holy cow batman!!

i got sick to my stomach when i read about the 23% rate increase my electric company plans to implement starting 2009 and slowly moving to 2012

i googled: "getting off the grid"

and found this amazing article -- please share...

and do your own googling - there are a lot more articles out there


and now for something complete different -- coolcar



Anonymous said...

AZ, heads up, goddess! I just clicked on your Pigmobile link. i think you'll want to reset it cuz there's sensitive info there. I've done this before myself & wished someone had told me. D.K.

azgoddess said...

all fixed - BIG HUGS HUGS D.K.

Anonymous said...

heheh, can you tell I used to be a proofreader? Back in the pre-spellcheck days when neanderthals roamed europe.

is the planned rate increase by your local electric co related to any special start-up costs for alternative energy? if so, i applaud them. if not, i applaud you looking into windpower, geo, solar ... oh, all the things you're already looking at ... esp anything that allows you to sell back excess power.

our neighbor who put in geothermal as he was building his home has $70/mo elec bills when our temps are 110. kinda speaks for itself. D.K.