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Here's an online group who are addressing issues - All American PAC

sign the petition supporting the Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act!

as some of you might know, i purchased a brand spanking new VW jetta TDI - just to run Bio-Diesel in it...and even thought i'm not getting any tax breaks (those are only for the hybrids and E85 cars and trucks)

i am doing my part in saving our environment

just a thought - just because a vehicle can use an alternative fuels, like E85 or BioDiesel; doesn't mean that the owner will use that kind of fuel.

so, i believe the tax breaks should be at the pumps and not on the car/truck itself. this keeps people honest


Anonymous said...

At the pumps, yes! Plus I read somewhere that some existing gas cars can safely, with a little alteration, run on biodeisel. Can't remember where I saw that or which specific cars they were talking about. some kind of tax rebate AT the pump would be consumer-easy, but even as a tax credit when you file your 1040 ... I bet people would save their receipts for that! D.K.

azgoddess said...

thanks for the response D.K.

yes, you can google biodiesel mods and find quite a few links on how to modify cars -- you can even modify older cars to run E85...

it should be the users of the products (substainable fuel) and not the buyers of new cars that get the rebates!!