Economic Stimulus

Did you get your economic stimulus yet?

Oh, Ahh ~ I can’t wait – ohhhh – to be stimulated. I looked on the IRS web site and my check won’t – oooOOOOoooo – be able to cause me sti-mu-lation until the end of the month, as I refuse to use direct deposit when I file my taxes.

But let’s talk more about the feds grand plan of stimulating us – oh baby yea, right there – and whom it will not stimulate. It's simple, it will not stimulate anyone who doesn’t file a tax return.

So, these people will be required, if they want to be as stimulate as we are – oh YEA baby – to file a pretend return in order to get their very own check or direct deposit. Anyone else have that fishy smell coming from their computer screen when they read this???

If this sounds like conspiracy theory, well then maybe it is, but I’m a wondering why we all are getting a pittance of the taxes returned to us in the form of a stimulus – yes, baby More – and hundreds of people in search of their very own stimuli – oh oh OHHHH – are now filing tax returns. Could there be another reason behind this economic payoff??

Cuz, seriously how much will our recessive economy be affected by this stimulus – More More More, oooOOOOoooo baby. Does anyone else have any ideas on this, something that actually makes sense?

And I am just curious, how many people are saving their stimuli – come on baby, I want it NOW – or being the good consumers our 'corporation run government' want us to be?

I just can’t help but feel this stimulus – um, ya know, you’re just not my type – is just a band-aid. It’s like the little boy who stuck his finger in the wall of the dyke. Eventually someone will take their finger out of this wall and the economic flood will start. And I’m wondering just how prepared we all are to take on this surge?

peace my friend, peace ~~~

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