day off

yesterday i took a day off - from life/work and all the above

and that sets me thinking - thinking a lot


noone has responded to my prior message about an ' end all 'isms...(hint: look to the right panel and see the big red circle crossed out)

and becausei feel to strongly about this

i am gonna put it in another way...

if we all started this in our own lives - we could end all the world's 'isms and create a dignitarian society....

just think - an end to war and racism...can you picture that reality? i know, i have been working on getting my hands around it in my head. the task seems almost too large

so, i think i am gonna start with baby thing at a time, one person at a time...until (hopefully) it snowballs and starts rolling down the preverbal hill....

here's one of the things i plan on doing - feel free to add some of your own...(oh, for the complete list - just click on the red circle to the right and it will take you there)

5. Honor your Inner Nobody and your Inner Somebody alike.


glorydee said...

thank you, azgoddess! wonder if anyone ever underestimates female emotions :) anyway, i've read your blog before you visited mine, and i admire your personal involvement with issues that matter to you. checked that one about RANKISM, and i wish to write about it sometime on my own blog. i'm gald someone gave IT a name, if you know what i mean... looking forward to keeping in touch. take care!

azgoddess said...


yes i totally understand - someone gave it a name - then we are one step closer to solving the issue(s)

thanks for stopping by!