friday ~ dancing!

i've been asked

i need to respond

be dancing

and here's
i'd like
to be dancing to


and now for something completely different : TheWork

and one more: PositiveNews


PS. i'm
in the mindful
of redesigning
my blog
making a
of the most
web sites
i find that week...

any thoughts??

peace my friends


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

That is some excellent piano rock!!!!!! Man I wish I could make a piano sound like they do...

Good luck on the blog flip, you always come up with good, useful sites to share.

Have fun dancing...


Nancybee said...

That should get rid of the ole flu bug! Have fun!
I agree..the words on my blog suck BIG TIME...
I hope I was able to get my message across..
I was able to sniff out the ignorant souls..that's for sure!
Now we know who they are...

enigma4ever said...

Dearest AZ, I thank you so much for that Tune- excellent- so wonderful....and wow Paul with HAIR...amazing that must be older than I thought- yet it sure seems like yesterday.....I love the Postive Site- heavenly to find such good stuff all in one place.....

Now this is off subject- and I know this isn't my blog- but I have to say something- BBC - PLEASE stop all of this rude sexual talk- AZ is a wonderful soul- and your "vagina" stuff is crude, embarrassing for fine women like AZ and frankly me too, and some of the other wonderful women that come here, I am sure you can find some male friends for your lockeroom chatter, but it is not appropirate here - I mean frankly my teenage son does not even talk in this please cut it out- I mean you obviously like the ladies- well, then start treating us like the Ladies we are.. Thank you.

Sorry AZ, but I had to say something- it is not respectful of you or the fine women that come here...

Anyways AZ- about your blog- I love it as it is...but do what feels good for you , make it comfy and fun for you- that is all that matters- we all will keep coming....Namaste...

Dance like Nobody is Watching...;-)

( and in my case- pray they aren't - they would laugh too hard..)

D.K. Raed said...

Well AZ, if you're dancing, da flu must have flown. Maybe Ray Charles & Jerry Lee helped chase it away! And ... you always find such interesting websites, things I don't see elsewhere, a weekly roundup would be fun.

Enigma, I know *I* found it odd, too. Figured I must be missing something ...

fjb said...

Have fun, and dance, girl, dance.

I'm spending Sunday with my son and his cadet corps at the Remembrance day ceremonies. I'll be one of the designated drivers for a bunch of teenagers and all their gear. Did I mention I have a very small car? Oh, it's going to be a very long day... .;) Just had to whine.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"PS. i'm in the mindful process of redesigning my blog
and making a weekly post of the most
interesting web sites
i find that week...
any thoughts??"

Yeah - don't forget to do it.:) I think you'd be good at it.

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

Dance so that, as Yeats says, you can't tell the dancer from the dance.

Professor Zero said...

OMG that video is fantastic!!!