finally it's friday

did you notice, when ever they talk about problems with the weather now-a-days, they talk about how it effects oil


they never did that before - well, not before Katrina...

um, don't storms effect people and livestock - you know, living stuff?? and aren't they a bit more important than oil lines?? is it just me, or does anyone else find this picture of the world a bit askewed?

reminds me that i need to read '1984' again - there something in it - what was it called??

oh yea, the ministry of's kind-of like our current day newspapers, wouldn't you say? maybe they are trying to personify oil - make it like a person to us, like coporations have become

ah but they also had the ministry of love - kind-of-like the religious right now-a-days - which is about anything but love...but it makes sense is a strange sort of way - as religion has always taught us to love people who don't exist over the flesh and blood people who surround us daily

oh oh oh - the ministery of peace - that's like the war machine in this country - right? so could we say that bush personally runs the ministry of peace? you know, he does say the whole reason now for this war is peace, to bring peace into this region of the world - not WMD

ah, and last but not least the ministry of let's see, this could be the major corporations....they sure have plenty of our money - heck, they even take it without our asking..

yes, a must read again is 1984...

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