't.

Peacechick Mary said...

According to Charlie Brown today, we don't worry about the world blowing up until Thursday. Today is personality flaws.

dada said...

If we haven't destroyed ourselves by 2036, I'm pretty sure as hell their won't be need to waste the effort to save our sorry asses by then. (Sorry, shouldn't write this now...after just reading we're soon to all be "guilty" until WE PROVE our innocence to God Bush's regime.)

Anyway, Homo sapiens is a screwed up species. Better we save all the money we'd spend to deflect/blow-up an Earth ending collision with some asteroid and spend it on missiles and bombs to blow it up ourselves instead.