happy monday everyone

i'm celebrating
the fact that
the icy grip
that had the

has left

and then
i read
you-alls rain
and cold

so today
i decided
to send
a bit of
to all those
who want it

which got
me to thinking
how come
they call it
global warming?
looks to me
like record temps
are being broken
on the higher and
lower end of
the scales

they should call it
'unusual climatic weather
changes brought on
by selfish corporations
who's bottom
is not the continuation
of the species'

i think
this would
catch more
people's attention!


and now for something completely different : BushFlash



pissed off patricia said...

Thank goodness there are intelligent people in other countries who take this seriously. Now if we can get the US onboard, we might be able to make some progress.

Case Wagenvoord said...

I guess your icy desert weather came east.

The net effect if global warming is weather that is askew. This could mean highs or lows, as we are seeing this winter.

Go to www.alternet.org to see Sara Silverman's take on global warming.

Peacechick Mary said...

That is a brilliant suggestion and I think it would indeed cause more people to think and act.

D.K. Raed said...

Just "climate change" works for me. That "warming" word is misunderstood. Great Link! Sadly, no surprise Bushmerica meets all 14 points that define fascisim. I sure miss Mike Malloy. ~~ D.K.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

THAT is a good video. Chilling.

No winter in Alabama yet, they keep sayiing it's coming but it never arrives.

Spadoman said...

Thank you for the sunny greetings, we need them for a few more days. That's when the weather guessers say it will get warmer. Of course warmer here is not what you might think of as warm. :-)

thepoetryman said...

Hey! You said you were going to bring us a little sunshine with this post and the sun is actually shining here and the temp is perfect.

Since it is such a good day here surely this global warming talk is pure poppy cock imagined by a bunch of tree huggers on their lunch break... :>)

Thanks az, you are a goddess (of sunshine).


BBC said...

It's about like it always is here. A little more snow this year, but didn't last long.

The weather extremes doesn't surprise me one bit, I knew they where coming when I moved here.

This will be one of the last places on this planet that supports human life if it gets that bad because of all the stupid things people (monkeys) do on this planet.

Or, it will be a place to start over again and getting it right. I know one thing, if things get really bad in the next twenty years, it will be ugly where you live, but still nice here.

Ah, but people just don't get it that I moved here after a dream. Oh well.

Old Broad said...

GREAT name for climate change.