fun fun friday

was in class all morning

i wanted to
stop bye
and say

the weekend my

be safe


and now for something completely different : 1 click award



Peacechick Mary said...

This is your dancing night, right? Have a good fun time and enjoy everything you can.

BBC said...

Darn, got tired of waiting for the link to load on my slow modem.

You didn't say what the class was.

Life is a big classroom.

I wonder if it will ever be gotten right.

fjb said...

Have a great weekend. I'm actually going out for some fun, too (first time in a long time)!


D.K. Raed said...

is your class perhaps learning japanese? that's all I got from your link. i've just spent the whole week viewing multi-million dollar homeshow homes, only ONE of which paid any attn to energy-saving construction. it seems to be all about having eleven 60" plasma tv's, walls of windows & 30-ft tall ceilings. i'm thinking it was more like a show of what NOT to do with your home. have a nice weekend yourself! ~~ D.K.

Old Broad said...

Dance, Goddess, dance.
Oh, and have fun, too!