R U wondering yet?

wanted to remind everyone

now that i am seeing those 'vote 4 me' signs everywhere

let's all make some calls and/or check the internet

and find out where

these people who want us to elect them to public office

stand on important issues

and see if they are millionaires...


and now for something completely different

a friend passed this on to me and i just had to share with you -- enjoy!!



Walker said...

isn't it funny how the most powerful; politicians are the richest people.
They they say they dont do it for the mpney because lets face it they dont get paid as much as the corprate jobs do or do they?
money buys votes.

M.D. said...

You are right, politics is mostly glorified money-laundering practiced by rich people who care more about money and getting rid of barriers to making money than about helping people.

Time for some Mr. and Mrs. and Ms. Smiths to go to Washington.

Nice video!

glenda said...

well, aren't they al millionaires?