is your day like this 2?

it's been a crazy day!! i've been balancing so many things all at once...


there are so many things i want to talk about in this blog today


first things, first

thanks for the thoughtful responses everyone...

i did some research on the word Oligarchy

which brought me to this : Oligopoly

and HELL YES!! this is what our supposed democracy has morphed into.

now to do the research and see if any brilliant person has figured out a way to take us back to democracy... and honestly here, for my children and grandkid's sake

i hope it doesn't involve any violence as i'm so sick are tired of pain and hurting

which brings me to my next thought

last night, i was remembering Vietnam war - see, i was in high school and college during that era

and i vividly remember the guys coming back from the war and the ones that weren't maimed

were mentally wounded

and according to everything i have been reading -- they still are

so we need to add to that list of problems that this Iraq war is creating -- the mentally wounded

and not only the American mentally wounded but the World mentally wounded

all those young men and women who fight wars for whatever country, religion or state

that end up physically ok, as we look at them and would never know, that their minds are damaged by what they do and see - the violence

how can we possibly rid our world of violence until we rid our minds of it??


and for something completely different : Another Reason WalMart sucks!



Anonymous said...

Good post, AZ. if i'm not mistaken, an oligopoly can easily tip toward out-n-out fascism, which could also be called corporatism. hell, indeed.

i keep thinking of J Lennon's words in "Revolution" ... when you talk about destruction, don't you know that you can count me out --- IN!!! That is, I hope violence isn't necessary, but ...

I'm still haunted that so many returning viet-vets became violent with their own families & friends. Iraq-vets are are much more likely to commit suicide. This trend would end up creating the perfect soldiers for this regime ... vet benefits made unecessary. We can't allow this to happen. (sorry to be so bleak) -- D.K.

meldonna said...

Bleak but true, DK; war brutalizes even those it leaves alive. Especially when youngsters are put in impossible situations with no clear goal. Viet Nam and Iraq are both prime examples.

Which, if you think about it, actually paints Bush in even darker colors -- what causes him to be so profoundly callous? The horrors of going AWOL and chasing hookers in Juarez while other mothers' sons were being blown to bits in a faraway province most of 'em couldn't even pronounce? Jesus f*cking wept.

Thanks for the link to the AFL-CIO, az...if there is anything I'm almost as fond of as the Constitution, it's the unions; these are the folks who brought us all The Weekend!

enigma4ever said...

Great post and then I was going to try to say something intelligent- but DK and Mel have beat me to it...the bottem line is that those "words' you looked up sum up a much bigger picture..dangerous in so many ways...and it will be up to us to save this country before it gets worse...god forbid...

And it starts with people like you and me, and DK and Mel fighting back- educating each other..and our neighbors and talking and we can get our country back...I believe that....

some days more than others...

azgoddess said...

dk - exactly - violence of war begets violence in our society...sigh

and thanks for the thought sabout the benefits not needed - sa sad indeed

meldonna - welcome for the link...wakmart sucks so bad...just dricing by it makes me sick to my stomach...

enigma - i am right with you - education of ourselves and then kids used to tune me out - i said at the beginning of baby bushes war - it's gonna be just like they see i was right and listen when i talk about the environment and self-sufficiency...

hugs everyone!!