lovely day

isn't it?

or should
i say
it could be

it certainly has
the potential
to be

it's also
a new moon

peace peace peace


and now for something completely different : Earth 911



Aaron A. said...

The day after...
Year Five.

Pam said...

Year sad. But this could be the year we end it all.

BBC said...

Lovely day where I live. The rest of the world sucks and it's because of greed and everyone wanting too much.

D.K. Raed said...

OK, so first I'm thinking how can there be a NEW moon eclipse -- I mean the new moon is no moon, so how would we see an eclipse? Then I clicked on your link & voila! What a beautiful sight, thank you -- it reminds me that the moon is always there even if we can't always see it. Like a good friend. ~~ D.K.

SheaNC said...

A lovely day for me to get back to blogging and commenting! Woo hoo!