it has come to my attention

that they
seem to
be stupidly

homeland security

used the
stupid word

does anyone
duck and cover?

here's the video

it got me thinking
yet again
are trying to raise
another fear-based

and it's
we put
a stop
this shit
once and
for all!


and now for something completely different : SafeNow



Peacechick Mary said...

I remember duck and cover and it was about the time I started worrying that my parents would die. I think it must have been because they were at home and not at school ducking and covering. Just a kid trying to figure out the death trap they kept talking about. I don't think we can change "them" but we can educate our children to recognize propaganda.

Pam said...

Oh, I remember duck & cover.

I agree with mary. let's raise our kids to recognize this BS for what it is!!!

Fernando said...

Homeland Security is just an excuse to raise another army.

nunya said...

Have you seen this three part BBC special called the Power of Nightmares ?

maybetomorrow said...

I remember watching some made for tv movie about nuclear war when I was a kid (the day after or something like that) and literally worrying for years later

That Safenow link was hilarious though!!

BBC said...

"Homeland Security is just an excuse to raise another army."

I agree, and it is so stupid.

Look out your window, see any fighting? No?

Get on with your day then because there is nothing you can do about what the fucking monkeys are doing.

As long as the fighting is somewhere else we can just be thankful for that.

Even if it came to my town I wouldn't fear it. I would just hunker down and deal with it.

Hell, I've been putting up with these monkeys for thousands of years.

Professor Zero said...

The video is hilarious and I don't think I've seen it before, although we had a whole lot of that in elementary school. They also thought we could escape the bomb by marching out to the football field!

Another fear-based society, yes, that is what they are trying to do...

But still, have a good weekend! :-)