awhile back

ok, awhile back i talked about my thinking on Norm Chomsky - his words of wisdom that, so many times, got stuck before they filtered into my brain cells

so here's it is and i hope it makes some kind of sense.....

* the elite who run this country/world don't really care what we do, as long as we leave them alone to run this place as they see fit

* once we start 'upsetting the apple cart' and get noticed; they either make life hard for us, take away our life altogether or point out our short-comings so that our fellow humans look down on us - basically taking away our power and keeping theirs.

ok, now let that sink in


when i take these as 'facts' - then the confusion and bad feelings i have while reading the news/conflict in our world makes a whole lot of sense

if we - the common person - can't think a straight thought longer than 5 minutes, ok that might be seconds but i am being generous here -- then we don’t have the time to figure out what exactly is going on

-- ever watch tv with the sound off? i don't know about you, but my mind starts wandering away from the tv screen and soon i am not even looking at it. now turn the sound back on and you can stay glued to it for hours. hummmmm what better way to control someone than without their knowledge plus it's entertaining them! tv makes us all good consumers, we spend all of our time working to buy stuff, more and more stuff - 'keeping up with the jones'

--ever wonder why silly, stupid things make national news? what exactly is the purpose of this? maybe to get us fighting amongst ourselves in order to not band together and fight for common rights for all? so tell me exactly why i should hate another person because of their religion, their race?

--how has competitive sports moved from the concept of the Olympics to what it is today? people getting killed in the name of a 'team'? to me, it's just another way to divide us - what's that old saying; conquer and divide?

so where is this all going?

well, it is time to take back our power - band together like our ancestors did against the predators in their environment. and we need to do it soon before we have no more environment to band together for....


Penrick said...

I agree but cannot express myself as well as you. Every other tv show has us choosing a person or side. We battle one another at the water cooler, chat rooms and dining room tables.

I want them to stop pushing my buttons with mindless reality shows. I want to stay focused on them.

azgoddess said...

thanks for stopping by!

the best advice i can give anyone - is turn off the tv...just turn it off..

and yes, you will go thru withdrawls, just like any other 'drug' offered to us to take by the 'elite'

but it will be worth it! i love having my life back